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1 TC Program Sub-Committee Training ASHRAE CEC June 25, 2013.

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1 1 TC Program Sub-Committee Training ASHRAE CEC June 25, 2013

2 2 Agenda CEC overview Program Options Interface between TC’s and CEC The Program Leaders The ASHRAE Website Commercialism Typical Schedule Future Meetings & Changes

3 3 CEC Conferences and Expositions Committee Formed in 2008 Combined the Society Program Committee (SPC) and Meetings and Arrangements Committee

4 4 CEC Scope and Purpose This committee shall provide ASHRAE members and other meeting attendees with fully coordinated, cost effective, theme-based meeting experiences with balanced technical and business/professional content. It shall organize technical presentations and expositions that expand on ASHRAE’s position as leader in the HVAC&R industry, provide a venue for general education of people new to the HVAC&R industry and facilitate technology transfer of new innovations in the HVAC&R industry.

5 5 Directives to Committee Establish, plan and populate conference content which is relevant to ASHRAE members Improve the Conference experience  Expand participation  Make content relevant to Meeting Attendees  Professionalize content delivery  Assure content is relevant and usable  Evaluate ways to improve the social and networking functions  Provide great Conference deliverables

6 6 CEC Organizational Chart CEC Chair CEC Vice-Chair Staff Liaison Specialty Conferences Liaison to Joint Expo Winter Conference Annual Conference Operations Track Chairs Interface with TC Program Sub-committee Chair Annual/Winter Conferences

7 7 Technical Papers, Conference Papers, Seminars, Forums, Panel Discussions, Debates, and ??

8 8 Program Options Technical Papers  Previously called Transaction Sessions Conference Papers  Not required to be approved by TC’s  Organized by either CEC or TC into Sessions Seminars, Forums and ???  Traditionally organized by TCs  Looking to highlight 1-2 Panels and/or Debates for Denver NOTE: AIA Learning Objectives and Disclaimer required for all presentations, except forums

9 9 Technical Papers More involved papers usually detailing research or similar activities Maximum of 30 pages in length Rigorous double-blind review process; subject to commercialism review Longer time line for development and approval  Final papers required about 9 months prior to a Conference to go though the review proces s Published in Transactions

10 10 Conference Papers Less rigorous than technical papers Can highlight case studies or ongoing research Maximum eight pages in length, single spaced Single blind review process; subject to commercialism review Shorter time line for the Conference  Abstracts due about 9 months prior to meeting  If accepted, papers due 6 months prior meeting

11 11 Seminars & Forums Same submittal process as past meetings Subject to Commercialism Review (Seminars and Forums, if slides utilized) Scheduled AFTER Conference paper & Technical Paper Sessions TC’s select Session Chairs and Speakers Abstracts due 6 months before the meeting Presentations due 1 month prior to the meeting for commercialism review.

12 12 New Program Types CEC testing new program types CEC is working on the format for these sessions and will introduce them shortly Conference will highlight 1-2 of these sessions per program track Submission are being recruited Submissions must include selected speakers, bios, abstract, learning objectives, Q&A Presentation slides will be limited Presentations due 1 month prior to the meeting for commercialism review

13 13 Track Chairs

14 14 Track Chairs information on website Liaison to TC Program Chair Liaison to Session Chairs in the Track  Assist in set up of Abstract Central and Manuscript Central  Verify schedule compliance Resource for authors/speakers and session chairs Liaison Responsibilities for the Track Chair

15 15 Technical Responsibilities for the Track Chair Oversee Technical Content Monitor/assist in Conference Paper review process - find paper reviewers Review and accept/reject abstracts (Conference papers, Seminars, Forums, Panels, Debates) Solicit assistance from TC with the specific interest/expertise in the area of the track Create and assemble sessions within the track Assign session chairs as needed

16 16 Reach out to cognizant TCs for program submissions at prior conference Assist TC Program Chair to answer submission questions, before deadline Contact session chairs to confirm schedule compliance Leadership Responsibilities for the Track Chair

17 17 TC Program Sub Committee Chair Responsibilities

18 18

19 19 TC Program Sub-Committee Chair Responsibilities Maintain a list of Program Ideas Solicit program chairs and speakers Assist in creating programs on-line Solicit reviewers – (Conference Papers) Assist in loading programs You are not necessarily responsible for presenting all of your TC’s programs!

