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Understanding Standardized Recipes

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1 Understanding Standardized Recipes
CA-ICA-8: Students will examine and identify standardized recipes and their role in a commercial kitchen.

2 What is a Recipe? A written record of the ingredients and preparation steps needed to make a particular dish. Found in magazines, cookbooks, internet, or created on your own

3 What is a Standardized Recipe?
These recipes suit the needs of a individual kitchen Using and writing standardized recipes is a big part of a chef’s job

4 The Purpose of Standardized Recipes
Help food-service businesses because… Support Consistent Quality and Quantity Encourage efficient purchasing and preparation Reduce costs by eliminating waste Enable the wait staff the answer guests’ questions accurately and honestly

5 Sections of a Standardized Recipe
Title of Recipe Yield—the recipe’s measured output Ingredients List Method

6 Sections of a Standardized Recipe
Some may also include: Recipe Category Equipment Service—portioning information HACCP—list the critical control points

7 Reading Recipes YOU MUST READ THE RECIPE BEFORE YOU BEGIN PREPARATION!!! To understand and apply standardized recipes, use the “PRN” method for reading recipes.

8 PRN Method Preview: to get the big picture
Read: to focus carefully on the specifics of the recipe Note: write any adjustments and plans for preparation

9 Things to Consider Yield: Does the recipe make enough or too much?
Ingredients: Are you familiar with all the ingredients? Do you have all the ingredients? Can you use substitutions? Method: Are you familiar with the techniques listed? Do you have all necessary equipment?

10 Things to Consider Timing: Do you have to adjust the recipe’s timing? Do you need to preheat equipment? Serving and Holding: What do you do with the finished product? Do you have an appropriate accompaniment or garnish?

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