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What Am I? At look at everyday items from America in the 1800’s.

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1 What Am I? At look at everyday items from America in the 1800’s

2 Object One Hint One: I was never cold Hint Two: I used a lot of wood Hint Three: I could heat the whole house A wood stove or open fireplace was in the main room in every home. It was the oldest son’s first chore in morning to chop enough wood to heat the house for the day.

3 Object Two Hint One: I was used once a week Hint Two: I needed to be changed half way through or you needed two of me Hint Three: : After the work was done you had sore arms and clean clothes After hauling enough water to fill the tub, women cut pieces of soap into the water, and then rubbed the clothes up and down on the board. After the clothes were clean the women would ring out soapy water and rinse them in another bucket ring them out again and then hang them on a clothesline.

4 Object Three Hint One: If you had a lot of money you had one inside that stayed close to your bed Hint Two: Most people had one in the backyard Hint Three: I am necessary and used everyday. Most families had only an outhouse for their personal use, however some of the more wealthy families had a chamber pot that was kept either under the bed or beside it. The one shown here is in a cabnet.

5 Object Four Hint One: I would be used early in the morning and once in the evening Hint Two: I was small and portable with three legs to keep me stable Hint Three: I fit right next to the cow till the work was done The stool was usually kept in the barn. The milking was usually done by the children or women of the family. The men or older boys would handle this chore if the weather was too cold or if the snow was too deep.

6 Object Five Hint One: In many ways I’m still used today Hint Two: I was pulled by oxen or horses Hint Three: If your horses or oxen were not well trained this job could be dangerous. The hand plow was little more than a sharp blade set back by the handles and a thick harness by the horses or oxen. In the east and early midwest the plows were more likely to be pulled by horses. In the “wild” west the plows more likely to be pulled by oxen because they were stronger

7 Object Six Hint One: We work well together Hint Two: One of these items had to by made of metal or of wood and glass: The other was handmade by dipping them up and down in a hot pot Hint Three: I would have to be made and I was used often almost everyday The girls in the family were taught very young to dip candles. Candles were made in pairs so the wicks could be cut after the candles were dry

8 Object Seven Hint One: Only girls made me Hint Two: I was worked on in the evening after dinner Hint Three: I was practice for an important skill they would need as an adult Each girl in the family was taught many different stitches that they would need to make and mend clothes as a wife and mother. By age 12 the girls would complete a sampler like this one, practicing each stitch in a different section of the pattern. The girl would show this to their mother in law before they were married to show that they able to take care of their son.

9 Object Eight Hint One: Just about every kitchen today have one of me Hint Two: I was a tool to help with breakfast Hint Three: I used pieces of homemade bread This toaster was placed on a wood stove and the heat came up from the bottom and through the middle toasting the bread one side at a time. The bread was then flipped and hooked back in under the metal clips on each side.

10 Object Nine Hint One: I was dug carefully and was checked every morning with a candle for safety Hint Two: : I was one of the first things that were built after the house at any homestead Hint Three: A bucket was hung on a log that was turned by a handle on the side A lit candle was sent down every morning to check to for built up gasses. The candle would ignite the gas and warn them that the well shaft was to dangerous to work on that day

11 Object Ten Hint One: I traveled in a train but I was not powered by steam Hint Two: I carried everything that a family owned from one home to another Hint Three: The grown ups usually rode on my bench seat while the kids rode in the back. Everything that a family owned was placed in the back of the wagon. Many of their things were left behind. Beds were made in the bed of the wagon at night, sometimes as a treat they made up their beds under the wagon, however because of the dangers that hid in the darkness everyone stayed close to the wagon

12 Bonus (toughest of the bunch) Hint One: Not many families had one of me Hint Two: Today many of you have one of me in your pockets Hint Three: I had special rings for each family

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