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Canterbury Tales By: Rachel Thornton and Rae Gross.

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1 Canterbury Tales By: Rachel Thornton and Rae Gross

2 Pardoner Part 1  Occupation: Pardoner - A person licensed to sell pardons or indulgences.  Need for occupation tell about time period: That people were very religious, and they wanted to be forgiven of their sins.  Social standing: Lower class.  Day to day life: Going around and selling (false) religious relics and indulgences.  Details about character that are not given: If he has a family or not, has he ever been caught selling fakes, etc.  Modern day occupation: Psychiatrist - because they both listen to peoples problems and give them some form of guidance for a fee.

3 Pardoner Part 2  Paraphrase: This pardoner had blond hair, which hung down his shoulders smoothly. Parts of his hair fell behind his head, and down to his shoulders. His hair was thin, similar to rat-tails. He didn't wear a hood, so he put it in his wallet. He wanted to ride in the latest action, so his head was bare except for a little hat. He had bulging eyes. He sewed a holy patch on his hat, and his wallet sat on his lap. A lot of papers forgiving offense came from Rome. He had a small voice. He didn't have a beard, and they thought that he was a homosexual. He traded from Berwick to Ware, there was no pardoner with equal grace. Because he had a pillow in his trunk, which he said was Mary's veil. He said he had a piece of the sail. Peter had the time, to walk the waves until Jesus took over. He had a metal cross embellished with stones. In a glass he had pig bones. With these things, he would find some naive person to impress one day, he used flattery and lies, and made fools of the priest and congregation. Despite that, he was still a noble preacher. He was a good preacher, he was a good singer, and with his singing he earned more money. So, that's why he sang so happily and loud.

4 Part 2 continued  Physical Appearance:  695, 698, 704, 709, 710.  Saying that he had long, blond hair, bulging eyes and no beard.  Personality:  721, 722, 725.  Saying that he was a homosexual, and that he was a flatterer and a liar to get more money.  Words that add to understanding of characters personality: Prevarication, gelding.

5 Pardoner Part 3  Modern day equivalent: Dr. Phil! Because he's a therapist, but he gets a lot of money for what he does. So, yes, there are still people like him in the world.

6 Sergeant at the Law Part 1  Occupation: Sergeant at the Law - like a police officer.   Need for occupation tell about time period: There was still crime back then.  Social standing: high class.  Day to day life: Going out and convicting people of crimes.  Details about character that are not given: If he arrests people.   Modern day occupation: Lawyer/Police officer, because he knew all of the laws by heart.

7 Sergeant at the Law Part 2 Paraphrase:  A sergeant at the law paid his calls, cautious and wise for clients from St. Pauls. They were too, of said excellence. He was modest, a man of quietness. He seemed that way, and his sayings were wise. He was often a Justice of Assize, by patent letters and in full authorization. His fame, his learning, and his high position. He had gotten many robes and fees. There was no one who would draw up documents for transferring ownership of property, all was unrestricted ownership. No conveyance could be called into question, there wasn't anyone as busy as him, though he didn't seem busy. He knew all about law that was recorded since King Williams time. He could lead defenses or write deeds, no one could make speeches like him. He could recite laws by memory. He wore a homely coat, it also had a silk belt and pinstripes.

8 Sergeant at the Law Part 2 Continued  Physical Appearance:  338, 339.  Saying that he wore a homely coat with a silk belt and pinstripes.  Personality:  322, 331.  Saying that he was quiet, but wise and hardworking.  Words that add to understanding of characters personality: Discreet, busy, wise.

9 Sergeant at the Law part 3  Modern day equivalent: Officer White, he is a police officer in Whiteville and he isn't extremely talkative, but he's really smart.

10 Oxford Cleric Part 1  Occupation:  Oxford Cleric: a peasant born student that is richer in knowledge than money.  This job tells that during this time period there were poor people that could learn for there job.  Social Standing:  Low class  Day to day life:  His day to day life was learning new things and getting more books to read.  Details Chaucer left out:  That the oxford cleric was a peasent.

11 Oxford Cleric Part 2  An Oxford Cleric is still a student who took logic long ago. His horse stood there thin as a rake, but not fat. The horse had a hollow look, serious was his stare, and a thin overcoat. He did not prefer church and was to lazy to search for a non- religious job. By his bed was 20 books of Aristotle’s philosophy about fine clothes, fiddle, and psaltery. The philosopher did not find a stone for making gold. The money he took from his friends he used to progress on his learning. He bought books and in return prayed for in friends in thanks to them. He never spoke more than he needed too. He was formal, respectful, and short to the point in his way. He was happy to learn and teach.

12 Oxford Cleric Part 2 Continued  Physical Appearance:  295,301  Those lines suggest that he is not dressed in great clothing.  Personality:  302-318  Those lines suggest that he loves to learn and he will do anything to get a new book.  The word student suggest that he is like an apprentice that learns new things on his own.

13 Oxford Cleric Part 3  A modern day person would be a student.  I would compare Mr. Lynn to an oxford cleric because he told me that he likes to keep going back to school to learn new things.

14 Host Part 1  Occupation:  Host- a person who receives or entertains other people as guests.  This show that during this time period they hosted many parties.  Social Standing: Upper Class  Day to day life:  Hosting and organizing events  Details Chaucer left out:  The purpose of hosting the party.  Modern day occupation would be a party oragnizer.

15 Host Part 2  The host was welcoming and everyone was given a place and supper began. He served the finest food and wine you could think of. The wine was stone and everyone drank it. The was a handsome man and was fit enough to be a military officer in a hall. His eyes were bright, a little chunky, but there was no finer man in Cheapside. He was bold in his speech, wise, and full of attitude. He lacked no manly feature; more of a mind-hearted man. After the meal was done he jokingly began to talk of sports and after we settled he said, "Truly, gentlemen, you're very welcome and I can not think when - with my word I have not lied- I have seen gathering here as spry, no, not this year as in this place now. I would think of something fun, but I do not know how. Not that I think about it you are all off to Canterbury free of charge, God speed! Bless St. Thomas answer to your need! I say that I know before the trip is over you will have many tales and time of fun. I know there is pleasure in your bones riding along and all very dumb. I say this is suitable employment. If my offer is sufficient and you are willing to give yourself to me playing your parts exact as I say you will be off tomorrow, then by my fathers soul, he is dead, if you do not like it you can have my head. Hold up your hands, no more words."

16 Host Part 2 Continued  Personal Appearance:  130-136  These lines state that he is bright eyed and chunky.  Personality:  139-142  These lines state that he is bold, wise, and full of attitude.  The words handsome, welcoming and some other words suggest that he was a good host.

17 Host Part 3  A person that reminds me of this job is my grandmother she is a great host of the parties and dinners we have.

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