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Masonic Leadership Training

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1 Masonic Leadership Training
Worshipful Master Duties

2 Agenda Introductions Powers and Prerogatives Prohibitions
Duties and Responsibilities Preparing for your year in the East Installation Leading Your lodge Training Your Officers

3 Introductions Your Masonic Leadership Training Team Honored Guests
Attendees Name Lodge & Location Title and Position, if any

4 General Info Restrooms Cell phones/PDA’s Sign-In Sheets
Custom of the Lodge vs Required by Digest

5 Resources Florida Digest of Masonic Law Lodge Officers Handbook
Masonic Leadership Training Manual Lodge Secretary Administrative Guide (GL215) Worshipful Master’s Program Notebook (GL218)

6 Worshipful Master Be temperate and meek, yet firm in his decisions
Be cautious, courteous, faithful and practice self-government Respect his Masonic Superiors Be a zealous Mason Be well versed in Masonic Law, and the traditions and customs of Masonry and his Lodge Maintain the regularity of the Masonic system as essential to the very life and usefulness of Masonry

7 Worshipful Master Powers & Prerogatives
The WM must be obeyed in every legitimate official order The WM is limited in this official authority, only by: His installation vows and charges; The Constitution; Resolutions and edicts of Grand Lodge; Rules and regulations of his Lodge; and The ancient and established usages and customs of the Fraternity

8 Worshipful Master Powers & Prerogatives, cont
The WM’s expressed “will & pleasure” is absolute law in his Lodge; yet he should preside with dignity, courtesy and affability The WM guides and controls all the work and business of the Lodge The WM may postpone the transaction of any Lodge business when he deems it in the best interest of the Craft

9 Worshipful Master Powers & Prerogatives, cont
The WM may defer consideration of a Petition for the Degrees The WM may and shall arrest the progress of a candidate, if an objection arises The WM, by his official order, shall abate any irregular proceeding of the Lodge The WM, when present in the Lodge, may act through any Brother whose assistance or skills he may desire. Thus making those acts his acts

10 Worshipful Master Powers & Prerogatives, cont
It is the prerogative of the WM to appoint all Subordinate Officers. However, the SW has the right to nominate the JD The WM appoints all committees, unless specified in the by-Laws of the Lodge The WM is the judge of sufficiency of avouchment

11 Worshipful Master Powers & Prerogatives, cont
The WM may refuse the admission of a visiting Brother, if he deems the action necessary (i.e., in the best interest of the Lodge). He shall refuse the admission of a visiting Brother, if any member of the Lodge has a legitimate objection to such visitation The WM may command the attendance of Lodge members, by summons

12 Worshipful Master Powers & Prerogatives, cont
The WM may call communications at any time, when in his judgment it becomes necessary (i.e., filling vacant offices by appointment) The WM may cast the deciding vote at any time, in the event of a tie The WM shall supervise all financial matters of his Lodge

13 Worshipful Master Prohibitions
The WM cannot resign w/o permission of the GM The WM cannot be installed prior to 12/27 The WM cannot demit The WM cannot hold his office and simultaneously hold the office of GM, DGM or DDGM The WM cannot be a petitioner of a Lodge U.D.

14 Worshipful Master Prohibitions, cont
The WM cannot be tried by his Lodge during his term The WM cannot arbitrarily disband a Lodge and surrender its Charter The WM cannot order the removal of a disorderly Brother from the Lodge, but he can cease labor until harmony is restored The WM cannot delegate his authority to preside in his absence

15 Worshipful Master Prohibitions, cont
The WM & Wardens shall not sell, convey or mortgage Lodge property except by action of the Lodge in a stated Communication, after due notice The WM cannot cause certain business of the Lodge to be transacted at a Called Communication

16 Worshipful Master Prohibitions, cont
The WM cannot call a communication on Sunday, except for a funeral or to attend Divine Service, or for very urgent charity The WM cannot call a Lodge from labor to refreshment to meet on a certain future date The WM does not have the authority to suspend a Member for NPD - That is the action of the Lodge

17 Worshipful Master Prohibitions, cont
Remember: – Any act or decision of the WM may be reviewed by Grand Lodge or the GM, when Grand lodge is in recess

18 Worshipful Master Duties & Responsibilities
Obey, both in spirit and in letter, the Ancient Charges to which he gave his assent when installed Preserve the Charter of the Lodge with unfailing care and deliver it to his successor Open and preside over the Lodge Set the Craft to work and give proper instruction – In all matters of Masonic interest

19 Worshipful Master Duties & Responsibilities, cont
In accordance with the System of Masonic Education, 5 or more Brothers should be appointed, 1 of which should be a PM, to serve as the Masonic Education Committee Additionally, 1 of those on the Committee should be appointed Lodge Mentor, and others appointed to assist him The WM should see that all those attending Lodge receive a courteous, friendly and appropriate welcome

