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National & International Congregations and Young Adult UU’s.

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1 National & International Congregations and Young Adult UU’s

2  What are the traditions, rituals, community services and social activities of other congregations and their young adult groups?  Are any of these activities we want to replicate for YA’LL?  Do we want to share in their social justice activities?  How do young adults express a specifically UU identity in other congregations?  Would we enjoy having a sister congregation?  What can we learn from other groups to improve our congregation?

3 The Hub MapThe Hub Map: Young Adult UU Groups in the USA

4  What’s it like to be part of “Church of the Larger Fellowship” online?  Website (play 38 second video) Website  “Youth and young adults are a significant section of this spiritual community.”  CLF was founded in 1944 to reach out to Unitarian soldiers in WWII.

5 1. Unitarian Universalists of Benton County, Arkansas 2. Eureka UU Fellowship, Eureka Springs, Arkansas 3. All Souls of Tulsa, Oklahoma 4. Unitarian Universalist Church of Tallahassee, Florida

6 Website Facebook Group

7 Website Facebook Group

8 Website (Young Adult Vocal Ensemble)Young Adult Vocal Ensemble Facebook Group for Young Adult Vocal Ensemble

9 Website Facebook Group for Young Adults

10 Questions:  How did your group get started?  Do you have a shared group identity or slogan, like YA’LL?  What are your main activities?  What’s it like being UU in Tallahassee? (support for liberal religion?)  What keeps your young adult group or campus ministry strong? Any advice?

11 Ruai / Tasia Unitarian Universalist Church, Eastern Kenya  Website Website  Ruai/ Tasia Unitarian Universalist Church is a liberal religious community committed to individual freedom of belief, the search for truth, spiritual nourishment and the celebration of life. We seek to transform our beliefs and mutual caring into action to support our members, strengthen our community and promote social justice. Our community is a drought area where most of our members are affected by hunger and scarcity of water. In 2009 most of our livestock died and people loss life because of the serious drought that hit.In our community young age don’t go to school because the parents send them to go and look after the cattle, fetch water since they are strong enough to walk long distance. These have contributed to earlier marriage and earlier pregnancy.


13  Website with 8 minute video on their services, city, and UU traditions. Website  The Religious Society of Czech Unitarians celebrated their 90 th Anniversary in 2012!  Our UU chalice symbol originally comes from the Czech Republic (but that’s another story)

14 UU Chalice Cookies (referenced in video) made by local UUFF member Tressa Belle Disney

15  Website Website  Multi-generational Events:  Spaghetti Night on the 2nd Friday of most months  Concerts and Coffee Houses  Mystery Buddies – a 4 week letter exchange culminating in the Mad-Hatter party


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