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S o f t w a r e D e f i n e d R a d i o

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1 S o f t w a r e D e f i n e d R a d i o
SDR-14 & SpectraVue S o f t w a r e D e f i n e d R a d i o By: Moe Wheatley, AE4JY and Pieter Ibelings, N4IP

2 SDR-14 Enabling Technologies
Several technologies became available that enabled this project come together. High speed, relatively low cost 14 bit A/D converter chips. Companion digital down converter and decimation filter IC to reduce the sample rate and bandwidth and allow high resolution tuning all in the digital domain. Relatively low cost, high speed FIFO's to capture the data before sending back to the PC. Inexpensive and easy to use USB interface chip allowing >600KB/Sec data transfer back to the PC Desktop PC's with enough CPU power to perform high speed FFT's as well as simple demodulation. Inexpensive PC software tools for hardware/software/CAD design.


4 SDR-14 Applications Pan adapter applications for radio receivers with IFs in the HF band (8.83 MHz, 10.7 MHz, 21.4 MHz) or MHz using direct input and external filters. Contest station and satellite activity monitoring. General coverage HF receiver with 1 Hz tuning. Currently supported modes include USB, LSB, CW, AM, FM Propagation and beacon monitoring (allows monitoring of the whole HF band at once or any segment of it. ) Storing spectrum displays up to 30 MHz wide (no demod capability) Storing 100 KHz of spectrum to hard drive with full demod and post processing capabilities. Full spectrum analyzer functions with marker, averaging, smoothing, max hold, peak search and sub Hz resolution bandwidths. Radio astronomy and SETI receiver for the detection of weak signals in noise.

5 SpectraVue Software showing 20 meter band.

6 SpectraVue Block Diagram

7 SpectraVue Capabilities
FFT analysis using 2048 to point FFT's (real or complex). FFT amplitude resolutions from 10dB to .2dB per division. FFT amplitude power is in dB referenced to full scale or can be calibrated to dBm. Various FFT data view modes including waterfalls and 2D and 3D plots. Display markers for accurate amplitude/frequency measurement. A continuum display for measuring spectral power over the entire span and/or the peak power within the span. Frequency Spans from 5KHz to 30MHz in various step sizes. (using SDR-14 unit) Signal demodulation of AM, NBFM, USB, LSB, narrow CW modes when using the 100 KHz Frequency Span and SDR-14 unit. Saving and playback of captured spectrum using RIFF .wav files. Saving 100 KHz of spectrum to hard drive requires 2.2 GB/hour storage.

8 The SDR-14 Setup Menu

9 RAW DISPLAY Shows in-phase and quadrature waveforms over time.

10 2D FFT DISPLAY Shows amplitude vs. frequency.

11 3D FFT DISPLAY Shows amplitude vs. frequency vs. time.

12 V WATERFALL DISPLAY Shows amplitude vs. frequency vs. time

13 H WATERFALL DISPLAY Shows amplitude vs. frequency vs. time

14 CONTINUUM DISPLAY Shows channel power vs. time.

15 Decoding AO-40 using AO40RCV and SpectraVue

16 Additional Info. Visit for more information regarding the SDR-14. Additional information on SpectraVue can be found at

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