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IBM System Storage DS3000 Express Disk System

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1 IBM System Storage DS3000 Express Disk System

2 IBM Midrange Storage Positioning
SMB / Entry-level Workgroup Department Data Center HPC SAS, iSCSI connectivity DAS/shared DAS/IP SAN Simple management Snapshot replication iSCSI, FC connectivity Shared DAS, small SAN FC, iSCSI connectivity Homogeneous SANs Performance value Configuration flexibility Local/remote data replication FC connectivity Heterogeneous SANs Highest performance System clusters GPFS Maximum bandwidth Capacity density DS5100, DS5300 FC, iSCSI connectivity FC, FDE, SATA, SSD drives Partitioning, FlashCopy, VolumeCopy, ERM DS3950, DS5020 FC, iSCSI connectivity FC, FDE, SATA drives Partitioning, FlashCopy, VolumeCopy, ERM DS3200, DS3300, DS3400 FC, SAS, iSCSI connectivity SAS, SATA drives Partitioning, FlashCopy, VolumeCopy With the DS5000 series systems, the IBM midrange product portfolio continues to get stronger. The DS5100, released in 2008, is the follow-on product for the DS4800. The DS5020 Express and DS3950 Express are the follow-on products for the highly successful DS4700. And pushing midrange storage further into the data center is the flagship DS5300.

3 An Information Infrastructure Addresses…
Information Security Protect “data in motion” Control access Encrypt “data at rest” Information Compliance Discover and classify data Implement classes of service Support data governance policy Information Retention Establish tiered storage Policy-based archival Indexing and long term retention Information Availability Support recovery scenarios Virtualize for high availability Simplify Management

4 DS3200, DS3300, DS3400 Introduction IBM System Storage DS3200
Direct or SAS SAN attach configurations 3-Gbps SAS connection to a host Solution for System x and BladeCenter®* servers IBM System Storage DS3400 Direct or FC SAN-attach configurations 4-Gbps FC with auto-negotiating for 1-Gbps or 2-Gbps networks Solution for System x servers, System p servers, and BladeCenter® servers IBM System Storage DS3300 IP SAN-attach configurations 1-Gbps iSCSI connection to an IP switch External solution for System x, System p, and BladeCenter® servers *Dual controller only.

5 DS3000 Enclosures DS3200 DS3300 DS3400 Controllers
SAS and/or SATA drives DS3300 DS3400 Power/cooling

6 Performance Drives Productivity / Efficiencies
Improve productivity Linearly scalable performance to match growth and maintain SLAs Simplify the infrastructure Relentless performance supports the concurrent workloads created and demanded by large consolidations Lower acquisition, support and operational costs Efficient performance reduces the number of drives needed to meet demands Performance is still our #1 advantage over our competition, and we want to make it matter. Performance is the key to driving productivity, infrastructure simplification and lower costs. While competitors may be able match our IOPS, with many more drives, they can not match our response time. Faster response is the difference between a record or search coming back in 1 second or 3, or 5 seconds instead of 15. Response time matters and we’ve shown our ability to scale up IOPS while maintaining a quick response time. Performance is extremely critical for virtualization and consolidation implementations. Systems must be able to handle large, concurrent, diverse workloads. Balanced performance is critical, scalability is important, as is response time. Again, the three areas our storage excels at allowing us to support larger virtualization/consolidation than our competitors. And why competitors may be able to deliver good enough performance, and reach our performance by adding more drives, no one can match our performance efficiency. And meeting performance goals with fewer drives lowers costs across the board throughout the storage systems lifecyclce. $

7 DS3950Express Disk System – Overview
Two models: 94H: four 8 Gbps FC interfaces 98H: four 8 Gbps FC and four 1 Gbps iSCSI Up to 112 drives in EXP395 Support FC and SATA 2 GB (94H) or 4 GB (98H) of cache Mirrored, battery-backed, destaged to flash Premium features: Partitioning, FlashCopy, VolumeCopy, Enhanced Remote Mirroring Investment protection Feature for migration of EXP810s 3 year, 9x5, NBD warranty The IBM DS3950 Express disk system is designed to provide midrange customer with the performance, reliability, and robust functionality enterprise customers are accustomed to – at an affordable price. Its core features and dynamic flexibility make it a great fit for a wide range of requirements, proving piece of mind and exceptional return on investment. The DS3950 Express comes with four 8 Gbps FC interfaces for connectivity to hosts or storage area networks, and can support an additional four ports 1 Gbps iSCSI ports for multi-protocol environments. The DS3950 Express supports up to 112 drives with EXP395 expansion units. Drive options include FC and SATA. Its 2 or 4 GB of cache (based on model) is battery backed, mirrored, and like on the DS5300, DS5100 and DS5020, destaged to a flash drive upon power loss. The DS3950 Express supports all the current premium features, including partitioning, FlashCopy, VolumeCopy and Enhanced Remote Mirroring. Continuing the DS4000 tradition of investment protection, existing EXP810 expansion units can be migrated to the DS3950 Express. And finally, the DS3950 Express warranty is 3 years, 9 by 5, next-business day. Key take away: the DS3950 Express offers a competitive feature set and outstanding flexibility to satisfy a broad set of midrange requirements.

8 DS3950 Express Value Propositions
Next-generation 8 Gbps FC interfaces provide future proofing investment protection and infrastructure simplification 4 Gbps vs. 8 Gbps Another Fibre Channel transition is upon us, and this one comes at a perfect time. Providing backwards and forwards investment protection, the DS3950 Express’s 8 Gbps interfaces auto-negotiate link speeds. This allows it to seamlessly integrate into an existing 2 Gbps or 4 Gbps infrastructure, while providing the buyer with investment protection going forward when the SAN inevitably becomes 8 Gb/s. 8 Gbps FC also allows companies to reduce the number of HBAs per server and the number of overall ports in their FC SAN infrastructure without sacrificing performance, thus saving acquisition and operational costs. In fact, if you compare a DS4700 to a DS3950 Express, with each delivering 3200 MB/s of host side bandwidth, the DS3950 Express enables up to a 46% reduction in infrastructure costs. And the DS3950 Express can deliver 60% more performance through these connections. Cost savings: Compares the list price of eight 4 Gbps FC HBAs and eight FC switch ports to four 8 Gbps FC HBAs and four FC switch ports. Key take away: The DS3950 Express’s 8 Gbps FC interfaces provide backward and forward investment protection and enable it to deliver higher performance with lower infrastructure costs. DS4700 DS3950 Seamless integration with existing 2Gb or 4Gb SANs, designed for 8Gb Up to 45% reduction in infrastructure costs

9 DS3950 Express Controller Comparisons
Model 94H Two FC host ports Model 98H Two FC host ports, plus Two iSCSI host ports

10 DS5000 Performance DS5020 DS3950 DS5100 base performance
DS5100 enhanced performance DS enhanced performance Burst I/O rate cache reads 200,000 IOPS 650,000 IOPS 700,000 IOPS Sustained I/O rate disk reads 50,000 IOPS 76,000 IOPS 98,000 IOPS 170,000 IOPS Sustained I/O rate disk writes 9,500IOPS 20,000 IOPS 25,000 IOPS 38,000 IOPS Drives 112 256 448 Burst throughput cache read 3,700 MB/s 1,600MB/s 3,200MB/s 6,400 MB/s Sustained throughput disk read 1,600 MB/s Sustained throughput disk write 1,400 MB/s 1,300 MB/s 2,500 MB/s 5,300 MB/s Host ports 4 8 16

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