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Apple and Tree Words apple apples bark branch basket cider core crisp crunchy green golden harvest leaf leaves peel pick pie red roots seeds skin shade.

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Presentation on theme: "Apple and Tree Words apple apples bark branch basket cider core crisp crunchy green golden harvest leaf leaves peel pick pie red roots seeds skin shade."— Presentation transcript:

1 Apple and Tree Words apple apples bark branch basket cider core crisp crunchy green golden harvest leaf leaves peel pick pie red roots seeds skin shade stem sweet trunk ripe tree yellow yummy

2 Birthday Words age balloons blow cake candles candy clown friends games gifts happy hat ice cream Icing invitations music napkins party presents prizes sing treats year

3 April Words basket birds bunny carrot chocolate bunny dye candy chick chicken eggs Easter Easter Bunny grass jelly bean jelly belly hole hunt nest pastels pink rabbit Starburst white vacation Peter Rabbit Flopsy Mopsy Cottontail

4 Bug Words ant butterfly cocoon bee bite caterpillar crawl cricket eggs fly fire fly flutter grasshopper ladybug land leaves mosquito plants sting spider web wings

5 Color Words beautiful black blue bright brown crayons color draw lovely green gold mixing orange paint pink purple rainbow red yellow white tan silver turquoise spectrum

6 Computer Words Apple beep computer disk delete floppy enter escape file games message IBM internet keyboard mail Mac mailbox mouse mouse pad play print replay return save screen screen saver send stick type word processor work

7 Cooking Words bake blender boil bowl chef chop cook cut delicious eat fork heat knife oven microwave pan pot recipe refrigerator spatula spoon stir stove whip

8 December Words Annabelle angels bells Christmas Hanukkah Kwanza candy canes candles cookies decorations elf elves house gift gingerbread Gingersnap Cookies green Grinch frosting Rudolph Dasher Dancer Prancer Vixen Blitzen Comet Cupid Donder holiday lights night Max merry Mrs. Claus music ornament presents red reindeer Santa Claus sleigh snow St. Nick star stocking toys tree winter wreath

9 Dinosaur Words archeology big bones brachiosaurus claws crest dig dinosaur egg extinct fossils hatch huge Museum paleontologist rocks scales stomp spikes tail teeth Tyrannosaurus Stegosaurus skeleton

10 Family Words aunt brother daughter care child cousin family father grandmother grandfather grownup home house love mother older pet relatives sister son uncle younger

11 Earth Words air conserve Earth ecology Endangered environment food chain garbage globe land newspaper paper plant plastic pollution rain forest recycle renew reuse save tree water

12 pumpkins ride rooster scarecrow sheep sunflowers tractor harvest hay horse milk pig pumpkins ride rooster scarecrow sheep sunflowers tractor cat chicken corn cow dog donkey duck farm farmer feed field fields garden goat grow harvest hay horse milk pig Farm Words

13 Abraham Lincoln arrow chocolate Cupid candy Card Dr. Seuss envelope friend friendship George Washington Greeting Grinch Heart invitation like February Words love red message flowers pink President poem sweet secret surprise Valentine Valentines Day white Write 100 day

14 Leaf Words autumn bag basket beautiful bright brown change color colors crunch fall green lawn leaf leaves orange purple rake red stuff turn yellow

15 October Words apple bag bat candy costume frighten ghost ghoul goblin Jack-o-lantern leaf mask monster orange parade patch pumpkin scared scary seeds skeleton spider sweet trick or treat vine white witch

16 Pet Words bark dog puppy woof cat kitten meow bird chirp fish swim hamster gerbil rabbit snake fish aquarium cage pet shop food dish water brush toys veterinarian care love frog hop

17 March Words catch caught coins cottage Erin go Brach gold good green Ireland leprechaun luck lucky March music parade poem pot pot o gold rainbow shamrock shiny soda bread songs steal step dancing story wish white write yellow

18 Math Words add adding bundle calendar celebrate count count down count up divide estimate graph group homework hundred hundreds math multiply numbers one ones projects solve subtract tens

19 May Words blooms blossoms babies birds buds bugs butterfly cleaning daffodils dandelions flowers grass lilacs May Day Memorial Day migrate Mothers Day parade sun Teacher Appreciation Day tulips

20 Money Words allowance bank banker buy cash change credit card check dime dollar earn money penny pennies piggy bank nickel quarter rich tax safe spend waste

21 January Words ball bells boots celebrate cold coats confetti countdown family friends glasses glitter happy hats ice Martin Luther King mittens music New Year New Years Day noisemakers party penguins polar bears promise resolution scarf scarves sled skating snacks snow snowfall snowflake water winter wish wishes year

22 November Words bread celebrate Columbus corn cranberry feast gravy harvest love Pilgrims Plymouth Rock pumpkin pie Mayflower Native Americans New World pie potatoes sauce settle ship soup stuffing thanks thankful turkey vegetables voyage

23 Social Studies Words allegiance America blue equal equality fifty flag freedom government justice liberty map nation patriotic pledge President red stars stripes thirteen United States of America vote wave white

24 Safety Words alarm basement buddy code green code yellow code red cover directions duck and tuck earthquake exit fire drill follow head helmet hold line listen outside permission push quiet railing ramp rules run safety scissors sharp shave siren stairs stairway tornado tornado drill wait walk

25 School Words art backpack behavior books bus bus driver circle time climb crawl crayons English friends game gym hang jump learn lunch box math monkey bars music paper pencil play principal reading recess rules run safe sandbox science scissors seesaw skip social studies sport swing tag teacher team tube tunnel work writing upside down

26 Sunflower and Plant Words art backpack books bus bus driver circle time crayons English friends gym learn lunch box math music paper pencil play principal reading science scissors school social studies teacher work writing

27 Wisconsin Dells Play Sleep lat Stay up late Hot Wonderful Great America Vacation Noahs Ark Chicago Playground Shopping Toys R Us Slide Water Boat California August June July Sweaty Ball Friends Beach Swimming Summer school Day care Water slide Shorts Tank tops Sneakers Swim suits Parents

28 Teeth Words ache brush cavity check-up dentist floss healthy jiggle loose lose money mouth pillow plaque teeth tooth toothbrush toothpaste Tooth fairy wiggle white x-ray

29 Transportation Words airport bike bicycle boat buckle bus car driver gas helicopter highway jeep motorcycle road pilot plane taxi train travel street school bus seat belt space shuttle station truck wheels

30 Weather Words clouds cloudy cold cool fog foggy hot humid hurricane rain rainy snow snowy sun sunny wind windy thermometer temperature tornado meteorologist warm umbrella

31 Winter Words mittens sticks scarf thaw snowman snow lady snow snowy snowing snowball white blue buttons cancel carrot coal cold freeze freezing hat ice ice skate icy icicle fort melt

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