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BYOT Midway Elementary School of Science and Engineering.

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1 BYOT Midway Elementary School of Science and Engineering

2 Why?

3 Benefits of BYOT  Broadens learning beyond the classroom  Takes advantage of teachable moments  Increases interest  Access information and tools  Prepares students for higher education and tomorrow’s workplace

4 How will the devices be used?  Access current references and information (Atlas, Alamanc, Dictionary, Thesaurus, Weather, Current events, Translator, etc.)  Take and share notes; access notes from web pages  Access teacher and content websites  Organization – calendar / files / assignments, etc.  Student and teacher collaboration  Document labs; take surveys  Study aide  Much more

5 Device Safety / Security Issues  Students are responsible to safeguard, supervise and secure their devices.  Students are to RESPECT the property of others.  Teachers will secure classrooms.  Handle theft or damage as a discipline matter.  Will not be required to have other students use their device.

6 BYOT Use  Students must be RESPONSIBLE – same expectation for computer use.  Only School Wi-Fi can be used to access internet (NO cell phone – 3G/4G access allowed). This Wi-Fi has a district filter.  Teacher may confiscate any device being used inappropriately.  School discipline procedures will be enforced.  Teachers will monitor use at all times.

7 Device Rules  Teachers have complete control over the use of devices in their classroom.  Teachers will let students know in advance when devices can be used in a lesson.  Students are NOT allowed to use their devices in common areas: before school, gym/cafeteria, at recess, etc.

8 Equity Issue  If a child cannot provide a device, they will not be left out.  If a student doesn’t have their own technology, they will be able to work in groups with one device.

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