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© DIAMOND Headquarters / F-3000 r & rs / 09-08 / 1 WERE WELL CONNECTED F-3000 r & F-3000 rs connectors.

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1 © DIAMOND Headquarters / F-3000 r & rs / / 1 WERE WELL CONNECTED F-3000 r & F-3000 rs connectors

2 © DIAMOND Headquarters / F-3000r & rs / / 2 Introduction Current installation techniques for Fiber Optics, either indoor or outdoor, tend to reduce installation times and expenses while keeping high quality standards. As worldwide market leader in fiber optic connection techniques, Diamond can count on vast experience in designing and manufacturing high performance optical components and has developed a new 1.25mm ferrule assembly with extremely reduced dimensions. Diamond composite ferrule

3 © DIAMOND Headquarters / F-3000r & rs / / 3 Applications This new compact pre-connectorized system is suitable to be blown into microducts, or to terminate Break-out cables of very reduced dimensions for easier installation into small ducts instead of using standard Break-out cables. This system offers an easy and reliable solution to perform FTTx, LAN, Data processing Networks, Telecommunication Networks and other installations.

4 © DIAMOND Headquarters / F-3000r & rs / / 4 Applications The ferrule assembly can be blown from the street cabinet to the building entrance and assembled directly onto the Diamond flexModule. This can then be installed on 35 mm DIN- Rail in various wall boxes and cabinets. Ideal solution for FTTB applications. Diamond flexModule with F-3000 connectors

5 © DIAMOND Headquarters / F-3000r & rs / / 5 Ferrule based on Diamond patented Active Core Alignment Superior optical performances thanks to: Computer assisted fiber core alignment Extremely reduced core eccentricity (< 0.2 µm) High precision tilt-angle measurement

6 © DIAMOND Headquarters / F-3000r & rs / / 6 The product - Basic components 1.25mm ferrule assembly pigtail, patchcord or break- out Housing set F-3000rs / F-3000r connector housings Crimping sleeve Cable boot 123

7 © DIAMOND Headquarters / F-3000r & rs / / 7 Assembling tools and kit Crimping pliers Mounting tool For both functions: Handle for crimping and inserting the ferrule assembly into the body. Field termination kit with spare parts

8 © DIAMOND Headquarters / F-3000r & rs / / 8 Terminated versions After installation, the 1,25 ferrule assembly can be easily and quickly connectorized to Diamond F-3000 standard or F-3000s MM and SM 0° PC connectors, avoiding time- consuming and expensive field termination tools and equipments. F-3000rs duplex version is also possible blowing two ferrule assembly simultaneously F-3000r and rs simplex F-3000rs duplex Notes: F-3000 connector is full LC standard compliant (IEC & TIA/EIA A) The F-3000rs without protection cap and button is a simplified version of the F-3000 standard connector, and has been developed to enables the access to SFF and SFP components, ensuring full compatibility with LC-standard compliant transceivers.

9 © DIAMOND Headquarters / F-3000r & rs / / 9 Terminated versions Diamond pre-terminated cable is delivered on small light weight drums to be used with existing blowing tools for easy installation. Max. drums capacity: 400 m (with Diamond std. single cable) Cable can be terminated on one side with 1.25mm ferrule assembly and on the other side with any common std. connector Blowing tests have been successful carried out with single and double cable, respectively up to 1000m and 750m.

10 © DIAMOND Headquarters / F-3000r & rs / / 10 F-3000 rs configurations & identifications As standard, Diamond uses coloured connector bodies, cable boots and mating adapter housings to identify the fiber type (SM or MM 50/62.5μm) and ferrule polish (PC or APC). This results in a clear and immediate identification Multimode 50µm 0° PC Multimode 62.5µm 0° PC Single mode 9µm 0° PC

11 © DIAMOND Headquarters / F-3000r & rs / / 11 The bend radius of a microduct depends on two factors: 1. The length and diameter of the ferrule assembly 2. The inner diameter of the microduct Diamond ferrule assembly is suitable for a min. 3 mm inner diameter microducts allowing a minimum microduct bend radius of 75mm. (for blowing two ferrule assemblies simultaneously min. 5.5 mm inner diameter microducts are needed.) Ferrule assembly & microduct dimensions

12 © DIAMOND Headquarters / F-3000r & rs / / 12 Specifications MM PCSM PCUnitsTest conditions Insertion Loss (IL) typ 0.25 max 0.5dBIEC Return Loss (RL) min 40 min 50dBIEC Repeatability of IL max +/- 0.15dB IEC Service life min Mating cycles According to field experience Operating temperature -25 / + 70*C ° * May be further limited by cable specifications.

13 © DIAMOND Headquarters / F-3000r & rs / / 13 Features and benefits Pre-terminated cable system No needs for field splicing and easy installation Factory manufacturing including measurement reports Functioning warranty and therefore no need for field measurement equipments Ferrule assembly manufactured with Diamond Active Core Alignment Superior optical performances 1,25mm Ferrule assembly Termination of SFF F-3000 r and F-3000rs connectors suitable for the new generation of SFF and SFP components

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