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Occupational Safety and Health Center OSH SYSTEM IN THE PHILIPPINES.

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1 Occupational Safety and Health Center OSH SYSTEM IN THE PHILIPPINES

2 OSH System in the Philippines At the end of this session, participants will be able to: discuss the OSH system in the country and its components; discuss the key laws and policies to implement OSH system in the country; Identify the stakeholders in the OSH system

3 OSH System In DOLE (Who are Involved?) PREVENTION EO 307 (OSHC) ENFORCEMENT Admin. Code, 1987 COMPENSATION REHABILITATION P.D. 626 (ECC) UPDATING of Health and Safety Standards & Other Related OSH Policies Admin. Code 1987

4 PCOM/OHNAP ECOP/PMAP TUCP/FFW ASPPI/WSO DOT DOTC DOE,NEDA DOH LGUs DENR Dept. of Agriculture DTI Dep. Ed. DSWD OSH System in the Phils. Government Agencies NGOs, Labor & Employer Groups UP CPHUP SOLAIR DLSU, PLM,etc Academe DOST,DAR

5 The DOLE is the lead agency of the government in charge in the administration and enforcement of laws, policies, and programs on occupational safety and health. (Legal basis: Presidential Decree No. 442) LABOR CODE OF THE PHILIPPINES

6 Book IV, Title I – Medical, Dental and Occupational Safety Occupational Safety and Health Standards, (OSHS)1978 OSH LAWS & ISSUANCES

7 A set of mandatory rules on OSH which codifies all safety orders. Patterned after the Standards of other developed countries Objective: protection of workers from occupational risks and hazards Coverage: all workplaces, except safety in mines

8 Salient Features of OSH STANDARDS and Some Administrative Rules

9 Selected OSHS Provisions 1.Coverage and ScopeRule Duties of Employers and WorkersRule Hazardous WorkplacesRule Imminent DangerRule RegistrationRule Training of Personnel on OSHRule Health and Safety CommitteeRule Accident/Illness ReportRule OH and Environment ControlRule Personal Protective EquipmentRule Authority of Local GovernmentRule Penal ProvisionsRule 1990

10 Rule General Provisions Objective: to protect every man against injury, sickness or death Scope : applies to all places of employment Except : mines

11 Duties of Employers Furnish safe and healthful working conditions Give job safety instruction Comply with OSHS Use approved safety devices Duties of Workers Cooperate with management Report unsafe condition Use all safe devices Rule General Provisions

12 Hazardous Workplaces Exposure to dangerous environmental elements, contaminants or work conditions Construction work, logging, fire-fighting, mining, quarrying, blasting, stevedoring, dock work, deep sea fishing and mechanized farming Manufacture or handling of explosives and pyrotechnic products Use or exposure to power driven or explosive materials Exposure to biological agents as bacteria, fungi, viruses, protozoa, nematodes and other parasites

13 Imminent Danger A condition or practice that could reasonably be expected to cause death or serious physical harm before abatement under the enforcement procedure can be accomplished.

14 Rule Registration Shall be free of charge Use DOLE-BWC-IP-3 form Valid for lifetime except : - change in business name - change in location - change in ownership - re-opening after previous closing.

15 Rule 1030 – Training of Personnel on OSH Amended by D.O. 16, S Recognizes that OSH personnel have fields of specialization Sets requirements, duties of OSH personnel: - OSH practitioner - OSH consultant - OSH training organization - OSH consulting organization Accreditation of safety practitioners now lie with the Regional Offices

16 Rule Health & Safety Committee Plans and develops accident prevention program Directs implementation of programs Conducts safety meetings at least once a month Reviews reports of inspections, accident investigations, & implementation of programs Provides OSH trainings for staff

17 OSH STANDARDS RULE Health and Safety Committee OSH RULE REPORT/FORM WHERE TO FILE WHEN TO FILE Rule 1040 Health and Safety Committee Report of Safety Organization - DOLE/BWC/IP-5) (Yearly Re- organization) Minutes of the Meeting – No form needed 2 copies, to be submitted to concerned RO copy furnished the Bureau - Within one (1) month after the organization - At least on quarterly basis

18 Rule Notification & Keeping of Records of Accidents and/or Illnesses Accidents/illnesses must be reported to the DOLE Regional Office every month; Basis of accident trends Is not admissible in court

19 OSH RULEREPORT/FORMWHEN TO REPORTWHERE TO REPORT Rule 1050 Notification and Keeping of Accidents and/or Occupational Illnesses Work Accident Illness Report (WAIR) - DOLE/BWC/IP-6) WAIR -On or before the 20th day of the month following the date of occurrence of the accident 2 copies, to be submitted to concerned RO copy furnished the Bureau Annual Exposure Data Report (AEDR) - (DOLE/BWC/IP-6b) -On or before Jan. 20 of the following year Fatal/major accidentWithin 24 h ours OSH STANDARDS RULE RULE Notification & Keeping of Accident and/or Occupational Illnesses

20 Rule Control of Physical & Chemical Agents Threshold Limit Values (TLVs) Permissible Exposure Limits (PELs) Work Environment Measurements (WEM) should be done annually Refer to M.C. #1, s. 2000

21 Rule Personal Protective Equipment Every employer should furnish workers with PPE at his own expense; Of approved design; Deductions for loss or damage should not exceed 20% of weekly wage.

22 OSH STANDARDS REQUIRED REPORTS UNDER RULE 1960 OSH RULEREPORT/FORMWHERE TO FILEWHEN TO REPORT Rule 1960 Occupational Health Services Annual Medical Report - DOLE/BW/OH-47A AMR 2 copies submitted to concerned RO copy furnished the Bureau On or before the last day of March of the year following the covered period

23 Penal Provisions* Fine from P 1, to P 10,000.00; Imprisonment of not less than three (3) months; Both fine and imprisonment; and Aliens can be deported. * From the LCP

24 Recent DOLE Issuances D.O –Construction Safety D. O Rule 1030 D. O Drug-free Workplace D. O – New Labor Standards Enforcement Framework D.O TB Prevention at the Workplace D. C – OSH in Call Centers

25 D. O – New LSEF Self-Assessment checklist -cos. w/ at least 200 workers -unionized cos. w/ CBAs Inspection - workplaces w/ workers Advisory Services - those w/ < 10 workers - registered as BMBEs

26 Z ero A ccident P rogram Flagship program on work safety & health

27 Z ero A ccident Program Advocacy- esp. GKK Capability building Networking Voluntary compliance Productivity Link-Up

28 OSH System In DOLE (Who are Involved?) PREVENTION EO 307 (OSHC) ENFORCEMENT Admin. Code, 1987 COMPENSATION REHABILITATION P.D. 626 (ECC) UPDATING of Health and Safety Standards & Other Related OSH Policies Admin. Code 1987

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