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OUWB School of Medicine EM Clerkship Orientation.

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1 OUWB School of Medicine EM Clerkship Orientation

2 Leadership Clerkship Director Troy Site Director Clerkship Coordinator EM residency director Department Chair

3 Leadership Clerkship Director – Amy Smark, MD – – Cell: 586-260-6339 – Office: 248-898-0018 – Spectralink: 248-898-7932

4 Leadership Troy Site Director – Shanna Jones, MD – – Cell: 586-899-2311

5 Leadership Clerkship Coordinator – Takesha Shelton – – 248-898-8172

6 Leadership EM Residency Program Director – Ryan Fringer, MD – ryan.fringer@beaumont. edu ryan.fringer@beaumont. edu

7 Leadership EM System Chair – Terry Kowalenko

8 Orientation Folder Clerkship Guidelines Student didactic schedule EM Resident Grand Rounds schedule Student Clinical Shift Schedule Patient/Procedure Log sheets Troy Information End of Rotation Forms

9 Medical Student Website – Follow the EM clerkship link – Policies – Schedules – Online lectures – Contact information – Useful links


11 Grades Your overall grade is based on the following: – Clinical evaluations – End of Rotation exam – OSCE – Participation/Attendance

12 Grades Clinical Shift evaluations – We use the OUWB clinical eval – You are expected to have at least one eval for every shift you work – This also serves as attendance – will be a composite of all evals End of Rotation Exam

13 Grades Exam – NBME SHELF for OUWB clerkship students Administered at OU – Departmental Exam for outside students, 2 nd rotation Must contact Takesha Shelton to take during the last week of your rotation

14 Grades OSCE – Administered at the Troy Clinical skills center Participation/attendance – Completion of all clinical shifts – Participation in student didactic, lab, and SIM sessions – Attendance at EM Resident didactics

15 Grades We follow the OUWB grading requirements Pass: – Must earn “meets expectations” on composite clinical evaluation – Must pass the NBME (or departmental) exam – Must pass the EM OSCE – Must attend all required clerkship didactic/lab activities – Must complete all required shifts

16 Grades High Pass – Complete everything for pass PLUS – Earn either an “above expectations” on your composite clinical eval OR – Earn ≥80 th percentile on the NBME exam or ≥85% on the departmental exam – Attend >50% of the optional resident grand rounds

17 Grades Honors – Fulfill all Pass requirements plus: – Must earn Exceeds Expectations on Composite Clinical evaluation – Must achieve ≥80 th %ile on the EM SHELF or ≥85% on the departmental exam. – Must have attended all the resident grand rounds


19 Didactics On-line lectures Discussion Sessions Procedure Lab SIM session (advanced students) Are all REQUIRED to pass the rotation If a scheduled session, take precedence over clinical shifts

20 Online Lectures Self-directed/asynchronous learning Access on the student website These are required for review They will correlate with the discussion sessions

21 Discussion Sessions Required Participation Case based review of online lectures Make sure to review lecture correlating with discussion session Prior to attending Participation counts and is noted

22 Student Presentation You will need to prepare a short, 5-10 min presentation on an interesting patient. Please provide a handout on the case to your fellow students This will take place after the discussion sessions Please sign up for your presentation time

23 Procedure Lab REQUIRED for ALL students Surgical Learning Institute, 3 rd Floor, South Tower Using Task Trainers – Lumbar Puncture – Central Venous Line – Airway/intubation – Suturing – Splinting – Ultrasound

24 SIM Simulation session in SLC Required for advanced students Review pre-scenario information prior to scheduled time Be PROMT. If you are late, you will not be allowed to participate.

25 EM Resident Grand Rounds Thursday mornings; 0900-1300 ABW basement (location will vary, will be noted on your schedule) Please sign in with chief resident These are optional Required for High Pass or Honors


27 Clinical Shifts You will have 14-15 scheduled shifts – Variety of modules: A, B, CD, Peds – Variety of times Morning, afternoon, nights, weekends – Procedure shift Will work with an EC tech to get IV starts, foley catheters, EKGs and more.

