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Creation of PNP.

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1 Creation of PNP

2 RA 6975 An act establishing the Philippine National Police under a Reorganized Department of the Interior and Local Government and for other purposes July 23, 1991

3 “Police force that is national in scope but civilian in character”

4 Provisions in 1987 Constitution
Honorable Teodulo C. Natividad Honorable Blas F. Ople Honorable Regalado E. Maambong Honorable Rustico delos Reyes

5 Principal Authors of RA 6975
Senator Ernesto Maceda Senator Aquilino Pimentel Congressman Jose Cojuanco Jr Congressman Rodrigo Gutang

6 RA 8551 Philippine National Police Reform and Reorganization Act of 1998 Community and service-oriented agency

7 Vision The Men and Women of the PNP is committed to a vision of a professional, dynamic and highly motivated Philippine National Police working in partnership with a responsive community towards the attainment of a safe place to live, work, invest and do business with.

8 Mission To enforce the law, to prevent and control crimes, to maintain peace and order, and to ensure public safety and internal security with the active support of the community.

9 Core Values Service Honor Justice

10 Motto We serve and protect.

11 Police Officer's Pledge
I will love and serve GOD, my country and people; I will uphold th e Constitution and obey legal orders of the duly constituted authorities; I will oblige myself to maintain a high standard of morality and professionalism; I will respect the customs and traditions of the police service and I will live a decent and virtuous life to serve as an example to others.

12 Functions Enforce all laws and ordinance relative to the protection of lives and properties; Maintain peace and order and take all necessary steps to ensure public safety; Investigate and prevent crimes, effect the arrest of criminal offenders, bring offenders to justice and assist in their prosecution; Exercise the general powers to make arrest, search and seizure in accordance with the Constitution and pertinent laws;

13 Detain an arrested person for a period not beyond what is prescribed by law, informing the person so detained of all his rights under the Constitution; Issue licenses for the possession of firearms and explosives in accordance with law; Supervise and control the training and operations of security agencies and issue licenses to operate security agencies, and to security guards and private detectives for the practice of their professions; and Perform such other duties and exercise all other functions as may be provided by law.

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