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Sarah Smith – 2 nd Grade 4 School telephone 281-357-4526 ext. 3886 Conference time 9:40-10:25 AM Teacher Web:

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1 Sarah Smith – 2 nd Grade 4 School telephone 281-357-4526 ext. 3886 Conference time 9:40-10:25 AM Email: Teacher Web: CreeksideForestElementary/ Smith

2 Extra! 4 Parent Link Enrollment Update – deadline 9/28 4 Traffic safety 4 Please return Handbook Receipts

3 Daily Schedule 4 8:25-8:45 Unpack/Warm Ups 4 8:45-9:35 Reading Lesson/Read to Self 4 9:40-10:25 Specials 4 10:30-11:00 Word Work 4 11:00-11:30 Lunch 4 11:30-11:45 Rest and Read/CAFE 4 11:45-12:30 Writer’s Workshop 4 12:30-12:40 Bathrooms and Snack 4 12:40-2:00 Math and Math Skills 4 2:00-2:25 Recess 4 2:30-3:30 SS – Smith and Pemberton 4 3:30-3:40 Pack up and Dismissal

4 Specials 4 Right now our class is split 4 ways. Their schedule is posted on my webpage. 4 Specials include PE, music, and art. 4 Be sure your child has tennis shoes and their library books everyday.

5 Library Schedule  Thursdays—Weekly checkout 4 Students will be encouraged to check out AR books for nightly reading.  Library is open all day Monday and in the mornings Tuesdays-Friday.

6 Reading 4 Decoding 4 Instant/Sight words 4 Vocabulary 4 Comprehension skills –Literal –Interpretive 4 Critical Thinking 4 Study Skills

7 Language 4 Capitalization 4 Punctuation 4 Grammar -parts of speech 4 Sentence Patterns 4 Usage 4 Written Composition

8 Writer’s Workshop 4 Ideas-the main theme 4 Organization-sequence, organize and group 4 Voice-the feeling of the writer coming out through the words 4 Word choice-the use of rich, colorful words 4 Sentence fluency-the way in which the writing plays to the ear 4 Conventions-the mechanical correctness 4 Writing Process: Prewrite-Draft-Revise-Edit- Conference-Publish

9 Spelling  Monday- patterns/words are introduced with a pretest. 4 Review throughout the week 4 Thursday spelling tests * 4 Tests will consist of weekly words and additional challenge words. 4 Students who score 100 on pre-test will still take the final test but will not be graded on the challenge words, only dictation.

10 Math  Place value to 1,000 4 Addition and Subtraction --Flashcards 4 Shapes and Patterns 4 Measurement 4 Money and Time 4 Problem Solving

11 Math  District-wide, timed, math fact assessment will count as a daily grade each nine weeks (Addition is 1 st nine weeks) 4 Students are given 5 seconds per problem. There are 32 problems on the test. 4 Practice math facts nightly (addition, subtraction 0-18)

12 Science with Mrs. Annie Pemberton  Scientific Process/Safety 4 Plants 4 Lifecycles 4 Matter 4 Changes in the Earth 4 Space and Weather 4 Forces and Motion 4 Sound

13 Social Studies ISN’s – Stay at school but you may schedule a time to come see your child’s work if you’d like. History Geography Economics Government Citizenship Culture

14 Discipline Positive Discipline Compliment Chart – earn passes Class Dojo – earn positives for ice cream pass (negatives can be emailed home if necessary but I don’t focus on the negative) Conduct Marks for discipline 0-10 E; 11-17 S; 18-22 N; 23+ U for 9 weeks Classroom Agreements created and signed together.

15 Grades  A= 100-90 B= 89-80 C= 79-75 D= 74-70 F= 69 and below Circled grades have been recorded in gradebook. 4 E,S, N, and U for conduct. 4 Grades will be included on the 3 rd and 6th week progress report. 4 Late assignments: 1 day late -5 points, 2 days late -10 points, 3 rd day a zero will be awarded

16 Homework  Students will receive a weekly homework packet on Monday. Our Campus sends homework Monday- Friday and we’d like to be consistent. 4 Packet is (Due Friday). 4 Please review and sign.  Ensure students are studying for spelling test, practicing math facts, & reading nightly. 4 Homework is being graded as an average each 9 weeks and will be counted as a daily grade.

17 Think Central 4 The math homework is available at 4 The student’s username and password are their student id numbers. 4 Spelling words and fun activities are available at 4 IF YOU DON’T HAVE REGULAR ACCESS TO THE INTERNET PLEASE LET ME KNOW so that I can send home paper math assignments. 4 Directions for accessing homework are on my webpage under the “homework” link (left).

18 Wednesday and Red Folder  Wednesday: –School and Home communications –Graded work and school notes –Sign and return progress reports/papers 4 Red Folder: –On Monday it will have homework. –Check nightly and remove papers. –Clean out backpacks on a regular basis –Please avoid students bringing any extra items.

19 Assisting Your Reader  Read every night 4 Strategies –Does it make sense? –Look for key clues –Listen to how it sounds –Look for little words in big words –Search for similarities (rhyming, word families) –Back track and read again –Skip it and go on

20 Discuss  Ask questions about their reading 4 Comprehension questions 4 Vocabulary 4 Cause/Effect 4 Be creative 4 Start a reader response journal

21 Attendance  Call if student is absent 4 If your child is absent, you must send or fax in a signed note within 2 days for it to be excused. Doctor’s notes are also appreciated. If your child is absent more than 5 days, a doctor’s note is required. 4 A note is required even if your child is sent from the school nurse. 4 Early dismissals and tardies will count towards perfect attendance

22 General Information  Shorts under skirts -belly buttons and spaghetti straps -sleeveless shirts (jerseys) 4 Birthday snacks—Ice Cream passes 4 Healthy snacks and water bottles; No candy 4 Transportation changes must be made in writing, signed by parent, and sent to school in your child’s red folder. 4 Sign and return progress report & report cards 4 No equipment/toys brought from home

23 THANK YOU!  Thanks for your time & support! 4 We are off to a really good start. 4 Watch Teacher Web & Wed. folder for updates. Sign up for my Newsflash on TeacherWeb for up-to-date classroom information.

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