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Recurso’s International Service Trip to Lima, Peru 2014.

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1 Recurso’s International Service Trip to Lima, Peru 2014

2 Recurso Trip Information Tenth annual service trip Projects take place in Lima, Peru (Villa El Salvador) Why Villa El Salvador, Peru? 81% of adults lack employment opportunities 75% of the population lives below the poverty line

3 Recurso Trip History Puerto Cabezas Puerto Cabezas is a rural city on the east coast of Nicaragua In 2007, Puerto Cabezas was hit by Category 5 Hurricane Felix, causing an emergency need for medical assistance Puerto Cabezas has only 1 hospital that serves the entire East coast of Nicaragua (population = 250,000)

4 Recurso Trip History La Casa Materna Renovation/Education Program Renovation projects at Casa Materna, a maternity house in Puerto that provides medical care to women in their 3 rd trimester of pregnancy. Make the facility safe and comfortable for mothers-to-be

5 Recurso Trip Projects Dental Hygiene Campaign Provide over 1000 fluoride treatments to schoolchildren, and educate them on proper dental care Donate toothbrushes and other dental supplies

6 Recurso Trip Projects Department of Health Hospital del Niño 20 children stay at all times and up to 200 that come in for treatment regularly Building Dignity Recurso project Empowerment Project School supplies drive

7 Recurso Trip Projects


9 Qué mas? Site-seeing Water Circuit Bridge of Sighs Traveling Miraflores Marcahuasi

10 More Information Date: May 8 – May 29 (3 weeks) 24 undergraduate students from UF are selected as participants Students of all majors are welcome Fluency in Spanish is NOT a requirement

11 Trip Info Cost: $1,200 Includes roundtrip airfare from Miami to Lima, Peru Includes entire hotel stay, as well as transportation Includes spending money Group fundraising activities will be planned to cut down the cost of the trip First round applications will be due to October 25 th @ 5:00 pm

12 Any Questions??

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