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Refugees in EU.

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1 Refugees in EU

2 What is EU ? The EU is an economical and political union of 27 European states and countries The EU is to promote peace, justice, freedom and economic prosperity for the countries There are 495 million inhabitants in the European Union • The EU is working with a lot of important things; to maintain the common European values​​, such as sustainable development, a healthy environment, respect for human rights and social market.

3 Who is a refugee? A refugee is somebody who flee from their home or country and can not go back. There are many reasons why people are on the run, for example war, persecution, oppression, terrorism or natural catastrophes

4 80% of the refugees lives in development countries
There are currently 44 million of refugees around the world... ... but only a few of them will be able to reach a wealthy country Not in 15 years has so many people as today been on the run. Most of the refugees, 25,5 million, are internal refugees which means that they are on the run in their own home countries

5 Did you know.. After the U.S invasion of Iraq, the number of asylum seekers increased in Sweden. In the last recent years, the number of asylum seekers has decreased. However... the Northern countries are still receiving the most refugees in EU, which is something we should keep working for.

6 EU The member states in the EU can affect the flow of refugees themselves by change and create new laws and rules for the asylum seekers. Some countries may receive all of the refugees, and some countries may not let anyone in. This can cause major problems in the countries with few refugees, but also in countries that receives more refugees than others.. .. problems like racism and xenophobia.

7 Asylum seekers in EU The decisions that the countries will make depends on their willingness to achieve the common levels of asylum seekers, that the states of the EU agreed on. When a refugee comes to Europe, he or she, must seek asylum in the first country he or she arrives to. Though, many refugees chooses to make a dangerous journey through EU. Why? In some countries it is easier to get asylum, and some may have family and friends in a certain country.

8 EU When the conditions change, it spreads rapidly to other countries. In Sweden the number of Somali asylum seekers decreased after a decision that made it impossible for Somali relatives and family members to come to Sweden. This means that Somali families can not reunite in Sweden. 39% of the Somali refugees comes to Sweden.

9 Xenophobic Parties When xenophobic parties are a part of the parliament, it affects the flow of refugees in a negative way. The political climate gets harder and the counterarguments against migration many. Is migration a problem or a resource?


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