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Automatic Delivery Rewards

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1 Automatic Delivery Rewards
The Basics

2 Automatic Delivery Rewards
Automatic Delivery Rewards, or ADR, is a programme where Distributors and Customers can sign up to receive products on a monthly basis. Distributors and Customers who sign up on ADR will receive discounted pricing, shipping and the ability to earn product points, which can be redeemed for free products. SELECT PRODUCTS SHIPS MONTHLY ADR SHIPMENT

3 ADR Objectives Provide Distributors with a loyalty programme that allows them to improve retention of new recruits. Save subscribers time and money by allowing them to completely manage their account online, eliminating the need to call for support. Promote the monthly automatic purchase of product.

4 ADR Enrolment Options Distributors and Customers can enrol in the new ADR programme through the following methods: Online Post Telephone

5 ADR Benefits Benefits received each month
5% discount off the wholesale price. Discounted shipping rate (up to 50%) Earn product points: 20% product points earned for the first 12 shipments 30% product points earned for monthly shipments beginning on the 13th ADR order

6 ADR Product Points Product points are awarded the first business day of the month for orders placed in the previous month. Up to 75 product points can be earned per month. Up to 900 product points can be earned per year. Product points not redeemed will expire after one year. Product points are awarded based on the monthly ADR order’s Personal Sales Volume (PSV)* total. Product points are only earned/redeemed in your local market. *Not all products in the picture are available in all European markets. Please check your local market’s pricelist for more information. *PSV: Personal Sales Volume is the monthly point value of the products and services you purchase from the Company, primarily for personal consumption. PSV includes points from purchases made directly from the Company by your personal retail customers.

7 ADR Product Points Distributors and Customers can redeem product points through the following methods: Online Fax/Post Concept Stores Product points are redeemed for free product: Products must be paid for in full with product points. International ADRs do not earn product points (e.g. EU Distributor’s US ADR), but get the 5% discount and discounted shipping.

8 Registration Fee* New Distributors who enrol on ADR with a minimum of 50 PSV after discount at signup, will have their registration fee waived. New Distributors who do not enrol on ADR with 50 PSV after discount, but place a minimum 100 PSV regular order at signup, will have their registration fee waived. *Registration Fee: The only requirement to become a Distributor is a once-only registration fee or a minimum 50 PSV ADR after discount included in their PSV. All product purchases are optional.

9 ADR Management Options
ADR accounts can be managed online: Product, process date, shipping address, an override and payment method can all be changed. Product points can be redeemed. Orders managed through the Customer Service will receive a handling fee. SHIPS MONTHLY ADR SHIPMENT CHANGE PRODUCTS IN ADR ORDER

10 Price Comparisons Compare and save on every ADR order. Look at this example of a 100 PSV product order. THE ADR SAVINGS* Product PSV Product Price excl. VAT Shipping Fees excl. VAT**** % back in FREE product points FREE product points Total cost excl. VAT (Includes free product points)*** Regular Fax/Mail Order 100 €75 €12.25 0% €87.25 ADR Order 95 €71.25 €6.65 20-30% 19-29 points** € €56.15 Savings 5 €3.75 €5.60 19-29 points* € €31.10 *Please note that the table above is purely an example. German prices (excl. VAT) and PSV are used. **Product points will be retracted for returned ADR product. ***These figures include product points, which are awarded in the following month. For this particular example, a person would see savings of €3.75 at the time of purchase. ****Some markets/specific regions or islands are excluded from this discount plan (Iceland, Canary Islands and French Overseas Departments).


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