20 20 TC Program Sub-Committee Chair Responsibilities Encourage the planning of Conference Paper Sessions  Assign session chairs  Communicate with CEC Track Chair  Select authors  Arrange the session with two or three papers.

21 21 Seminar & Conference Paper Authors, Session Chairs, Reviewers

22 22 Authors Develop and submit abstract Develop Power Point presentations Submit presentation to web site Revise presentation as directed by Track Chair and/or Session Chair Visit Speakers Lounge before the presentation Present the program Provide learning objectives for NY PDH Process Answer questions for the Virtual Conference

23 23 Seminar Chair Develop a seminar abstract and identify speakers Upload the required information on the session and speakers to the Conference website Make sure speaker presentations are uploaded prior to the Conference and meet all requirements Coordinate presentations to minimize overlap and make sure the timing is correct Introduce and monitor session at the Conference Assist authors in identifying learning objectives for NY PDHs.

24 24 Conference Paper Session Chair All of the seminar chair items  With the exception of organizing the session, that may be done by the track chair  Conference papers can be submitted individually or as a predefined session Make sure authors and reviewers are working to the required deadlines Find additional paper reviewers if needed (If assigned reviewers can’t agree) Assist authors in identifying learning objectives for NY PDHs.

25 25 The ASHRAE Website

26 26

27 27 Commercialism

28 28 What is Commercialism? any organization Commercialism is inclusion of visual, written, or verbal references to any organization for the promotion or commercial advantage of that organization or the commercial disadvantage of a competing organization.

29 29 Why do we care? The ASHRAE Technical Program is the industry leading source of technology transfer through the use of live presentations. It is world-renowned as a source for unbiased information delivered in a non-competitive environment.

30 30 Program Schedule

31 31 New York Schedule March 15Conference Paper abstracts due April 5 Conference Paper accept/reject notifications April 19Full Technical Papers due June 1 Web Site Opens for Seminar and Forum Proposals July 2 Final Conference Papers Submitted for Review (Includes Bio, Learning Objectives and Methods of Assessment) Aug. 13 Seminar and Forum Program Proposals Due Aug. 13Technical Papers Final Review Sept. 20 Notifications of Seminar and Forum Accept/Reject Distributed Dec. 6Upload of PPTs Begin January 3, 2014All PPTs Due Online Jan. 18Speaker's Lounge Opens

32 32 What the Future Holds

33 33 Future Meetings New York, NY  January 18-22, 2014 Seattle, WA  June 28-July 2, 2014 Chicago, IL  January 24 – 28, 2015 Atlanta, GA  June 27 – July 1, 2015 Orlando, FL  January, 2016

34 34 CEC Changes Want to be a conference paper reviewer?  Come to the Speaker’s Lounge  Sign up in your area of interest  Contact a Track Chair directly Speaker Review and Evaluations  Evaluation Scoring to be tracked  3.5 Scoring needs to be achieved  3-strike rule New York and GBCI PDHs are being provided for all sessions  Learning Objectives required for all sessions  To be administered by the session chair  A session can’t be submitted without the information.

35 35 Communication & Feedback

36 36 Communication & Feedback Annual & Winter Meeting  TC Chair Training (Ongoing) Sunday @ 9:45 am  TC Program Sub-committee Chair Training Tuesday @ 11:15 am NOTES  TC Chair: Newsletter published by CEC in the Spring and Fall Lists dates of conference submittals Speaker Lounge  Visit CEC members in the Speaker’s Lounge at any time with questions.

37 37 Communication & Feedback What to do if you are rejected? Contact the Track Chair

38 38 Questions?

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