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Ghost-In-A-Bottle More or Less Than $3,000? More! $50,922.

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2 Ghost-In-A-Bottle More or Less Than $3,000?

3 More! $50,922.

4 A jar believed to contain a ghost was put up for auction on eBay because it was terrorizing the owner. The seller claimed he “would not be held responsible” if the “black thing” escaped the jar, and that “all sales are final.” After numerous bids, the auction ended seven days later at a staggering $50,922. Unfortunately the winning bidder did not pay.

5 Virgin Mary on a Grilled Cheese More or Less Than $28?

6 More! $28,000.

7 The seller offered this grilled cheese sandwich supposedly showing the Virgin Mary’s image. Unbelievably, the sandwich sold for a whopping $28,000!

8 Cornflake Shaped Like Illinois More or Less Than $1,000?

9 More! $1,350.

10 In March of 2008, two sisters from Virginia found a piece of cereal in their bowl of Cornflakes that resembled the state of Illinois. They posted it online, and it sold for $1,350. Is there a guy out there that’s trying to collect all 50 Cornflake States?

11 Tattoo Advertisement on Forehead More or Less Than $8,000?

12 More! $10,000.

13 Utah resident Karolyne Smith became the latest marketing tool for online gambling outfit when she accepted $10,000 for the rights to advertise on her forehead.

14 Naming Rights for Child More or Less Than $10,000?

15 More! $15,500.

16 When Melissa Heuschkel couldn't decide what to name her fourth child, she sought the help of eBay shoppers. She auctioned off the right to name her child. Golden Palace Casino won the bid for $15,500. Several weeks later, little baby Golden Palace Benedetto was born. Melissa, please stop having babies. Melissa, please stop having babies.

17 Friendship for a Year with This Guy More or Less Than $365?

18 Less! $102.

19 The seller claimed to be a “professional marketing and selling guru,” but by the time the auction closed he had sold off a full year of friendship for the price of one-hour massage. Without a doubt, it was his beard that shortchanged his sale.

20 Haunted Ducky More or Less Than $200?

21 Less! $107.50.

22 In 2004, a so-called haunted rubber ducky, was sold. The owner’s one-and-a- half year old son had been telling weird/scary stories about fights that he had with the duck. The duck supposedly bit the child, making the boy “mean and vicious.” After 7 days on the site the rubber duck sold for the price of $107.50.


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