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The University of Toledo Climate Action Plan CIVE 4900/5900 Sustainability Engineering Class.

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2 The University of Toledo Climate Action Plan CIVE 4900/5900 Sustainability Engineering Class

3 UT’s Climate Commitment 2011 Spring GHG Inventory and Climate Action Plan 2009 May Dr. Jacobs signs

4 UT Climate Action Plan Team Students – 2011 Spring GHG Inventory and Climate Action Plan Faculty – Defne Apul Staff – Jamie Zeller, Michael Green, Doug Collins, Jen Pastorek, Howard Hillard, Sammy Span, Dan Royer, Kelly Andrews, Arlene Fell, Daniel Klett, Tom Garey, Steve Wise Senior Leadership – Chuck Lehnert, Aaron Baker

5 Objectives Perform a GHG Inventory for FY2010 Check data from FY07-09 Inventory Create a Climate Action Plan for UT-Main Campus

6 Institutional Data Year2007200820092010 Operating BudgetN/A$38,642,535$38,672,960$35,724,176 Energy BudgetN/A$13,617,900$15,087,677$13,680,400 Full time Students17,73219,13019,62220,002 Faculty2,0961,5921,1511,162 Staff4,2925,2393,6933,513 Total Building Space (SF)4,770,412 Total Research Building Space (SF) 374,454

7 Climate Action Planning Process

8 Project Approach Spatial boundaries: Main Campus only Carbon Calculator: Clean Air Cool Planet Spreadsheet for Scope Emissions and Projections

9 2010 Emission Summary eCO 2 Metric Tons Scope 1 21,906 Scope 2 44,709 Scope 3 14,830 Total of All Scopes 81,445

10 2010 Emissions Break Down Scope 1 Scope 2 Scope 3

11 Past Emission Trends 2007 2008 2009 2010

12 Short Term Projection Goal Business as Usual Projection Goal 20% Reduction 2010 Years 120,000 100,000 80,000 60,000 40,000 20,000 0

13 25 Year Projection Goal Business as Usual Projection Goal 80% Reduction 0 Year

14 Carbon Offsets 20% Reduction Goal Purchase offsets only if other strategies do not reach goal UT Offsets – Geothermal, Scott park wind, Scott park solar – Produce 1280 KW of power – Could offset up to 2% of Main Campus power usage Purchase offsets – $15/MT CO2 – 17,000 MTeCO2 = $255,000 MTeCO2 14

15 Scope 1 Inventory Direct emissions from sources that are owned and/or controlled by the University of Toledo Sources: – Natural Gas – Gasoline Fleet – B20 Diesel Fleet – Synthetic Fertilizer

16 Natural Gas Inventory 2010 Data Collected MMBtu Associated Emissions ( MT eCO2) Steam Plant Natural Gas Usage319,83316,925 Natural Gas Usage All Others79,0654,184 Total398,89821,109

17 Heat Source Steam Heat Source Natural Gas Old Steam Plant New Steam Plant

18 On Campus Steam Plant Existing Plant – Built in the 1950’s – Operated at 75% efficiency – Scheduled to demolish summer 2011 New Plant (Savage Arena) – Went online in 2010 – Operating at 83% efficiency

19 Natural Gas Reduction Strategies Alternative forms of heating Insulate exposed steam lines and improve monitoring/control systems Replace a percentage of outdated mechanical equipment annually to avoid maintenance and improve efficiency

20 UT Fleet Emissions 2010 Data Collected Quantity (Gallons) Associated Emissions (MT eCO2) Gasoline47,400423 Diesel20,600208 B20 Biodiesel12,50099 Total730

21 UT Fleet Type of VehicleQuantity Auto36 Light Duty Truck/SUV57 Medium Duty Truck6 Van51 Bus11 Total161

22 UT Fleet Reduction Strategies

23 Fertilizer Use Year Collected Synthetic Fertilizer (lbs) Associated Emissions (MT eCO2) 201020,00067 Fertilizers 0.1%

24 Fertilizer Reduction Strategies Use more organic fertilizers Implement a food composting program on campus

25 Scope 1: Detailed Implementation Plan Emission Type 2010 MT eCO2 Associated annual carbon offset cost Strategy Proposed CO2 Reduction Anticipated MT eCO2 Implementation Cost Annual Emission Offset Savings Natural Gas21,101$316,515 Add steam jackets & Insulation to Exposed Steam Lines 3.7%20301$363,647$11,716 Natural Gas21,101$316,640 Upgrade a Percentage of Outdated Equipment Every Few Years and Upgrade Control System 2%22567$300,000$6,333 Natural Gas21,101$316,640 Install Solar Vacuum Tube Heat Conductors 0.50%22914$30,820$1,583 UT Fleet730.1$10,951 Purchase: 3 Chevy Volts, 12 Ford Electric Vans, and 2 Smart For Twos. These will replace 5 cars and 12 vans/light duty trucks. 4.4%698.30$421,000$482 Fertilizer67.1$1,007 Set up Composting Facility and Reduce use of Synthetic Fertilizers 60%26.8$600,000$604 Total64,100$961,753Combined Strategies 70.60%66507$1,715,467$20,718

26 What Can YOU Do to Reduce Scope 1 Emissions? Campus composting Promote car pooling for meetings Students in dorms can reduce thermostat

27 Scope 2 Inventory First Energy, Bayshore Power Plant 2010 Data Collected kWh Associated Emissions ( MT eCO2) Purchased Electricity67,023,20544,709

