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RoboTutor Computer Assisted Learning. What is RoboTutor? An advanced testing, recording, and evaluation tool for online training, testing, evaluation,

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1 RoboTutor Computer Assisted Learning

2 What is RoboTutor? An advanced testing, recording, and evaluation tool for online training, testing, evaluation, certification, and record keeping. RoboTutor includes these features:  Interfaces with training materials created in any format or from any developers.  Generates user menus for accessing courses and tests.  Easily facilitates the creation of tests, tutorials and interactive games using externally generated content.  Tracks and monitors learner progress in both subject areas and certification programs.  Automatically generates a variety of reports for administrators.  Helps organizations meet OSHA environmental and safety requirements.

3 Why use RoboTutor?  Online courses are available 24/7 for learning at employee convenience. No more delays and waits.  Online tutorials and tests give immediate feedback and allow learners to repeat courses as many times as needed to achieve company goals.  Training records are immediately available to learners.  Comprehensive reports are immediately available to instructors to show learning outcomes over many years.  Helps meet OSHA and other government requirements.  Significantly lowers instructional costs.  Significantly lowers the probability that a company might be successfully sued in the event of an accident.

4 RoboTutor Strengths: It is very inexpensive to purchase and maintain. It is open source code and easy to modify and enhance. It links into any kind of training materials that can be presented in a web browser: Flash, Movies, HTML, PowerPoint, etc. It has detailed and comprehensive reports that show who has and has not done the training. It allows tests to be entered by scan cards, imported from other databases, or imported from Word documents. It allows an unlimited number of test areas, each with their own usernames and passwords.

5 What RoboTutor does not do: It does not create training materials - It links to existing materials in any format from other applications. It does not tell individual employees what training they need to do - It provides training menus which can be organized by months, subject areas, etc and then provides reports on who has or has not done the training.

6 Where is it used?  Wherever it is possible to present content online using videos, sound, animation, or text.  In conjunction with certification programs where part of the course content can be presented online.  Company environments where everyone has access to a computer.  Company environments where there are computer labs available on a regular basis.  Wherever training is done and tests are taken with Optical Mark Reader (OMR) cards – where computer access is not readily available.

7 How is RoboTutor implemented in the Corporate Environment?  Application Administrator(s): Sets up tests, tutorials, access rights, configurations, OMR scanning, and provides learner support.  Course Developers: Create web based courses using Video, Flash, PowerPoint, HTML, or any other web compatible medium. They may or may not create test questions.  Company Trainers: Integrate RoboTutor online training into their courses and setup access to computers or provide OMR cards for pre and post tests during their instruction.  Employee Supervisors: Access records and reports to monitor learner progress in subject areas and toward certification goals.

8 Customization RoboTutor can be customized to have the look and feel a company desires:  Rename the application  Display company Logo  Show company graphics in menus and tests  Link into Active Director or other database with names of employees and contractors.  Link into external training database.  Custom OMR cards  Other custom features as requested.

9 System Requirements  Microsoft web server or other server capable of handling classic ASP coding (50 mb)  Microsoft SQL database server (2000+)  Email server  Optional: Multimedia server for course content

10 Who Developed RoboTutor?  RoboTutor was developed by Dr. Jerry Debenham, who has a PhD in Educational Technology, and several other application programmers in 2002. He has also won a national and several regional awards for innovative computer software.  Development has continued from that time through 2008 with new versions and features appearing every year.  It was originally funded by a grant from the Los Angeles County Office of Education and then in subsequent years by funding from Kennecott Utah Copper (KUC) and other companies.  In 2006 it won an Award from Rio Tinto Corp (parent to KUC) for the best online training in the company.

11 Who uses RoboTutor? RoboTutor is used by corporations, school districts, and other online training organizations across the country. This list includes CS International, L.P., LA County Office of Ed., United Fire Authority, Pepperdine University, CALAOMS, HCSSTAT, Colton Joint Unified SD, Fresenius Medical, Software To Schools, Healthcare Cost Solutions, Kennecott Copper Corp., Rio Tinto Corporation, Averill Park Sch. Dist., Joyce & Paul, PPLC, SLC Police/Fire Dept, SL County Sheriffs Assoc.,Provo Police Dept., Averill Park Central SD, Sandy City Police Dept., Ohio Valley Libraries, Value Music Concepts, Highlands Libraries, Shriner's Hospital, HI, Simplex Tech. Systems, E-testing E-learning, Wicomico Free Library, US Air Force, CO, Borax Corporation, Anaheim Union District, Davis School District, Granite School District, Jordan School District, Florida Lake County SB, CPE World Inc., N.C. Secretary of State, Utah Transit Authority, and First United Bank, Ohio.

12 What are they saying? "Thank you!!!! Worked out GREAT, they Loved it!!!!...We have a ton of students using the Academic Olympics Game... The Board loved your ROBOTUTOR. It is great!!!" Roger Espinosa, Los Angeles County Office of Education, "We are thoroughly enjoying using the RoboTutor program!...I can't thank you enough for your work on this. Your customer service and support of your product is incredible! Thank you again!" Bryant Akana, Shriner's Hospital, Honolulu, Hawaii, "I really love this software. It has made such a difference in the way I do things. I even find that I'm increasing the number of quizzes this quarter because I love to use the software." Stan Tatkin, Psy.D., Westlake Village, CA,

13  $995: Single copy for installation on a single server. This price includes a comprehensive manual and 1 year telephone support. No per user fees. No yearly fees.  $195 yearly: telephone & email support. Software fixes after the first year.  Optional: $995 Installation, configuration, customization of logo and titles, 2 half days training for application administrators.  Optional: $995 Custom coding of links into employee and training databases.  Optional: $995 Import and setup 10 courses with tests.  Optional in-house support : $200 half day; $350 full day.  Custom OMR scanning: Price depends on number and configuration of cards. The price is for custom coding a user downloaded application that connects with the OMR for scanning in the cards.  Optional: $9,995 unlimited installations of the software for use at any facilities owned by the corporation. What does RoboTutor cost?

14 To view the complete RoboTutor 10 manual, click Manual. To view a tutorial of the RoboTutor application which shows all it’s many features, click Tutorial. RoboTutor Software, 8980 Cheshire Drive, Sandy, Utah 84093 Phone: 801-750-2722 Email: User Manual Sample Tutorial The End

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