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Uncovering Ancient Chinese Traditions in Yin Yu Tang.

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1 Uncovering Ancient Chinese Traditions in Yin Yu Tang

2 Why does the courtyard of Yin Yu Tang face inward?

3 What dual purpose does the raised threshold serve? What about the carvings around the door?

4 Why are the roof tiles designed to direct rainwater inside?

5 What did the Huang family use their fish pond for?

6 Why were ancestral pictures hung in the Main Reception Hall during certain times of the year? What other items were displayed there?

7 Why did Mao’s portrait replace those of the ancestors during the Communist Revolution? What else was installed in the Reception Hall during that time?

8 The lattice on the bedroom windows provided privacy, but was also symbolic. Why did the Huang family choose a “Ping”, or “Vase” motif?

9 How were bedrooms within the Huang household allotted? Did family members have their own bedrooms?

10 Which deities were worshipped in the Upstairs Reception Hall prior to the Communist Revolution?

11 Where did the Huang family typically eat their daily meals? What about during formal occasions?

12 Why did the family construct and burn paper houses and gifts before Yin Yu Tang was moved to the United States?

13 Traditionally, how was a Chinese wedding arranged? In what type of “vehicle” did the bride travel to the groom’s house?

14 How do the couple’s parents decide on a wedding date?

15 Saying goodbye to a daughter on her wedding day is likened to a funeral. Why is this?

16 Why does the mother tell her daughter to leave all her bad habits at home?

17 What is the significance of this document? Which of Confucius’s 5 key relationships does it represent?

18 In the Chinese countryside, why are boys preferred over girls? What evidence did you find in Yin Yu Tang that supported this preference?

19 The End

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