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Propaganda Techniques

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1 Propaganda Techniques
How authors persuade you to believe whatever they want

2 Name Calling Propaganda Technique Definition Name Calling
Labeling people with negative words Often in politics or wartime - “Commie” or “terrorist”

3 Name Calling

4 Republicans have begun to emphasis Barack Obama's middle name Hussein in an attempt to spread doubts about his patriotism and raise fears among voters that he is a closet Muslim.

5 “lady sented body wash”
Name Calling Old Spice “lady sented body wash” “Anything can happen when your man smells like Old Spice and not a lady.” Name-Calling Commercial

6 Transfer Propaganda Technique Definition Transfer
presents a positive image or idea and attaches the positive feelings to another idea.

7 McDonald's Chicken Dance
e-trade baby

8 Bandwagon Propaganda Technique Definition Bandwagon
-Following the crowd -Doing it because everyone else is

9 Bandwagon

10 Bandwagon verison commercial

11 Red Herring Propaganda Technique Definition Red Herring
-Distracting with an unrelated point -"winning" an argument by leading attention away from the argument and to another topic.

12 Red Herring Nike

13 Never-ware cookware will look beautiful on your shelf for generations!
Red Herring Video Games: Collecting inventory items or items of scenery (usually meant to distract or take up time from a quest or goal) Never-ware cookware will look beautiful on your shelf for generations! No mention of its cooking value is made.

14 Red Herring What is this an advertisement for?

15 Shoes! Perfume!

16 Emotional Appeal Propaganda Technique Definition Emotional Appeal
-Arousing emotions so people will agree with you -Connect human need (feeling liked, joy) with a product

17 Army Strong http://crackle
They connect a feeling with this organization. Army strong

18 Emotional Appeal Christian Children's Fund

19 Testimonial Propaganda Technique Definition Testimonial
-using a celebrity to sell/convince -if a celebrity (who has it together) like this, then there must be something to it

20 Testimonial Testimonial Mike Huckabee

21 Testimonial

22 Repetition Propaganda Technique Definition Repetition
-repeating word/jingle over and over and over and over so that it gets stuck in the head or taken as true

23 Repetition A good example of this is the claim that Saddam Hussein was responsible for the terrorist attacks of September 11, No evidence has been found suggesting collaboration between Iraq and the Al Qaeda network, yet Bush administration officials have repeatedly mentioned the two in tandem. As a result, a recent opinion survey by the Council on Foreign Relations shows that more than 40 percent of the American people believe that some or all of the attackers on 9/11 were Iraqi nationals, when in fact none were.

24 Repetition Head On Commercial

25 Glittering Generalities
Propaganda Technique Definition Glittering Generalities -Using vague slogans or catchphrases without supporting info or reason (freedom, honor)

26 Glittering Generalities
Redbull Commercial Duck and Cover

27 Glittering Generalities

28 Stereotypes Propaganda Technique Definition Stereotypes
-When you make a generalization or an assumption about a group of people.

29 Stereotypes “A student who doesn’t do his homework is a bad student
Stereotypes “A student who doesn’t do his homework is a bad student.” “Blonds are dumb.” “Athletes are bullies.”

30 Stereotypes Stereotypes in media
red bull

31 Fear Propaganda Technique Definition Fear -Scaring people in order to make them believe in what you are saying or selling.

32 Fear

33 Fear Y2K Commercial

34 Appeal to Number, Facts, & Statistics
Propaganda Technique Definition Appeal to Number, Facts, & Statistics -Using large numbers or misleading facts and statistics to confuse

35 Appeal to Number, Facts, & Statistics -“Coroners have found that 80% of people’s colons are blocked with waste.” -“On average, 6 out of 7 dentists prefer Colgate.”

36 Plain Folks Propaganda Technique Definition Plain Folks
the speaker presents him or herself as an Average Joe, a common person who can understand and empathize with a listener's concerns.

37 Plain Folks

38 Quiz: Name that Propaganda
Pepsi Truck Rock the Vote Mac Smoke Alarm Outback Steakhouse Hungry Man Trident

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