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MonkeyU – May 9, 2008 Trends in Fancy Food. Food Production 1999 – Quebec Fancy Food is now available in Each Category.

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1 MonkeyU – May 9, 2008 Trends in Fancy Food

2 Food Production 1999 – Quebec Fancy Food is now available in Each Category

3 Fancy Pet Food! You Bet. All Food Manufacturing Sectors now have Fancy Food Representation

4 Fancy Food Is Everywhere You eat it every day now.

5 Watch The Video Fancy Food Show - Cheese

6 Manufacturing How can “fancy food” be manufactured? It is all in the taste and the presentation.

7 A Whole Industry Fancy Food is one of the fastest growing segments of the food industry. Many cottage based businesses becoming mainstream manufacturers.

8 10 Trends in Global Food Consumption  Quick fix  Drive and Go  Inherently Healthy  Fancy  Layering of Flavours  Grazing  Low, No and Less  Doctoring through Nutrition  Global Gangbusters These trends are promising, so long as the food industry remains willing to offer convenience without compromising on the demand for healthier food. Fads will come and go, and the government will continue to scrutinize health claims made by food manufacturers. The ageing of baby boomers is driving the food industry in a new direction, one that could have a significant impact on the future health of the population. And that can only be a good thing.

9 Fast Casual – Feng Shui  Harmonious Settings  Symmetricaly balanced seating  Pendant Lighting, Leather Seating  Operators hoping environments inspire good health, happiness, and prosperity  Example of McDonalds in California  Adding McCafe to the mix  Consumer tastes are changing – In food and in experience.

10 Restaurant Full Service Trends in Fancy Food  Bite Sized Desserts  Locally Grown Produce  Organic  Small Plates  Specialty Sandwiches  Artisan Beer  Specialty Salts  Energy Drink Cocktails  Chef owned restaurants

11 Bursting with Flavour, Good for your health  Abundance of Exotic Fruits in Supermarkets  Cranberries Everywhere (Energy Bars, fruit juices, sweet biscuits, cold cereals, cakes and chocolates  Exotically flavoured ketchups. (Agave Nectar) – Health Benefits  Lollipops that prevent tooth decay? Yup!  No Tears Onions. New Farming Techniques  Solar Powered Beer – New Production Techniques

12 This leads to:  Cross Merchandising Opportunities – Sell the meat in the sandwich, The Sauce on The Bun  Alternatives to red meat such as buffalo, ostrich and venison – New Vertical Markets  Seasonal Ingredients – shows that you are paying attention to your local market. – Community Support  Artisanal Wines and Beers  New Menu Language – Consumer Education

13 Results in a market for Manufacturing Fancy Food  chocolatesTeasCoffeesSauces SoupsNutsSpreadsVanilla Artisan Cheeses FrozenCured Meats PatesPeanut Butter PopcornBakingCrackersOlivesSpices SoyNaturalOrganicFruit Salsa Fruit Spreads BeveragesPastaPrepared Foods GelatoBreads

14 More Trends - Manufacturing  Stripped down packaging  Quality Frozen Items catching up to Europe  Local Produce  Sustainable Seafood  Grass-fed and free-range items

15 Emerging Markets for Fancy Foods  Food Service – Hotels, Restaurants, High end food establishments, spas, resorts, health bars  Grocery – On the Shelves  DTC – Direct To Consumer, Food Catalogue, Mail- Order, Corporate Gift  Private Label (This is growing very quickly)

16 MonkeyFancyFoodManuf acturing  Fancy Food Manufacturing is another market for MonkeyFoodFactory.  Corporate Channel – Corporate gift programs, employee incentive programs, Seasonal gift programs.  DTC Channel is Critical  Club Channel  Fedex, UPS Integration  Credit Card Processing  Seasonal Peaks – Xmas, Valentines, Easter, Mother’s day, Father’s day  Wholesale Channel is growing…  Foodservice, grocery etc….  Order entry  A/R Management  Production Planning  Distribution  Vendors, Purchasing, Inventory, Formulas/Recipes  Costing  Commissions and Sales People

17 Watch This Video  Magic Food

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