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Ho Chi Minh Trail Animation yk&list=PLJicmE8fK0Ehrg3meytY7DT8LJiwuU3Th&index=1

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1 Ho Chi Minh Trail Animation yk&list=PLJicmE8fK0Ehrg3meytY7DT8LJiwuU3Th&index=1 yk&list=PLJicmE8fK0Ehrg3meytY7DT8LJiwuU3Th&index=1

2 “Great insight into an area of the war we often gloss over. How many wars have been won on the backs of engineers?!” “Very interesting. I’d heard of the trail but I had no idea how important it was to the outcome of this shocking war.” “As is usually the case, supply is the deciding factor.” “i <3 pure, unbiased education. thank you TED” “Glad we're embracing the military might of both sides, not just the battles the west wins.” “Definitely great to get a new perspective of the Vietnam War!” “more informative than most of our constipated american documentaries”

3 “I don’t often dislike the ted videos but this one was really biased. Little actual information with factual backup. And a clear one-sidedness on the recollection of the war. (Mel)

4 “They absolutely did defeat the U.S. military. The argument that they didn’t is based on the fact that the U.S. never lost a direct engagement. The problem with this argument is that it assumes war is won with battles. It isn’t. It’s won by breaking the spirit of your opponent in order to force them to retire so you can carry out your goals. The fact that we decided our goal was not worth the war and chose to retire shows that they did exactly that.” (Kris)

5 “Thank American for making gravel for us. Btw, Nice video, thanks. Greating from Vietnam ” (Minh Ngo) “Thanks from Vietnam” (Manh Cuong) “I’m proud to be a Vietnamese. And btw,very interesting video!” (thiendeptrai95) “Thank TEDEd for making this! Greeting from Vietnam ” (Krone Nguyen)

6 “I know this is supposed to be an unbiased history lesson but as a daughter of South Vietnam, who still calls her home Saigon, having lost family through communist re-education camps, and carries the yellow and red striped flag, I will forever have anger and resentment towards this “genius” trail for the painful price my family has had to pay.” (nhabu11)

7 The Americans weren’t beaten by a narrow dirt road, it had to be by “one of the greatest military engineering achievements of the 20th century”… (Nigel McKee)

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