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Version 12 MOBILE. Mobile Cad Main Screen Your Status Message Alert Available Units Scoreboard Received Messages displayed here Message Keys Function.

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1 Version 12 MOBILE

2 Mobile Cad Main Screen Your Status Message Alert Available Units Scoreboard Received Messages displayed here Message Keys Function Keys

3 ACTIVE UNITS SCORE BOARD This section shows the status of units that are assigned and what that assignment is. You can not make changes to any call unless you place yourself on that call. The Unit’s status will be reflected as different colors.

4 FUNCTION BUTTONS Provides the ability to post and read bulletins that are broadcast system-wide. This button is enabled if WMCaps is present. WMCaps provides Field Reporting. Post new bulletinRefresh/Go to BeginningRead next bulletin Cleanup Archive Bulletins Restore bulletins from archive Print Exit

5 Press F1 or click on the Button to view the details of a call that you are assigned to or you can view the details of a call that is being handled by another unit. To view another unit’s call, highlight the line and press the F1 key. You can access the call information, premise history and any information entered on Vehicles and people by clicking on the Tabs. Double click on a premise history record to access the CFS event. Enroute to call If you want to dispatch yourself on the call, click on the F8= Dispatch to call button or press the F8 key. The Enrouting to Call Window appears ;

6 Press F6 or click on the Button to force a screen refresh before your Mobile Main CAD screen automatically refreshes at a predetermined interval. Press F7 or click on the Button to view calls that have been received by Dispatch but have not yet been assigned to a unit. This also allows you to assign yourself to a pending call. If you are currently on a call, the system will ask if you want to Clear your original call. If you select yes, enter the disposition and any remarks for your call and then enroute yourself to the pending call. If there are no pending calls, this button will be dimmed out. In some systems, the System Administrator can select an option that will cause every mobile to receive an audible alert when a call is placed in the Pending Queue.

7 Press SHIFT, F4 or click on the Button to show the status of all units, the ID of the driver as well as radio ID if applicable and last location. Press SHIFT, F5 or click on the Button to view all history associated with your unit ID

8 Even while in the Inquiry menu, you still have access to the status buttons and to messaging. Press Shift, F6 or click on the button to view the Local Query Selection Menu. You will have some buttons active and some dimmed out, dependent upon your agencies purchased systems and your permission levels within those systems. Mobile local queries have been enhanced to allow the user to inquire on Citations by Officer, Firearm Registration by Name, Firearm Permit by name, and Firearm Dealer Information. Also, depending on the user’s permissions, inquiry onCivil Process by Name, Number or By Date.

9 Florida State Interface Click on a button or press Alt + Underlined letter. The example below is the Registration Query for Florida. The active field is colored a Cyan. Once the license plate is entered, the rest of the fields are disabled and the LIY field is activated.

10 The CISCO State Interface includes a Base package determined by most commonly used forms for that individual state. The users will see a different inquiry menu screen designed for their state. We saw Florida’s above. Below are a couple of different states Illinois Ohio

11 STATUS FUNCTIONS This section provides the ability to perform functions related to status changes as follows: Press this button to go EnRoute to Location Press this button to Arrive at Destination Press this button to Clear from call Press this button to enter a Traffic Stop or Officer Initiated Call Press this button to go Temporary Out of service


13 Press ALT, O or click on the Button to access messages that were previously sent to you.  Toolbar: Print, Reply, Delete, Delete All Marked as Read, Mark all Unread Messages as Read, Scroll arrows.  1 st Blue Box: Person who message is from, Date, Time, Message Number  2 nd Blue Box: Message

14 Enter your message here The Messaging process for Dispatcher and Mobile Users has been changed. You are now allowed to pick multiple users or groups to send to and you can see a list containing the Individuals, Groups, Dispatchers and Units to send messages to Select a Radio button across the top by clicking or pressing TAB or arrow keys until you reach the category that you want. Press the Space Bar to select the choice. The list below will change to reflect that category. Individual All users logged into the system. To send a message to an individual who is not signed in, place the cursor in the white field and right click. Select a user. Once that user signs in, he/she will receive their message. Group Groupings defined by your administrator; for example; Swat members, Rescue Team, etc. All All will send a message to everyone signed in. Call Group This selection can be used by any units assigned to a call. Dispatchers Units If your personnel spend time as both a dispatcher and a unit, the system recognizes their sign in and lists them as a Unit or Dispatcher depending on their log in to a mobile or to dispatch. Enter the messaging ID of the person or group you wish to send your message to. Press ENTER and then press TAB to place the cursor in the Message Box. Type your message, press TAB and then ENTER Press ALT + S or click on the Button to access the CISCO- Messaging Utility.

15 When a state message is received by the Mobile Client and the message contains the word “CONFIRM” the message will appear with a Dark Red Background and a White Foreground. The message is also sent to every user that is currently logged into Messaging.

16 Changed the button on the Main screen that stated F5=New call to F5 = Traffic stop. Now when it is pressed, the traffic stop screen appears. If the officer wants to do an officer initiated call instead of the traffic stop, press F3=Officer Initiated Call.

17 Address Advisory If there is an Address Advisory associated with this address, an Address Advisory Tab will be activated. This tab is displayed in Red until the tab is accessed. Once the tab is active it changes to Green and the Advisory is displayed.

18 Vehicle/Person Entry If you are the assigned unit, you can enter new vehicles and persons to the call record. The Enter Vehicle button will be activated to display the Vehicle Information window; Once the vehicle tag and state have been entered, the Vehicle Search button becomes activated

19 Assign Report Number/On Scene Call type If you are the assigned unit and still active on the call, you can change the call type to an On Scene Call type or assign a report number. While active, click on the View Call button or press F5. Now you are back in the Call information screen. The Assign Report Number button is now active. Click on this button or press Alt + R, and the system assigns the next available report Number. The On-Scene Call Type button is now active. Click on this button or press Alt +L and the On Scene Call type Utility window appears.

20 SESSION INFORMATION This section provides session information including: The program version The name of the logged in User The Unit ID The program name The MDT ID

21 Administrator – Parameter Enhancements Added a new parameter to E-CAD parameters to be able to allow for the Emergency Message Button to be turned off in the Mobile. The new parameter appears under the Interfaces for MDT options and is called Turn Off EM. Setting this new parameter to a “Y” will disable the Emergency Message Button in the Mobile WMCAD has been changed to allow the Bulletin to be accessed from the Mobile Unit. Dependent on the E-CAD parameters for the MDT options the Agency can turn On/Off the Bulletin.. New Parameter requiring the WMCAD mobile users to enter the Mileage when they login and when they exit the Mobile. If the parameter is set, the Mobile program will check to see if there is a corresponding Vehicle Inventory record under Wheels,on file for the Unit. If there is then a small window will be displayed showing what the Last Odometer Reading was and allowing the user to enter their current Odometer reading. They can only enter amounts that are equal to or greater than the previous Odometer Reading. If they enter an invalid number, there is a warning message. If a valid number, message displays “Unit Mileage Updated Record Saved.

22 . New audible alerts were added to the Mobile. When a Unit is dispatched and alert is played. Also when the Unit is not active on a call and there are Pending Calls an alert is played. Alerts will not be played when using Terminal Services. Created a new parameter under the MDT interface in E-CAD. It is called “State Interface Exit”. If the user sets this to “Y”, then after they go to do a state interface after either Sending or Aborting, they are returned to the Mobile Program, instead of returning to the State interface menu. If they set this to “N”, or fail to set it then the user is returned to the State Interface menu. Administrator – Parameter Enhancements


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