28 Clinical Shifts You are required to complete all of your shifts Unexcused absences will NOT be tolerated If you have an unexcused absence, you will be required to make up 2 shifts for every one you miss If it is noted that you have missed multiple, you will not pass the rotation Shifts are 10 hours – 1 st 8 hrs to pick up new patients, last 2 hours for dispo

29 Clinical Shifts Shift Swaps – Must be mutually agreed upon – Must still have 10 hours off between shifts – Must be approved by Dr Smark – Must be made at least 3 days ahead of scheduled shift – Keep in mind, not all “open” spots on the schedule are open, they may be filled with other learners

30 Clinical Shifts Sign in book-Module A Wear your white coat, scrubs, name badge Bring your stethoscope! Be interested Stay busy Track your patients progress Follow up on studies, results Understand the plan

31 EC MODULES Beaumont Hospital-Royal Oak

32 Module A Critical Care Module – 9 Cat 1 Beds – Sickest patients – Get Involved! – Additional Cat 2 beds

33 Module B 23 Category 2 beds All capable of cardiac monitoring (+) hallway beds; marked as “x” bed

34 Modules C/D Cover modules C and D Common work area in the walk-through of C All charts come to the area C rack

35 Pediatric EC Staffed by general EM docs as well as fellowship trained Peds EM docs 2 pediatric critical care beds Significant pediatric trauma starts in the Trauma room, bed 3


37 Patient Care Grab a chart from the Available for Provider rack Eventually will be chartless and new patients will only be denoted by on the EPIC dashboard – Currently in place in the PEDS EC

38 Patient Care Chart – Cover sheet with CC and vitals – Have patient stickers – EKG/EMS sheets – ECF info

39 Patient Care Orange Bin Charts – PRIORITY pts – Let resident/attending know you are seeing them – Significantly abn vital signs – Abn EKG – Time dependant CC

40 Presentations Make sure to staff at least 2 patients directly with attending physicians Remaining cases may be with resident or attending

41 Presentations Concise Organized Include your differential diagnosis Present your assessment/plan

42 Documentation You will complete a medical student note in EPIC You will be expected to enter your orders for cosign by the resident or attending on the case

43 Follow up and Disposition Make sure to follow up on all studies and results Re-evaluate your patients!! Make sure to update the staff with results and discuss progression of/change in plan Be a part of the disposition Call consultants

44 Procedures IVs, foleys, EKGs, will be supervised by RNs or techs Remaining procedures will be supervised by the EM residents/Attendings Be Assertive/Proactive in doing procedures SIM/Procedure Lab counts towards required Required Procedure list – Foley – IV start – ABG – Intubation – Central line – LP – Lac repair – EKG – FAST exam

45 Clinical Shift evaluations It is your responsibility to hand out on every shift! This gives us a well-rounded evaluation of your clinical performance as well as proves attendance


47 WBH-Troy You will have at least 3 shifts at the Troy site You will work directly with EM attendings Troy Site Director is Dr Shanna Jones Map/instructions are included in your orientation packet

48 Computer Access You MUST have EPIC access prior to your first shift If you have problems with access, please contact Monica Demres or Lori Kurkowski in UGME

49 Kaizen For OUWB clerkship students only During your EM clerkship, you will be completing a day with the Kaizen team. This is a part of your OUWB Curriculum, not part of the EM curruiculum. It is not evaluated under EM This is REQUIRED and only occurs 2 days of the month. You will be assigned one of these dates and MUST attend. There is no make-up for this requirement.


51 Midclerkship Eval Students are required to meet with Dr Smark for their mid-clerkship evaluation We will discuss your performance to date as well as any concerns

52 Advanced Rotations Advanced EM Advanced Peds EM Must have 1 st completed a core EM rotation

53 Advanced EM Your month will focus more in the critical care areas Will have additional U/S time – Will scan with residents on U/S rotation – Will attend an u/s review session with u/s staff Can do an EMS ride along shift – Will take place of one of your regular shifts of your choosing. Must let Dr Smark know which shift you are dropping. – Give EMS providers eval to sign for attendance You will complete the departmental exam

54 Advanced Peds EM You will rotate exclusively in our Peds EC Will work with our Peds EM staff, fellows Will attend the Peds EM grand rounds Will take an end of rotation written exam


56 Rotation Pearls Be assertive! Focus on areas that may be different from your intended speciality Be sure to follow up/re-eval your patients Know the results Be involved in the plan Be efficient-do not spend more than 20 minutes in a room Do not disappear on shift


58 Orientation Completion Please sign and turn in the orientation completion form By signing this, you understand the rotation expectations, grading and required activities Please contact Dr Smark for any questions


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