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What Do U Want 2 B? Finding Your Future Through Career Exploration.

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1 What Do U Want 2 B? Finding Your Future Through Career Exploration

2 I am… Look at the list of adjectives on the sheet. Find 1 adjective for each bubble from the list of words.

3 Find your match… Find the letter on the wall that has the most adjectives you wrote on your paper and go stand next to it

4 RIASEC By Dr. John Holland INVESTIGATIVE - Interested in jobs with people who like to learn, observe, investigate, analyze or solve problems ARTISTIC - Interested in jobs involving artistic, innovating, or institutional abilities and like to work in unstructured, creative situations SOCIAL - Like to work with people to inform, help, train, enlighten, develop or cure or is skilled with words ENTERPRISING - Interested in jobs where you work with people to influence, perform, persuade, or lead for organizational or economic gain CONVENTIONAL- Interested in jobs that involve working with data, clerical tasks or numerical ability, carrying things out in detail or following instructions REALISTIC - Have athletic or mechanical ability, prefer to work with objects, machines, tools, plants or animals or be outdoors

5 SWITCH!! After learning what each letter represents, does anyone need to switch?

6 When I grow up I want to… Look at the handout “Occupational Themes” and find the majors and jobs under each letter. Write down at least one major and job for the category that best represents you.

7 Log on Go to and log – Site ID:1021997 --- – Password: reservoir Complete the interest inventory

8 OTHER WEBSITES Big Future: College Search Consumer Reports aming/college-choices/final/college-choices.htm aming/college-choices/final/college-choices.htm Applications and Research Lab Who Do you Want 2 B

9 CAREER INVENTORY/INTEREST POST TEST 1. What is one new interest/career field you identified today? 2. What is one skill you identified that is necessary for your career path? 3. What is an activity you can do in high school that will help you reach your career goal? 4. How does the RIASEC model relate to your career choice?

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