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Countries Involved Events of WWI Effects of the War Facts about WWI Causes of the War Works Cited.

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1 Countries Involved Events of WWI Effects of the War Facts about WWI Causes of the War Works Cited

2 Facts about World War 1 Causes of the War World War 1 lasted from August 4, 1914 to November 11, 1918. Veterans Day which is celebrated on November 11 th of every year originated from the end of World War 1, also called Armistice Day. Germany invaded Belgium on August 4, 1914. Russia leaves war in 1917 after the Russian Revolution. Many countries that were active in the early 1900’s are not present today. Some of those countries include: Ottoman Empire, who in today’s world is Turkey and much of the Middle East. Austria-Hungry, who is now two separate countries, Austria and Hungry.

3 Causes of the War Countries Involved World War I was labeled the first World War. Although many different wars occurred with different countries, none seemed to affect the world in this type of manner. There were many different causes that started the war, five of them will be mentioned. Imperialism: Imperialism is defined as Acquisition by a government of other governments or territories, or of economic or cultural power over other nations or territories, often by force. Parts of Asia and Africa were of great interest to European countries because they had many different materials that could help these countries. The competition over the African and Asian countries helped drive toward a World War. Alliances: In Europe many different countries made agreements with each other, they did this so that if one country went to war, the country they made an alliance with would help them. Examples of those countries were Russia and Serbia, Germany and Austria-Hungary, France and Russia, Britain and France and Belgium, and Japan and Britain. (The United States did not enter the war until 1918). Militarism: This helped thrust toward a world war because of military build ups. Different countries were striving toward setting up great armed forces. Germany and Great Britain were the two main enforcers in this. Nationalism: Many countries in Europe tried to increase their power. Two areas in Austria-Hungry wanted to become part of Serbia, Austria-Hungry did not want this to happen. The assassination of Arch Duke Ferdinand: The ultimate cause of the war with the help of alliances, imperialism, militarism, and nationalism was the assassination of Arch Duke Ferdinand of Austria Hungry. In June of 1914 a Serbian assassinated him and his wife while they were in Sarajevo, which was part of Austria-Hungry, this was done in protest to Austria-Hungry having control over that region. Sarajevo wanted to be part of Serbia. The assassination led to a chain of events that would prove to be the greatest war that the world had yet to see. Facts about WWI

4 Causes of the War Countries Involved Events of WWI Allies (Green on map below) Many countries were with the allies, but these are the key countries. United Kingdom France Russia New Zealand Belgium Serbia Canada Australia Italy Romania Japan United States Germany Austria- Hungry Ottoman- Empire Bulgaria Central Powers (Yellow on map below) Grey on map below were the neutral countries.

5 Countries Involved Events of WWI Effects of the War Zimmerman Note: This is what pushed the United States to enter the war. A telegram was intercepted by Great Britain from Germany to Mexico. The Germans wanted Mexico to join the upcoming war against the United States in exchange for territory lost during the Mexican War. Unrestricted submarine warfare: During the war, many non-active countries in the war ships were being attacked by German submarines. Soon Germany announced the suspension of it, and President Woodrow Wilson announced “Peace without Victory” Germany did not like this and resumed attacks on vessels, and many of those vessels were American, and this furthered the entrance of the United States in the War. Schlieffen Plan: Alfred von Schlieffen made a plan that Germany would attack France, because they were the Germans most dangerous opponent. He planned a surprise attack on France, with this success they would cripple the other allied powers, because most were too weak to compete with Germany alone. The surprise attack did not work, which in due course started trench warfare. Trench Warfare: In Europe, most countries dug trenches to protect themselves and fight out of. Many troubles came with trench warfare, some being rats, lice, and the smell of dead bodies. All which make living in the trenches a very bad thing.

6 Events of the War Effects of the War Over 10 million people died during WWI Over 20 million people wounded during WWI The war ended the German Empire, the Austro-Hungarian Empire, Ottoman Empire, and the Russian Empire. The Treaty of Versailles signed on November 11, 1919 severely punished Germany as the main culprit of WWI starting. Although the war started with Austria-Hungry and Serbia. The reason is because Germany was the biggest player in the Central Powers. Germany gets land, money, and other things taken away from them.

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