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What Is The User Interface Design Lecture # 2 Gabriel Spitz 1.

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1 What Is The User Interface Design Lecture # 2 Gabriel Spitz 1

2 2

3 Why a User Interface  Enable  Enable the user to perform specific tasks  Enable the user to acquire specific information  Communicate  Communicate to the user what has to be done  Communicate to users how it should be done  Promote  Promote a positive experience  Promote satisfaction Gabriel Spitz 3

4 What is the User Interface (UI)  A user interface is the means and methods that we provide to the users to achieve their goal  The user-interface always includes: o A concept of what the user is trying to achieve o A goal o Process or flow - the sequence of steps by which an intent can be achieved o How will it happen o Mechanisms that are used to control and manipulating objects in the work area o In what way o Language, images and controls used in communicating between the user and the application o Using what means Gabriel Spitz 4

5 Example of User Interfaces Gabriel Spitz 5 Guiding User Behavior

6 What is Included in the UI  User Interface includes more than the functionality it offers the user. It also includes  Physical characteristics – Size, resistance  Perceptual/Cognitive characteristics – Color, font size, label, work flow  Conceptual characteristics – What is this like  When designing a user interface we need to consider all of the above aspects Gabriel Spitz 6

7 User Interface Design Gabriel Spitz UI Scope Concept Activity Flow Representation Presentation Needs Experience Predictability Convenience Efficiency Personal Trust Human Task Expectation s Usefulness

8 Interfaces are Everywhere  Interfaces are used in controlling or manipulating  Products – PIM, Cell Phones, Cars, etc.  Applications – Excel, Word, etc.  Our environment – Thermostat, Appliances, etc.  Interfaces are the medium through which the user communicate with the computer application Gabriel Spitz 8

9 9 Controls Displays Procedure Guidance-labels UI Example Watch

10 UI Example Gabriel Spitz 10 Telephone Controls Displays Procedure Guidance- labels

11 UI Example Gabriel Spitz 11 Controls Displays Procedure Guidance-labels

12 UI Example Gabriel Spitz 12 Kiosk Controls Displays Procedure Guidance- labels

13 Importance of the Interface  The “ quality ” of the interface design directly drives the user experience  user attitude and feelings  User satisfaction  user performance  safety  Poor user interface can have serious consequences Gabriel Spitz 13

14 Poor UI – Can Ruin an Election Gabriel Spitz 14 Florida Ballots (2000) Users could not figure out How to use – Poor mapping between stimulus & response

15 Poor UI – Can Ruin your Dinner Gabriel Spitz 15 Poor Mapping

16 Poor UI – Can Ruin a Product Gabriel Spitz 16 Bob Microsoft 1995 Users simply did not like this interface – User satisfaction

17 Poor UI - Can be a Safety hazard Gabriel Spitz 17 Negative transfer of training resulting in many errors Renault 4 circa 1970

18 Poor UI - Can Ruin a Trip Gabriel Spitz 18 Lavatory sink – It is difficult to use Performance Incompatibility between control design and task

19 The Importance of Usable Interface o From a user ’ s perspective there is no good user interface in the absolute sense only usable and useful interface  An interface is bad or good only to the extent that it hinders or supports users in performing a specific task in a specific environment  Poor interface = Poor product/application Gabriel Spitz 19

20 What is a Usable Interface  Our goal is to design the user interface for products so they enable users to achieve their intentions in an easy and pleasant way  An interface is considered usable if it:  Helps user achieve their goal  Easy to learn  Easy to use – e.g., recall vs. recognition, simple  Facilitates performance – speed, errors  Fun to use  These aspects of the interface are also called Usability Indicators Gabriel Spitz 20

21 Usability of an Airline Kiosk  Key usability indicators  Goal achievement – to obtain a boarding pass (but sometimes to get onto an earlier flight)  Learning - no learning required  Ease of use – system leads users (hand holding)  Performance – not applicable (from passenger perspective)  Fun – nice to have, but not critical  Rarely can we maximize all of them Gabriel Spitz 21

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