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BLOGGING. Your Product Your Top Links Your Blog - The HUB of Your Internet Existence.

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2 Your Product Your Top Links Your Blog - The HUB of Your Internet Existence

3 Blog Opt-In: Shy yes Readers decide if they want to stay – Double Opt-In Ideal Product Services; Solve Their Problem; Add Value, Educate; Provide Solutions; Transform Lives Readers Become Your Evangelists Customer Is Your Promoter If your readers like your blogs content, they will Opt-In to receive future articles and tidbits of information. For someone to keep returning to your blog, you have to offer them great content and value – something that will educate them, solve their problems, and/or provide them with a solution to their problem. If you accomplish them, you will have created a relationship with your readers, and they will become your loyal followers. If you offer great products & services that solve your readers problems, your readers and customers will also become your greatest promoters! Building a Buyers List

4 1.Domain Name Registration - - Register at 2.Hosting Account Set Up – (cPanel login) 3.Change DNS - Login to & update the DNS to HostGators 4.Install Word Press - Enter & log in. Once logged in, scroll down the page and find the blue smiley face called Fantastico Deluxe. Click on the icon and select WordPress on the left side of the next page (under Blog). Install Word Press. 5.On the WordPress Dashboard, create new page About You 6.On the WordPress Dashboard, create new Categories & Sub-Categories 7.On the WordPress Dashboard, create new Links 8.Install a new Theme - Go to and login. From the WordPress Dashboard click on the Appearance, then choose Add New Themes and scroll down to the bottom of the page & click the Find Themes button. 9.Register with Social Media sites, Bookmarking Sites, YouTube, Blog Directories, Forums, etc., and point them all to your blog. They will drive traffic to your Blog 10.Set up an account to create an Opt-In form for building your Buyers list, and for your e-mail campaigns/ Note: Links to GoDaddy, HostGator, and Aweber are in sidebar of the website Setting Up Your Blog

5 1.Clean and professional look, uncluttered 2.Easy to read 3.Single sidebar on the right side 4.Categories easy to find 5.Over 1400 free WordPress themes are available 6.Detailed instructions on how to load a Theme on your site will be posted on the Blog Theme

6 1.Title and Tag Line are entered on the Dashboard under Settings/General 2.Use keywords in both, if you can, or in the Tag Line, at the very least Note: Top left area of the blog is where the readers will spend the first 8 seconds on your website, and decide if they will proceed, or leave your site Title and Tag Line

7 Category tabs across the top, and in the sidebar (optional), make it easy for your readers to find postings. Different subject posts are filed into Categories, which are similar to Folders on a computer. Organize Your Navigation Bar Tabs/Categories Static Pages

8 Blurb and Bio with images, links, engaging reading, and answering the question in the readers mind - WIIFM (whats in it for me?). A strong Bio will make visitors take you seriously. Blurb is the first sentence/paragraph that quickly summarizes what you have to offer. Who Is / About Page

9 Static pages on the Blog, not Categories, are the place to promote products. They can also be used as a Landing Page, or an Opt-In page, for someone elses product. These static pages are like pages on a regular website (versus Blog). Pre-Sell & Landing Pages – Monetize your blog with your affiliate links

10 Once you are logged into your Dashboard ( Click on Posts Select Add New Fill in the Title and the Text blocks Click on Update (right side of the screen ) Note: Remember to use keywords, repeat title in the beginning of the text, and bold the repeated title. For more detailed information, review appropriate posts at Adding Posts

11 Keywords (AKA Tags) should be contained in the post headline and body. See next chart for keyword info. There should be one main Keyword/Tag in the article, and 3-4 sub keywords, which are words related to the subject of the post. Post Headline – Body - Tags Post Headline – Body - Tags

12 1.Keyword should be the first one in the title and in the text 2.Keyword should be bolded in the body of the text 3.Keyword density should be 3%-5% in the body of the text Do keyword (tag) research before posting content. Without a proper use of keywords, nobody will find your Blog, and you are totally wasting your time by posting anything. Use Google Keyword Tool, or any other program. Keywords

13 Capture Subscribers to Build Your List: 1.2 locations – In the Blog, and on Join My Newsletter page 2.Give them a valuable gift for subscribing 3.List the gift price, but offer it for FREE 4.Could be anything – e-book, tutorial, personal training, etc. 5.Offer good content to keep them coming back Opt-In Form

14 Instructions on how to create these social networking icons will be posted on the Blog shortly Display Recent Posts or Most Popular Posts Social Networking Icons – Connecting readers to your Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, & LinkedIn

15 Video with detailed instructions, and the script, on how to create a Fan Page on Facebook, will be posted on the Blog shortly Facebook Fan Page – Build a Fan Club for credibility, notify them of new posts and events

16 Video with detailed instructions, and the script, on how to create a Google Friend Page in your sidebar, will be posted on the Blog shortly Google Friend Connect – gather followers (thumbnail images appear in your sidebar)

17 Publishing articles establishes you as an expert in your field of expertise, and gives you credibility with your readers. Video with detailed instructions, and the script, on how to create a Google Friend Page in your sidebar, will be posted on the Blog shortly. Display Your Icon – (Expert Author Status)

18 Add Value to your readers experience by providing them with links to other useful websites. These links can also be your own Affiliate Links, or they can point to certain posts on your Blog. Blogroll / Recommended Resources & Links

19 RSS feeds will notify subscribers, on their Yahoo or Google page, that theres a new post on your Blog Social bookmarking links will allow readers to share your posts with their friends Allow Your Posts to Be Shared Or Bookmarked

20 This is one of the most important parts of building a relationship with your readers. Your posts should engage the audience and ask questions. Every time someone posts a comment, it increases your site ranking. Engaging discussions will keep bringing your readers back, therefore increasing traffic to your website, and building a loyal following. Encourage Readers to Comment

21 Inserted/embedded photos and videos increase site rankings If properly labeled, rankings will be improved even more Use article keywords in image and video titles and descriptions Images decrease websites monotony and add visual interest Add Audio, Video and Images to Make Posts More Visually Engaging

22 1.Become an expert,not a reporter – create your own content Offer great content, instead of pointing to others articles Have people return for more info and for advice 2.Offer Value: 3-for-1 rule 3 posts/e-mails offering value, one selling or soliciting something Make three comments on others blogs, for every article you post on you blog Spend the 1 st few months creating great content, dont promote anything 3.Participate in RE forums, discussion groups, blog commenting; always sign with your URL 4.Focus on core relationships, develop relationships with hub leaders 5.Engage your audience - ask questions and ask for feedback, comment on others blogs, support commentary, integrate & utilize Social Media, automate 6.Make it entertaining, outrageous, controversial, uncommon, to engage people in conversations 7.Build a following – create a Buyers List; newsletter is the best way to convert followers 8.Use Aweber @ to build your Buyers List (autoresponder) 9.Create a Tribe; link to each other; promote each other 10.Find Top Rated Websites and use their keywords (On the main toolbar - View/Page Source) 11.E-mail Subject /Title SUPER important – will determine if e-mail is opened; same for post titles 12.Blog 5 times per week to be considered an expert 13.250-500 words per blog; include photos and videos 14.Offer bonuses & free gifts for opting in 15.Expert - 10 YouTube videos; 10 articles (500-750 words) 16.1 Keyword, 3-4 subkeywords (tags); 3%-5% keyword content 17.Post a full profile, and a photo, on all sites youre registered on Tips

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