28 Building Energy Usage per Square Foot

29 Scope 2: Detailed Implementation Plan Emission Source 2010 MTCO2e Associated Annual Carbon Offset Cost Strategy Proposed % CO2 Reduction Anticipated MTCO2 Implementation Cost Annual Emission Offset Savings Electricity44,709$ 670,631 Lighting Retrofits 6.56%41,776$4,254,612$43,996 Computer Labs 0.50%44485$0$3,353 HVAC (Mechanical) 5.14%42,410$1,716,350$34,483 HVAC Controls 5.62%42,196$2,477,251$37,694 Retro- Commissioning 7.35%41,421$1,216,521$49,321 Steam 1.00%44,261$254,147$6,712 Heat Recovery 0.92%44,298$523,817$6,159 Building Envelope 6.24%41,921$786,508$41,822 Kitchen Opportunities 0.20%44,617$148,961$1,369 Total44,709 $ 670,631 Combined Strategies 33.54%29,715$11,378,166$224,908

30 What Can YOU Do to Reduce Scope 2 Emissions? Turn off lights whenever possible Keep hot water use to a minimum Use Energy Star products Share personal appliances (refrigerator, microwave, etc.) Install energy efficient light bulbs Use a seat warmer (15W) instead of a space heater (1500W)

31 Scope 3 Emission Sources

32 Commuting Inventory PopulationTotal Miles Associated Emissions (MT eCO2) Students 23,085 19,531,2607,891 Faculty/Staff4,6758,415,0003,400 Need to add in pie chart and also fill in data for above table

33 Commuting Reduction Strategies Encourage UT’s transit services Incentives Time classes closer together Schedule classes to meet fewer times a week More distance learning classes Improve pedestrian and bicycle infrastructure surrounding campus Increase student housing on/near campus

34 Study Abroad Inventory YearPopulation Travel Distance (Miles) Associated Emissions (MT eCO2) 2010118 868,122674

35 Sports Travel Inventory Student/Coach Sports Travel Year Air Travel Miles Bus Travel Miles Van Travel Miles MT eCO2 201018,87835,21658,855 47 Sport Travel 0.06%

36 Sports Travel Reduction Strategies Educate athletic departments on the emissions caused by unnecessary travel Drive rather than fly to shorter distance destinations Consolidate trips taken Consolidate vehicles used (travel lighter) Travel in more energy efficient vehicles

37 Solid Waste Inventory Year # of trash containers Solid Waste (Yd 3 /year) Emissions MT eCO2 20107050,2501,926

38 Solid Waste Reduction Strategies Increase the number of recycling bins around campus Provide incentives for dorms to recycle Construct a food waste composting facility

39 Wastewater Inventory Wastewater 0.001% Year Wastewater Volume (gal) Associated Emissions (MT eCO2) 2010781,7950.8

40 Wastewater Reduction Strategies Promote water conservation on campus Installation of low flush water efficient toilets and urinals Installation of aerators in faucets to increase water use efficiency Insulate water pipes or install instant heaters to reduce warm up time Install automatic shut off sensors on bathroom sinks

41 Paper Inventory Uncoated Freesheet Corrugated Unbleached Associated Emissions UnitsWeight (lbs) MT eCO2 2010525,875330,544891

42 Paper Use Reduction Strategies Lower student print quotas Set printers to only print/copy double-sided Provide more online applications and brochures Encourage faculty to have more assignments submitted electronically Provide more e-textbooks Allow/provide laptop use in all classrooms Purchase only 100% recycled paper

43 Scope 3: Detailed Implementation Plan Emission Source 2010 MT eCO2 Associated annual carbon offset cost Strategy Proposed % CO2 Reduction Anticipated MT eCO2 Implementation Cost Annual Emission Offset Savings Commuting11,291$169,362 Combined Commuting Strategies 6.0%10,613$0.00$8,468 University Travel 721$10,821 Combined Travel Strategies 10.3%647$0.00$1,117 Solid Waste1926$16,533 Combined Waste Strategies 5.0%1,829$0.00$1,445 Paper891$13,363 Combined Paper Strategies 25.0%668$0.00$3,340 Total14,829$210,079 Combined Scope 3 Strategies 6.8%13,757$0.00$14,371

44 What Can YOU Do to Reduce Scope 3 Emissions Car pool Next purchase: make it fuel efficient Print double sided /use less paper Recycle!

45 Summary of Implementation Plan Category Current MT eCO2 New MT eCO2 Percent Reduction Cost of Implementations Percent Reduction of Total Scope 244,709 29,71534%$11,378,16618.4% Scope 121,90720,5256%$1,366,4201.7% Commuting11,29110,6136%0%0.8% Study Abroad 72164710%0%0.1% Solid Waste1,9271,73410%0%0.2% Paper89166825%0%0.3% Total81,4456244221.5%$12,744,58621.5%

46 Summary of What YOU Can Do Students – Reduce paper usage – UT Transit/Walking – Share appliances – Get involved Faculty/Staff – Utilize blackboard – Go Green Committee General –Carpool –Fuel efficient vehicles

47 Campus Involvement UT-CAPT volunteers Recycling Program Energy Conservation Program

48 Education, Research, and Outreach Sustainability at Rocket Launch Website for campus projects Incorporate sustainability in all programs Long term goal to create a sustainability program

49 Conclusions Using the 5 year plan a 21.5 % reduction is possible University needs to focus on Electricity and Natural Gas usage to have the most success Carbon offsets can be purchased to meet goal Education and participation of staff and student body critical to achieve reduction goal ACUPCC agreement is not legally binding

50 Future Work Work with campus organizations Expand Meet regularly Track progress Employ a student assistant

51 Acknowledgements General Aaron Baker Michael Green Jamie Zeller Chuck Lehnert Jen Pastorek Howard Hillard Scope 1 Doug Collins Steve Wise Matt Hemming Scope 2 Tom Garey Joyce McBride Patricia Pertz Ben Pryor Scope 3 Kelly Andrews Sammy Span Dan Royer Arlene Fell

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