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Robin Bailey – Team Lead, HW/SW Billy Rond – PC/Embedded SW Daniel Morgan – PC SW David McDougall – Embedded HW/SW.

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1 Robin Bailey – Team Lead, HW/SW Billy Rond – PC/Embedded SW Daniel Morgan – PC SW David McDougall – Embedded HW/SW

2 What is the Robo-Magellan? Why build it? Project Goals Block Diagram System Overview Mechanical Approach Hardware Approach Software Approach Costs Schedule Questions

3 Objective: Robot to navigate autonomously to a GPS referenced target Robot: Less than 4’x4’x4’ in size and 50lbs in weight. Is to be Fully Autonomous. Target: A GPS Coordinate marked with a Orange Traffic Cone. The Robot must touch the cone. Course: Various Terrain. Robot must traverse grass, asphalt, sidewalk, dirt, curbs, harmless animals, weeds, gullies, etc. GPS signal will be intermittent due to surroundings.

4 16 th Century Explorer First to Cross all Meridians on the Globe First Expedition westward from Europe to Asia Known for Wearing a Beard Later drawn by 4 th Grader Devon Essick Honored in late 20 th Century by having a Robot Competition named in his honor

5 Real World problem Robot navigation in an uncontrolled environment Autonomous navigation has a variety of applications Multi-Disciplinary project Software – Embedded and PC Hardware – Microcontroller, Sensors, Motors, etc Mechanical – Platform National Competitions Recognition for Team – Employer and Peers Recognition for USU

6 Functional Robot Platform Interface with PC User Interface Basic High-Level Navigational Behaviors



9 Clod Buster Gearboxes and Wheels Clod Mod Racing Rock Crawling Chassis Dual Integy 55T Lathe Motors Dual High Torque Steering Servos 7.2v 3300mAh NiMh Battery Dual Novak XRS Speed Controllers Flux Capacitor invented by the Late Emmet Brown on Nov 5 th 1955

10 CMU Camera Color Sensing to detect the Traffic Cone Rand McNally GPS Receiver Devantech SRF04 Ultrasonic Rangers Sharp GP2D02 Infrared Rangers Obstacle Detection Devantech Digital Compass Direction sensing Hall Effect Odometer Sensors Odometry

11 Radio ModemUart-0 TX-RX LCD ScreenUart-0 TX / 4-DIO CMU CameraUart-1 TX-RX GPS Receiver2-DIO Ultrasonic Rangers(2)2-DIO Infrared Rangers(2)2-DIO Digital CompassI2C Odometer8-DIO Servos5-PWM-DIO Motor Controllers1-PWM-DIO


13 RS-232 Interface Separate Microcontroller for Decoding/Interfacing Cold Start-up Time – 2 to 3 Minutes Decoding the NMEA String $GPRMC,183729,A,3907.356,N,12102.482,W,000.0,360.0,080301,015.5,E*6F $GPRMB,A,,,,,,,,,,,,V*71 $GPGGA,183730,3907.356,N,12102.482,W,1,05,1.6,646.4,M,-24.1,M,,*75 $GPGSA,A,3,02,,,07,,09,24,26,,,,,1.6,1.6,1.0*3D $GPGSV,2,1,08,02,43,088,38,04,42,145,00,05,11,291,00,07,60,043,35*71 $GPGSV,2,2,08,08,02,145,00,09,46,303,47,24,16,178,32,26,18,231,43*77 $PGRME,22.0,M,52.9,M,51.0,M*14 $GPGLL,3907.360,N,12102.481,W,183730,A*33 $PGRMZ,2062,f,3*2D $PGRMM,WGS 84*06 $GPBOD,,T,,M,,*47 $GPRTE,1,1,c,0*07

14 Problems with GPS… Inaccurate Intermittent GPS cannot be used for… Dead Reckoning - Positioning Absolute Heading - Direction Distance Traveled – Odometry GPS will be used for… Overall Progress toward Goal Provide a Virtual Goal Location World Position

15 Track Color blobs at 50 fps Track Motion at 26 fps 176 x 255 Resolution B/W Analog video out Automatic two axis color tracking Control 5 Servo outputs

16 Ultrasonic Range: 3 cm to 3 m Digital I/O Sensitivity: 3 cm stick @ > 2m IR Range: 4 in to 30 in Digital I/O Only takes measurements upon request saving power

17 Provides a heading for the robot Resolution of 0.1⁰ Repeatability of 3.5 ⁰ I²C Interface **Enlarged to Show Texture

18 Provides information to the robot on distance traveled Used, along with compass data, to calculate relative position Wagon Wheel Odometer

19 Will connect the MAVRIC-IIB µP to the Laptop which will handle all the mapping.

20 Laptop-PC Software User Interface Handle High-Level Behaviors Mapping and Path Planning Microcontroller Interface Microcontroller Software Handle Low-Level Behaviors Control Sensors Control Actuators/Motors Receive Commands and Report to PC

21 Development Environment Command Line Compilation in Cygwin/Linux Text Based Free Editors e.g. Notepad++/Crimson Editor Develop PC & Microcontroller software simultaneously Laptop-PC Software Language: C Compiler: Microsoft Visual Studio Adaptable to Embedded Controller e.g. Arm TS-72000 Microcontroller Software Language: C Compiler: WinAVR GNU C Compiler May be targeted to many Atmel microcontrollers

22 Data Logger Command Prompt Robot Status Mapping (future)



25 ???

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