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Cherryl Drabble Erica Walwyn Highfurlong School March 2014.

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1 Cherryl Drabble Erica Walwyn Highfurlong School March 2014

2  This is what started this all off in June 2013  Has since gone viral and gained quite a response

3  Language - here lies a major problem... Whether SSAs, TAs, LSAs – we are all a team  We have regular appraisals with our TAs as part of our continuous professional development (CPD), every TA is qualified to at least Level 3  Our TAs are strategically placed each year on their individual strengths.

4  A major principle in our approach to differentiation is keeping the class together in the same room for learning.  We work on a 3 year creative curriculum programme where the topic will cover all core and non core subjects.

5 This young man works on a very mainstream objective led activity.

6 While this young man requires differentiation for his access and work output needs.

7 And this young lady works on a very individual learning target appropriate to her needs.

8  At the beginning of each new topic the teacher will sit with all TAs in their class and brainstorm how to make sure each curriculum subject is linked to the topic and appropriate and engaging for all pupils in the class  TAs have much better ideas and bounce off each other and use their knowledge of the pupils to create motivational activities



11  In my class I have a HLTA with a specialism in Sensory Education and an TA with a first class honours degree with specialism in AAC and access technology  My two other TAs have specialist behaviour training  As Assistant Head teacher I am often pulled out of class and every person in there can run the class in my absence

12  Sharon – Leads Project Ability for the North West and is widely known in the disability sports as a coach, mentor and motivational figure  Karen – Specialist in Assistive Technology, manages the schools AAC and is our strong link with the ACE Centre who are National experts in Assistive Technology and Communication  Jill – is our Health and Safety Officer, this speaks for itself, in most schools it would be a teacher  Sandra – Has won numerous awards for Work Related Learning and Enterprise  Niki – has also won multiple awards for her ICT skills and video making

13  All our TAs are trained to deliver discreet and dignified care whether it be in the bathrooms or in the classroom  All are trained to deliver emergency medication to our pupils and have been trained by NHS nurses on epilepsy, asthma, and the use of epipens  With behaviour and care plans created by the teacher and TA and available in every classroom everyone is aware of the strategies and singing from the same hymn sheet  Many of our TAs can drive the school minibus and deliver hydrotherapy in the school swimming pool

14  Take ownership for your role within school  Be aware of school policies  Know your own progression aims and express these with your line manager  Realise what you do makes a difference

15  There is no reason all TAs cannot be doing this, they are far too valuable to be mixing paint or photocopying

16  Teachers and TAs are a team. You can’t do it on your own  Nobody is a superhero

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