20 Worshipful Master Duties & Responsibilities, cont
Attend & direct the deliberations of all Lodge Committees Postpone matters of extraordinary importance when there is a very small attendance, so that matters will not be hurriedly disposed of by a small minority of Lodge members See that smoking in the Lodge room is prohibited

21 Worshipful Master Duties & Responsibilities, cont
To see that all business and work of the Lodge is properly handled by the responsible Officer Unless dispensed with by the WM, the minutes of the Lodge should be read for correction and approval prior to closing the Lodge. However, those same minutes shall be read for final adoption at the next Stated Communication

22 Worshipful Master Duties & Responsibilities, cont
Attend all communications of the Grand Lodge and see that a report of the proceedings of the GL Session be made to the Lodge Ensure that the By-Laws of the Lodge, the Constitution, Regulations and edicts of the GL are duly understood, respected and obeyed by the members of the Lodge

23 Worshipful Master Duties & Responsibilities, cont
Ensure that all GL reports are prepared, completed and transmitted on time See that the moral law, written and unwritten, is respected and obeyed by all Brothers See that all un-Masonic conduct, coming to his knowledge, be dealt with accordingly

24 Worshipful Master Duties & Responsibilities, cont
Guarantee to everyone charged with un-Masonic conduct a fair trial and the right to appeal to Grand Lodge Ensure that Masonic funeral services are provided for all eligible Brothers See that his successor is dully installed & surrender to him the Charter and such symbols of authority as are proper

25 Worshipful Master Duties & Responsibilities, cont
Prepare the Lodge’s Annual Plan Prepare the Lodge’s Annual Budget To prepare the WM’s article for the Trestle board, and to see that the newsletter is published in a timely manner To ascertain the date for the DDGM’s Official Visit To appoint the Investigating Committee as needed

26 Worshipful Master Duties & Responsibilities, cont
To appoint all Lodge Standing Committees: – Finance – Vigilance – Petitions – Masonic Education – Board of Relief – Charity – Lodge Property

27 Worshipful Master Duties & Responsibilities, cont
To attend Grand Lodge and vote the Lodge’s recommendations To prepare an agenda for each Stated Communication To see that the Craft does not lack instruction and teachings of Masonic Ritual, principles, and philosophy To see to the well being of the Lodge and Masonry within the community

28 Worshipful Master Duties & Responsibilities, cont
Visit sick or infirmed Brothers Visit the widows of our departed Brothers Welcome all who visit the Lodge Welcome the newly raised Brother to the Lodge and invite him to get active Follow-up on all committee assignments, resulting from delegation Lend an understanding ear to the Brethren

29 Preparing for your Year in the East
Plan your year early and recheck frequently Ask for advice and help early Plan your meetings and follow your plan Educate, train and meet with your Officers Be worthy of the honor which your Brethren have conferred upon you

30 Installation Select Installation Team Plan Installation Dinner
Officer & Committee Appointments Calendar for Ensuing Year Trestle Board Notification Officers Meeting Rehearsal Select/Purchase Worshipful Master’s hat

31 Installation Open in MM Degree Close Funeral Lodge Dinner Installation
Use Past Masters in Installing Seats Thank Installing Officers & Past Masters in Seats Introduce Wife & Family Worshipful Master’s Message Introduce Lodge Officers & their family/guests

32 After Installation Presentations Closing Prayer
Refreshments & Excuse non-Masons Close Lodge & Reopen Funeral Lodge You’re Now the Worshipful Master!

33 Impressions Does your Lodge reflect the beauty our rituals dictate
Is every Brother and their family greeted in a manner that promotes brotherly love Are you and your Lodge fulfilling the needs and aspirations of every member

34 Leading your Lodge One Worshipful Master per Lodge Build your team
A Lodge of volunteers willing to do everything they can to assist, even wield the unseen gavel The buck stops with you! Build your team First String– Installed Officers Active Reserves – Capable Brothers on the Sidelines Inactive Reserves – Brothers not in Lodge

35 Continued Leadership Delegation – you can’t do it all
Authority & responsibility KISS – don’t micro-manage Provide resources needed Stay in touch Praise & recognition

36 Training Your Officers
Provide duties & descriptions to all your filled positions Hold frequent Officers’ meetings Each position is responsible to train their follower Require each seat to explain their duties to you Allow junior officers to perform the duties of the next higher seat

37 Training Your Officers, cont
Use Grand Lodge materials & training sessions Plan a trip to Grand Lodge Train your Officers to the next position Communicate training opportunities to the craft

38 Questions?

39 The End Thanks for Attending!!

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