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Unit Two Barbara Shen. Remember three words: reduce 减少 reuse 重新利用 recycle 循环, 回收.

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1 Unit Two Barbara Shen

2 Remember three words: reduce 减少 reuse 重新利用 recycle 循环, 回收

3 Useful expressions made in China 中国制造 made abroad 外国制造 a china cup 一个陶瓷杯 a plastic lunch box 一个塑料饭盒 the latest fashions 最新时尚 instead of 代替, 而不是 turn on air conditioning 打开空调 things produced locally 本地产的东西

4 sort the waste 挑拣垃圾 a healthy environment 健康的环境 produce waste 生产 / 制造垃圾 do harm to … 对 ….. 有害 everyday activities 日常活动 make a real difference to … 对 … 产生重大影响

5 reduce pollution 减少污染 local products 本地产品 if possible 如果可能 make sure 确信, 确保 last a long time 坚持很久 repair things 修理东西 a paper cup/bag 纸杯 / 袋 change ….into 把 …. 变成..

6 take energy 消耗能量 in the neighborhood 在社区 take part in … 参加 recycling programes 回收行动 recycled materials 回收材料 green product s 绿色产品

7 1.Do you try to walk or ride a bike to school? 2. Do you buy new clothes just because they are the latest fashions? 3. Do you open a window instead of turning on air conditioning? 4. Do you buy things produced locally instead of made abroad?

8 5. Do you take your own cloth bag when shopping instead of using plastic bags? 6. Do you sort the waste before throwing it away?

9 Act.4: Check the things you should do.  buy the latest fashions  choose local products  waste energy when things are made  buy things from abroad  repair things  use paper cups and bags  throw things away  burn things √ √ √

10 Language points 1. fashion ( 名词 ), 时尚, 风尚, 款式 fashion ------fashionable 时髦的, 流行的 Eg: a fashion show 时装秀 come into fashion 入潮流 go out of fashion 过时 The girl often wears fashionable clothes.

11 2. air conditioning 空调 air conditioner 空调机 turn on / off air conditioning 打开 / 关掉空调 air — conditioned 有空调装置的, 有空调设备的 Eg: This is an air-conditioned room. It ’ s wasteful to turn off the air conditioning. 1.The ________________is very expensive. 2. Would you please turn on _______________? 3.The ________________cinema is popular. 4.__________________in this room was too old. air conditioner air conditioning air conditioned Air conditioning

12 5. instead “ 代替 ”, 常放在句尾. instead of + 名词, 代词,Ving 形式 …. a.We won ’ t go to the beach. We ’ ll go to the forest __________. b.I was at school ______________at home yesterday evening. c.Her father went to work by bus ___________on foot. d.I don ’ t know the way. Please ask the police __________. e.Meimei won ’ t go with us. Let ’ s go with Lingling __________. f.They ’ ll see a film _______________ watching TV. g.We invited her husband __________________her. h.The bag is made of cloth_________________paper. i.I didn ’ t buy an MP3. I bought an MP4 ___________. instead instead of instead instead of

13 6. 过去分词, 可以做定语, 修饰名词, 表示被动的 意义. 单个词放名词前,词组放在名词后. a. Do you buy things produced locally ? b. Do you buy things made abroad ? c.It ’ s good to use recycled paper. d.I have a friend called Lily. e.My father bought a camera made in Taiwan. f.There is an old bridge built 100 years ago. g.I have many photos taken in Zhangjiajie. 本地产的 外国产的 回收的纸 叫莉莉的台湾产的 100 年前修建的 在张家界照的

14 7. plastic ( 名词 ) 塑料, ( 形容词 ) 塑料制的 Eg: The plastic flowers look real. The plastic cups are very nice. Burning plastics can pollute the air. 8. harm, ( 名词 ) 伤害, 害处 harmful ( 形容词 ) 有害的 do harm to ….. be harmful to …. 对 … 有害 / 造成伤害 Eg: Smoking does harm to our health. Smoking is harmful to our health. 吸烟对我们的健康有害

15 9. different( 形容词 )---difference( 名词 ) 差别 make a difference to 对... 有重大影响 / 很重要 a. Father’s behaviors made a difference to me. b. His talk made a difference to the students. c. The environmental changes are making a difference to the animals. Eg 10. reduce ( 动词 ) 减少, 降低 ------reduction( 名词 ) a.We must reduce the air pollution. b.The reduction of land will make a difference to the farmers.


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