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REGISTERED NURSE (RN) By: Ka Houa Xiong Date: 12/10/12.

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1 REGISTERED NURSE (RN) By: Ka Houa Xiong Date: 12/10/12

2 E DUCATION : Credits: Some College (0-23 credits), Some College (24-47 credits) Credentials AAS: Associates' Degree Applied Science APN: Advanced Practice Nurse The internship provides Knowledge base Skill set Skills to meet the organization goals Mission Less than one-year experience, are qualified to participate in the program after obtaining licensure.

3 W ORK C ONDITIONS : Home health and public health Homes, schools, community centers, and other sites. 24-hour care Nights, weekends, holidays Walking, bending, stretching, and standing 21 percent of RN’s worked part time 7 percent held more than one job Guard against disease and other dangers chemicals that used to clean thoroughly instruments, needle sticks, and anesthetics Back injury Shocks from electrical equipment Suffer emotional from caring for patients

4 R ESPONSIBILITY / TASKS : Multitask and communicate Serve as the conduit between patients and physicians Comfortable Can work nightly or no-call Hospital Clinic Nursing home (If needed) Duties: Maternity Pediatrics Intensive care (ICU) Emergency room (ER) Surgery Oncology Cardiology

5 S ALARY R ANGE : Hourly salary: $30.90 Salary Range: $62,470 Influenced by: Location Education Experiences

6 A DVANCEMENTS : RNs may choose to advance their careers through additional education. Common options career: An advanced practice nurse Nurse practitioner or clinical nurse specialist. RNs must earn a master's degree in nursing.

7 D ESIRABLE C HARACTERISTICS : Caring and feelings (kind hearted) Best care/Responsible Record keeping Expensive medical equipment or potent drugs. Emotional Direct others correctly Work on your leadership and cooperation skills.

8 S CHOOL : AND – 2 years BSN - 4 years Diploma - 2 to 3 years RN-to-BSN - 2 to 3 years Accelerated BSN 1 to 1.5 years Courses: Anatomy Physiology Microbiology Chemistry Nutrition Psychology Nursing practice and theory ADN and BSN General liberal arts courses.

9 WHY ? Dream goal career Work with people

10 B IBLIOGRAPHY : careers/registered-nursing/rn-degree salary-pay-wages-and-income-of-registered-nurses/ careers/registered-nursing/rn-degree g_conditions.htm


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