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Secure Delivery of CJI to Smartphones and Tablets

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1 Secure Delivery of CJI to Smartphones and Tablets
solutions brought to you by California Justice Information Services Division - Departmental Technology Services Bureau

2 (916) 227-CAJM (2256)
Tim Whitfield Senior Technical Engineer JusticeMobile Projects Howard Ballin Project Administrator JusticeMobile Projects (916) 227-CAJM (2256)

3 Background Information

4 CLETS DOJ’s “California Law Enforcement Telecommunication System” high speed data network Established by legislation in 1965 Put in service in1970 Replaced California’s Teletype System estb. 1931 LEAWEB estb. 2001 “JusticeMobile” estb – mobile optimized LEAWEB

5 DOJ Information Technology Scope and Scale
Mission Critical Services Information services to more than 800 law enforcement and public safety agencies Systems searched more than 1.5 million times per day Availability exceeds %

6 Scope and Scale (cont.) Big Data
CA DOJ houses the 2nd largest criminal justice data warehouse in the US Biometric information on more than 20 million individuals

7 DOJ’s Solution Philosophy
Provide secure and reliable, realtime access to CJI information Anytime, Anywhere, from Any Device

8 DOJ Mobility

9 “I want us to ask ourselves every day, how we are using technology to make a real difference in people’s lives.” -President Barack Obama

10 “JusticeMobile is a quantum leap forward for public and peace officer safety, and it demonstrates our commitment to facilitating the adoption of new technology by law enforcement” -Attorney General Kamala Harris

11 Proliferation of Mobile Devices
Mobile devices are everywhere… Mobile Devices such as smartphones and tablets have outsold Personal Computers since the year 2005.

12 Images speak 1,000 words… The first image is at the Vatican in Rome in 2005 during the unveiling of the then pope. One regular phone taking picture. The second image was taken in 2013 near the same spot. Lots of tablets and smartphones recording the moment.

13 IT’s Mobile Banking problem…
Safe enough to manage entire banking and investment portfolio from my smart phone Mobile Apps developed for health care. Acceptable and widely used, comply with strict HIPAA requirements Less targeted attacks on mobile devices vs traditional computers IT must find the right balance between security and business needs

14 Challenges of Mobility
Security – device and data Policy and Compliance Lack of available resources Rapid rate of change

15 Security Lost or Stolen devices Compromised devices
Data Leakage Prevention Cloud Services User interrogation Data at rest (on the device) Data in motion (to and from the device) and more

16 Policy & Compliance Policy is behind technology
Compliance itself is challenging CJIS Security Policy (CSP) written for desktops and laptops CLETS Policies, Procedures and Practices based on CSP.

17 Resources Limited Funding IT Project Cycles Lack of Infrastructure
Lack of Smart devices with connectivity

18 Rapid rate of change Technology always evolving
Staff and software must adapt Change in IT is exponential Moore’s Law

19 DOJ’s Newest IT Solutions to overcome challenges
JusticeMobile Platform CA DOJ Mobile Application JusticeMobile: Provides mobile access via “Smart Devices” to CLETS SmartJustice: Provides desktop and mobile access to Profile Data CalPhoto: DMV Photos/Bookings JusticeMDM: DOJ’s low cost hosted Mobile Device Management system

20 JusticeMobile Secures and/or provides access to criminal justice data in the field from a mobile device

21 JusticeMobile Story California DOJ Agents First Attempt
No access to CJIS data in the field Dispatch only or partner with another agency First Attempt Laptops – not bolted down Security requirements made the devices not useful Laptop security requirement – device encryption – PGP, enter password for device – device loads. Windows login, VPN login, two factor login, resources logins.

22 JusticeMobile Story (cont.)
CJIS Mobile Device Appendix Published December of 2012 Clear guidelines for compliance with CJIS Policy Concept of limited function OS – iOS, Android, Windows Mobile Second Attempt Apple iPads Mobilizing existing tools CalPhoto DMV Info LEAWeb DOJ’s Messaging Switch Client

23 JusticeMobile and Smart Device Technology
Modern Effort JusticeMobile and Smart Device Technology DOJ Bureau of Firearms (BOF) first weekend deployed 4 felony arrests otherwise not occurred 300% increase in agent productivity Using Armed and Prohibited Persons, DMV, etc. San Francisco Police Department; devices currently; more devices waiting to be deployed. San Francisco PD users Identify subjects in the field through CalPhoto Use mobile device’s camera to take crime scene photos Conduct report writing in the field Supervisors approve reports in the field

24 Benefits of DOJ Mobility What JusticeMobile and JusticeMDM can do for you
Special Ops Mounted Bicycles Watercraft Aircraft Tactical and officer safety – information in the field Investigators in the field Motors

25 DOJ’s JusticeMobile Development
JusticeMobile App DOJ developed Messaging Switch Client system Formatted for mobile Native App

26 DOJ Mobility Services Multi-Tier Solution
Application: Justice Mobile (LEAWeb) Security Solution: JusticeMDM Full service (VPN and Advanced Auth) Open to multiple Smartphone and Tablet Platforms (iOS, Android, Windows)

27 CJIS Requirements for Mobile Devices
FIPS certified data encryption – in motion and at rest Advanced authentication to log into VPN tunnel Mobile Device Management (MDM) software Ability to remotely “wipe” a device if lost or stolen Policies to prevent data leakage (no screenshots, Siri, etc.) No CORI data stored on the phone

28 Mobile Device Management (MDM)
May be agency selected - or - DOJ’s hosted solution offering “JusticeMDM”


30 JusticeMDM Highly Available Hosted in DOJ’s Data Centers
Preconfigured with minimum policy set to meet requirements

31 JusticeMDM (cont.) Partitioned by agency Multitenant Environment
Full administrator access for the agency Roll based access controls for agency admins Directory Integration

32 JusticeMDM Benefits Quick and Easy Setup Compelling Price Points
Administrator Support

33 JusticeMDM Support Agency Tier One/Tier Two support
For end users Escalation straight to vendor or via DOJ’s Mobility Team

34 JusticeMobile Team Contact Information Contact the JusticeMobile Team at: (916) 227-CAJM (2256) JusticeMobile webinars are hosted biweekly on Thursdays Further Information and forms available on CLEW at

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