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Have you ever heard about Sang Lan? Try to say something about her?

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2 Have you ever heard about Sang Lan? Try to say something about her?

3 The search for happiness Listen to the tape and try to tell if the sentences are true or false: 1.The topic of the TV interview was the story of Sang Lan. 2.Dr Brain studies happiness. 3.Sang Lan became a gymnast when she was eleven years old? 4.Sang Lan was injured in China in 1998, while practising for the Goodwill Games. 5.Before her accident, Sang Lan’s best event was the vault. 6.Sang Lan broke her legs and will never walk again. 7.Leonardo DiCaprio visited Sang Lan in the hospital. 8.Sang Lan believes doing no work keeps her happy. F T F T T F F Listening F

4 Reading Strategy (1).scan the first paragraph and find out the topic of the interview (2).take note of who is being interviewed and what they do (3).try to think about the kind of opinions on the topic they might have (4).carefully read each question and try to understand the question (5)pay special attention to the answer to this question

5 Reading Read the text carefully and answer the following questions. 1. What is the topic of the TV interview? 2. Who is being interviewed and what does he do? 3. What is the opinion of the interviewee on happiness? 4. How did Sang Lan’s teammates describe her? 5. After her accident, how does Sang Lan find her happiness? Happiness. Dr Brain. He is a psychologist who has written several books about happiness. People can find happiness even in difficult times. Her teammates described her as energetic, happy and hard-working. She finds her happiness through reaching much smaller goals, and through the love of the people around her.

6 1. Dr Brain used Sang Lan as an example to ________. A. talk about his study on happiness B. talk about how to find happiness in different times C. present his own views about happiness D. introduce his books about happiness B Multiple-choice

7 2. By saying “She had been a dedicated jounior gymnast for eleven years”, Dr Brain really means _________. A. Sang Lan began learning gymnastics at six B. Sang Lan competed in the gymnastics tournament at the New York Goodwill Games C. Sang Lan lived apart from her parents D. Sang Lan devoted herself to gymnastics and was working towards something special D

8 3. The world was amazed by Sang Lan’s _________. A. unexpected injury B. way to remain cheerful C. success in her sports career D. energetic, happy and hard-working spirit B

9 4. Which of the following CANNOT be inferred from the passage?_________ A. Different people have different views about happiness B. Sang Lan’s courage to rebuild her life even in unbearable condition is admirable C. All people can find happiness even in difficult times D. Sang Lan likes to think about positive things and stay optimistic C

10 5. What is the secret to happiness in Sang Lan’s mind?_______ A. To think about good things and to focus on goals B. To love the people around her C. To host a sports programme in 208 D. To keep busy A

11 Translation: 1. 在困难时期 ___________________________________________ 2. 描述她是精力充沛的 ____________________________________ 3. 不能和父母住一起 ______________________________________ 4. 乐于献身于体操 ________________________________________ 5. 把未来的幸福化为泡影 __________________________________ 6. 被紧急送往一家顶级医院 ________________________________ 7. 使她更高兴、给她鼓励 __________________________________ 8. 精神状态饱满 _________________________________________ 9. 穿越国界 _____________________________________________ 10. 克服失落感 __________________________________________ 11. 保持乐观 ____________________________________________ 12. 适应她的新生活 _______________________________________

12 Sang Lan was born in Ningbo in 1981 and began learning g________ at the age of 6. She started winning competitions in 1991. By the time she took part in the gymnastics tournament at the New York Goodwill Games, she had been a d_______ junior gymnast for 11 years. Though she had to live a______ from her family, she was still e______, happiness and hard-working. In 1998 at the Goodwill Games she made a m______ during a practice vault. She had always done that action p______ before that time. Her n_____ was broken. Though she was sent to a top hospital immediately, experts said the s______ injuries would cost her future ability to walk. During her stay in hospital many people went to see her and tried to c_____ her up. Instead of crying about what she had lost and feeling h_______, Sang Lan thought about what she could do to get better. Now she is studying at Peking University and also h_____ a sports programme about the 2008 Beijing Olympics. She is o______ about her future and believes that keeping busy helps her to stay p________. Consolidation ymnastics edicated part nergetic istake erfectly eck evere heer opeless osting ptimistic ositive

13 Discussion 1. In your opinion, what is happiness? 2. How can you search for happiness in your daily life?

14 1.Write a composition about Sang Lan. 2.Finish the relevant exercises in your Unit Revision.

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