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United Way Reporting Overview of reports Summary reports are used to obtain data to submit through the United Way.

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1 United Way Reporting

2 Overview of reports Summary reports are used to obtain data to submit through the United Way Annual Report process ─ United Way has a separate system to submit annual counts and other required information. ─ You will receive information from the United Way separately about this

3 Overview of reports Reports are also important for two other reasons 1.United Way receives a separate report from Wilder of all data elements required in HMIS 2.Information on clients you serve can be useful to your agency for program evaluation and planning

4 United Way Program Areas and Reports 1.Supportive Housing for Homeless Families 2.Market Rate Re-Housing for Homeless Families 3.Supportive Housing for Single Homeless Youth 4.Market Rate Rehousing & Employment Services Single Adults 5.Shelter Programs for Homeless Youth

5 Income reports Income information is on a separate report ─ Information for the United Way Annual Report process is only required for Supportive Housing for Families Programs. ─ Other programs should confirm their data is correct for information Wilder provides to the United Way.

6 Summary and Data Check reports Use them together to verify data is complete and correct ─ Data quality reports provide client level detail to make sure all clients are included and the right information is recorded on their record. Run these first. ─ Counting reports can give you an overview of data. Does it look right for your program? ─ Both program and data entry staff should review reports (if they aren’t the same people).

7 Running Reports in ART ART=Advanced Reporting Tool Data uploads overnight from ServicePoint. You must wait one day after entering data to run reports. Completing prompts correctly is important in getting report to run

8 ART report details United Way data check and counting reports are stored in their own folder

9 Navigating ART Click on arrows to open folder Click on magnifying glass to run report Click View Report to get to next step; entering prompts

10 Prompt box Entering prompt information correctly is key EDA provider: Skip this item Start date: January 1 st 2012 End date: One day after the end of the report period. For United Way =January 1 st 2013. Effective date: Day you are running the report Provider: Select program for your report. Use arrow to move to right side. Press Run Query to run the report

11 Viewing Report ART shows a partial view of the report on the screen For better viewing, save the report to your computer Upper left corner “Document” button ─ Select “Save to My Computer As” ─ Will have option of PDF or Xcel Save as PDF for counting reports Data Check reports are best saved as Excel

12 Counting Report Details Reports have similar tab structures: 1.Household Counts 2.Entry Data for Head of Household 3.All Clients-Demographics 4.Geographic Location (for family programs) 5.Outcomes 6.Outcomes (detail) 7.Report Info

13 Counting Report Details Key items to include in United Way Annual Report Submission ─ Star(*)=Demographic Information ─ Numbers=Program outcomes United Way will provide separate instructions for their reporting process Additional required report items will be provided to United Way by Wilder for further analysis ─ Items without star or number are still important

14 Report design Many data only required for heads of household If counts seem off, review data check reports to make sure data is recorded correctly Children should also be included on all client demographics ─ Make sure those counts are correct as well

15 Household Counts Information is pulled from clients who have an entry/exit for the United Way program during the report period Additional household breakout sections help you verify the information is correct Some programs have demographic or outcome items to provide to United Way on this tab

16 Entry data for Head of Household Will be for single people if program doesn’t serve households A number of key demographic questions indicated with a * are on this tab

17 Client demographics Includes data for all clients (including children and significant others) Tab includes a number of items with a * Race plus Ethnicity is a combination of Primary Race, Secondary Race, and Ethnicity ─ If Hispanic/Latino clients will only show up in this category

18 Geographic Location This information is presented on a separate tab for family programs only All family members served with the head of household are included in the count, even though information is only recorded on head of household's record

19 Outcomes Outcomes very for each program area Some questions may be combined together to report back exactly as needed for United Way Annual Report and are numbered Only counts are needed, but percentages are provided for your reference

20 Outcomes, cont. Education, Employment, Safety and Financial Goals ─ Any clients that have dates recorded for outcomes will show up as meeting the goal for the year Stable Housing Outcomes ─ Based on “Time in Safe, Stable Housing” sub- assessment. Calculated for all household members served ─ Length of time is based on calculation for days using dates in sub-assessment

21 Outcomes detail Shows all outcome questions and responses to help you verify information you have recorded on clients is correct

22 Report information Make sure to check this tab to confirm prompt information was correctly entered End date shows date selected in prompt minus one day. ─ Information is included on the report through this date Example: 1/1/2013 is selected in prompts. On report end date=12/31/2012 and clients are only included through this date

23 Income Will be reported for all programs to United Way Only required in United Way Annual Report for Supportive Housing for Families ─ Use counts from Income Change Entry to Current tab Income Change Entry to Exit tab ─ All programs should check for accuracy First tab provided for program information and to help confirm data is correct

24 Data Check reports Remember to use the data check reports in combination with the counting reports to help solve these questions: ─ Are all clients included? ─ Does the information make sense for that particular client? ─ Who is missing information? Each report has a corresponding data check report

25 Additional resources HMIS web site includes: ─ Data entry instructions ─ Data Entry Forms ─ Client consent forms ─ Data check report instructions

26 Questions Questions about HMIS reports or data entry ─ HMIS helpdesk: or Questions about United Way Annual Report system ─ Instructions: ─ Contact Rachel Speck: or 612-340- 7651

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