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Annual Wildland Refresher Training

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1 Annual Wildland Refresher Training
San Bernardino County Fire Training Officers’ Association May 2011

2 Required Training Modules
Fire Season Outlook Structure Protection Thermo-Gel Taskforce Fire Shelters Everyone Goes Home Entrapment Avoidance <<< Wildland Fire Desk References

3 Optional Training Modules
Panorama Fire Fire Behavior Fire Weather Little Venus Shelter Incident Aircraft Identification And Use Chain Saws <<< Wildland Fire Desk References

4 Make Everyday A Training Day
And be safe out there!

5 Acknowledgements This CD was compiled and formatted by Captain Jesse Quinalty, Upland Fire Dept. Training components were used from multiple fire agencies within the County Many resources were taken from the NWCG and the Lessons Learned Website.

6 Special Thanks Division Chief Mike Alder – San Bernardino City
Division Chief Ron Walls – San Bernardino Co. Battalion Chief Tim Shackelford – Chino Valley Battalion Chief Jeff Veik – CDF San Bernardino Captain John Lansing – San Bernardino County Captain Chris Bowden – Upland Fire Dept. Captain Karl Hegle – Upland Fire Dept. Brad Mayhew – Fireline Factors Inc. Alan Simmons – Firestorm

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