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Dr. Gayle MacDonald Dean of Research St. Thomas University.

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1 Dr. Gayle MacDonald Dean of Research St. Thomas University

2  Our Mission We foster scholarship and research because we recognize their role in the advancement of knowledge and in sustaining the quality of teaching and the intellectual life of the University St. Thomas University Mission Statement, 2005-2010 Strategic Plan

3  Our Team Gayle Danielle Kayla Dean of Research Office Assistant Extraordinaire Student Assistant

4  The current strategic research plan (2009-2014), based on wide consultation with the University community, identifies and describes six focal areas for our research efforts: 1.Qualitative Analysis 2.Human Rights and Social Justice 3.New Brunswick Studies, Atlantic Region 4.Narrative Studies 5.Global and International Studies 6.Scholarship on Learning and Teaching Our Focus

5   To have faculty conduct high quality research, particularly in the focal areas in which we have existing expertise  To increase external and internal support for research at St. Thomas University Our Goals

6  Canada Research Chairs Current:  CRC in Qualitative Analysis, Dr. Deb van den Hoonaard  CRC in Rural Social Justice, Dr. Susan Machum  CRC in New Brunswick Studies, Dr. Tony Tremblay Upcoming:  CRC in Narrative Studies, Dr. Clive Baldwin

7  Intro to Funding Options… Internal FundingInternal Funding* Senate Research Committee Grants External FundingExternal Funding* Tri-Council, Government, Private (i.e., Foundations)

8  Internal Grants 1.Major Deadline November 1st 2.General Deadline November 1st 3.McCain Award Deadline November 1st 4.Conference Travel Rolling Deadline 5.Grant in Lieu of Salary Rolling Deadline 6.Conference Organizer Award Due 4 months prior to conference 7.4A Award Due 60 days after receiving Tri-Council letter showing 4A status

9  External Funding Tri-Council: SSHRC – Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council NSERC – Natural Science and Engineering Research Council CIHR – Canadian Institutes of Health Research Others: ACOA – Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency (Commercial) NBIF – New Brunswick Innovation Foundation HRSDC - Human Resources and Skills Development Canada NBHRF – New Brunswick Health Research Foundation…. Please visit our website for further listings of external funding sources.*

10  Roles and Responsibilities of the Institution to Grant Holders Infrastructure Effective administrative support, policies, systems & controls Ongoing oversight of grant fund use Monitoring eligibility status of grant holders Annual reporting to granting agencies

11  Roles and Responsibilities of Grant Holder Day to day management of funds Compliance with use requirements Timely notification of eligibility status change Provision of required annual reports Recognition of Agencies’ funding support Please Note: The Grantee (or his/her delegate) is responsible for authorizing all expenditures from his/her account.

12  How we can assist you… Services: Individual or group meetings to assist in networking, editing external applications, liaising with SRC or external agency Resources: Library, laptops, transcription devices, samples of previous successful grant applications

13  Our Website & Bulletins Please visit our new website for current information on news, announcements, and events:* In addition… We email faculty and staff 2 different bulletins each month: 1.The Faculty Funding Bulletin contains information on external funding opportunities with a focus on SSHRC, CIHR & NSERC. 2.The News Bulletin contains information on our current projects at the RO and the latest “Call for Papers and Proposals”.

14 202 George Martin Hall 452-0647

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