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Solutions brought to you by California Justice Information Services Division - Departmental Technology Services Bureau.

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1 solutions brought to you by California Justice Information Services Division - Departmental Technology Services Bureau

2 Tim Whitfield Senior Technical Engineer JusticeMobile Projects Howard Ballin Project Administrator JusticeMobile Projects

3 Background Information

4  DOJ’s “California Law Enforcement Telecommunication System” high speed data network  Established by legislation in 1965  Put in service in1970  Replaced California’s Teletype System estb. 1931  LEAWEB estb. 2001  “JusticeMobile” estb. 2013 – mobile optimized LEAWEB

5  Mission Critical Services  Information services to more than 800 law enforcement and public safety agencies  Systems searched more than 1.5 million times per day  Availability exceeds 99.999%

6  Big Data  CA DOJ houses the 2 nd largest criminal justice data warehouse in the US  Biometric information on more than 20 million individuals

7  Provide secure and reliable, realtime access to CJI information  Anytime, Anywhere, from Any Device


9 “I want us to ask ourselves every day, how we are using technology to make a real difference in people’s lives.” -President Barack Obama

10 “JusticeMobile is a quantum leap forward for public and peace officer safety, and it demonstrates our commitment to facilitating the adoption of new technology by law enforcement” -Attorney General Kamala Harris



13  Safe enough to manage entire banking and investment portfolio from my smart phone  Mobile Apps developed for health care.  Acceptable and widely used, comply with strict HIPAA requirements  Less targeted attacks on mobile devices vs traditional computers IT must find the right balance between security and business needs

14  Security – device and data  Policy and Compliance  Lack of available resources  Rapid rate of change

15  Lost or Stolen devices  Compromised devices  Data Leakage Prevention  Cloud Services  User interrogation  Data at rest (on the device)  Data in motion (to and from the device)  and more

16  Policy is behind technology  Compliance itself is challenging  CJIS Security Policy (CSP) written for desktops and laptops  CLETS Policies, Procedures and Practices based on CSP.

17  Limited Funding  IT Project Cycles  Lack of Infrastructure  Lack of Smart devices with connectivity

18  Technology always evolving  Staff and software must adapt  Change in IT is exponential  Moore’s Law

19  JusticeMobile Platform  CA DOJ Mobile Application  JusticeMobile: Provides mobile access via “Smart Devices” to CLETS  SmartJustice: Provides desktop and mobile access to Profile Data  CalPhoto: DMV Photos/Bookings  JusticeMDM: DOJ’s low cost hosted Mobile Device Management system

20 Secures and/or provides access to criminal justice data in the field from a mobile device

21  California DOJ Agents  No access to CJIS data in the field  Dispatch only or partner with another agenc y  First Attempt  Laptops – not bolted down  Security requirements made the devices not useful

22  CJIS Mobile Device Appendix  Published December of 2012  Clear guidelines for compliance with CJIS Policy  Concept of limited function OS – iOS, Android, Windows Mobile  Second Attempt  Apple iPads  Mobilizing existing tools  CalPhoto  DMV Info  LEAWeb  DOJ’s Messaging Switch Client

23 Modern Effort JusticeMobile and Smart Device Technology  DOJ Bureau of Firearms (BOF) first weekend deployed  4 felony arrests otherwise not occurred  300% increase in agent productivity  Using Armed and Prohibited Persons, DMV, etc.  San Francisco Police Department; 1650 devices currently; 700 more devices waiting to be deployed.  San Francisco PD users  Identify subjects in the field through CalPhoto  Use mobile device’s camera to take crime scene photos  Conduct report writing in the field  Supervisors approve reports in the field

24  Tactical and officer safety – information in the field  Investigators in the field  Motors  Special Ops  Mounted  Bicycles  Watercraft  Aircraft

25  JusticeMobile App  DOJ developed Messaging Switch Client system  Formatted for mobile  Native App

26  Multi-Tier Solution  Application: Justice Mobile (LEAWeb)  Security Solution: JusticeMDM  Full service (VPN and Advanced Auth)  Open to multiple Smartphone and Tablet Platforms (iOS, Android, Windows)

27  FIPS 140-2 certified data encryption – in motion and at rest  Advanced authentication to log into VPN tunnel  Mobile Device Management (MDM) software  Ability to remotely “wipe” a device if lost or stolen  Policies to prevent data leakage (no screenshots, Siri, etc.)  No CORI data stored on the phone

28  May be agency selected - or -  DOJ’s hosted solution offering  “JusticeMDM”


30  Highly Available  Hosted in DOJ’s Data Centers  Preconfigured with minimum policy set to meet requirements

31  Partitioned by agency  Multitenant Environm ent  Full administrator access for the agency  Roll based access controls for agency admins  Directory Integration

32  Quick and Easy Setup  Compelling Price Points  Administrator Support

33  Agency Tier One/Tier Two support  For end user s  Escalation straight to vendor or via DOJ’s Mobility Team

34 JusticeMobile Team Contact Information Contact the JusticeMobile Team at: E-mail: (916) 227-CAJM (2256) JusticeMobile webinars are hosted biweekly on Thursdays Further Information and forms available on CLEW at justicemobile-app

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