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New Public Transit Alliance Funding Public Transit Summit September 23, 2008.

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1 New Public Transit Alliance Funding Public Transit Summit September 23, 2008

2 2 FY 2009 Budget: $101.2 million Operates 3,300 daily trips on 58 statewide fixed routes Operates 9.3 million fixed-route vehicle miles annually Utilizes 2.5 million gallons of diesel fuel per year One of only two statewide transit agencies in the US FY 2007 Ridership: 25.9 million RIPTA is facing a $10.8 Million deficit for FY 2009 RIPTA At-A-Glance

3 3 RIPTAs Role As Mobility Manager RIPTA implements congestion mitigation programs funded by RIDOT and the FHWA Sole provider of ADA transportation in Rhode Island RIPTA provides trips for DHS, DEA, and MHRH clientele 675,000 trips in FY 2008 RIPTA provides service connections at rail stations served by Amtrak and RIDOTs Pilgrim Partnership RIPTA maintains a selection of RIDOT maintenance vehicles

4 4 Passenger Revenue Special Revenue Other Revenue Gas Tax Subsidy Federal Reimbursement TOTAL REVENUE FY 2009 $26,319,688 $638,791 $10,760,213 $32,725,200 $20,494,297 $90,938,189 FY 2008 $25,045,814 $598,860 $9,775,665 $35,167,400 $18,895,217 $89,482,956 Budget Profile – Operating Revenues (FY 2008 and FY 2009)

5 5 Wages Fringe Benefits Special Services Parts & Equipment Fuel Insurance Paratransit ADA Service Miscellaneous Expenses Prior Year Carryover Deficit TOTAL Surplus/Deficit RIPTA Board Reductions Revised FY 2009 Deficit FY 2009 $43,577,994 $23,099,323 $1,260,801 $3,648,800 $11,893,500 $3,617,055 $6,322,064 $7,813,330 $1,991,285 $103,224,152 ($12,285,963) $1,400,000 $10,800,000 FY 2008 $40,315,316 $20,430,114 $1,177,693 $3,548,272 $6,343,200 $3,450,000 $6,105,721 $7,545,567 $ 0 $88,915,883 $567,072 -------------- Budget Profile – Operating Expenses (FY 2008 and FY 2009)

6 6 ($20.1)($12.3) ($17.5) (22.9)($25.8) 5-Year Budget Projection

7 7 Largest source of state support for transit Increases are generally the result of an increased dedication of the tax to transit. Not a revenue source to keep pace with increasing expenses. As taxpayer fuel consumption decreases RIPTA receives less revenue. Gasoline Tax Revenue

8 8 TEA 21SAFETEA-LU Federal Transit Funding Overview

9 9 RIPTA has used opportunities in federal authorizing legislation to assist in balancing annual budget deficits. RIs Congressional delegation had made this possible given the significant level of capital discretionary funds obtained. Since FY 2001, capital funds allocated to operations, in particular preventive maintenance, have ballooned. Federal Transit Funding Overview

10 10 Federal Transit Funding Overview Source: NTD 2007 RIPTA

11 11 23%24%25% 77%76%75% 62% 11% 27% Federal Transit Funding Overview

12 12 Fleet vehicle replacement $68,725,253 12-year useful life Match thru State bonds RIde vehicle replacement $11,104,550 5-year useful life Match from paratransit revolving loan fund Mileage fee paid by funding agencies Paratransit Operations and Support Center 30-year useful life $36,883,157 Match from State RICAP funds Five Year Capital Plan (FY 2009-FY 2013)

13 13 Five Year Capital Plan (cont) ITS program $12,500,000 Passenger facility improvements $1,850,000 Bus Wash $357,000 Repaving of Kennedy Plaza $600,000 Security improvements $1,625,000 Match provided by RIPTAs Revolving Loan Fund Repayment at 1% below prime rate Repayment schedule based on life of asset

14 14 RIPTAs Financial Issues Old as Dirt RI Public Expenditure Council Report 2002 The situation for RIPTA is acute…RIPTA is faced with making service cuts…many scenarios for Rhode Islands future rely on expanding public transportation, not reducing it. (pps. 6-7) Current state transit funding is inelastic and insufficient to sustain the existing statewide transit system even in a no growth mode. (p.31)

15 15 Legislative Commission to Study Transit (May 2007) Provide additional state and local funding to cover the operating expenses of RIPTA, thereby freeing up federal funding for capital investments to improve and expand services.(p.3) RIPTAs Financial Issues Old as Dirt (contd)

16 16 RIPTAs Financial Issues Old as Dirt (contd) Legislative Commission to Study Transit (May 2007) Reduce the reliance on the state gasoline tax as a primary source of state funding to support operating expenses of public transit providers. (p.3)

17 17 State Budget Office Audit of RIPTA RIPTA Management Performance Audit in 2007 for RI State Budget Office includes comparison state per capita funding* for statewide transit systems: State Per Capita State Funding Delaware 86.71 Maryland 142.05 Massachusetts 201.26 New Jersey 96.27 Rhode Island 34.09 (*Comparative Review and Analysis of State Transit Funding Programs Transportation Research Board NCHRP Report 569, 2006)

18 18 Audit & Review Management Performance Audit conducted by RI State Budget Office included Peer Group Review 2007: FTA Financial Management Oversight Review 2005. No Significant Findings Auditor Generals Review, 1999

19 19 First Priority – Stabilize Transit System Documented overcrowding... During Fall 2007, State legislature requested report on what is needed to reduce overcrowding Result: 30 Additional buses needed for daily peak period service... Compounded by additional recent demand Nationwide, ridership has grown significantly in recent months on ALL MODES of transit in reaction to high costs of gasoline New users find overcrowded systems Service cuts and fare increases across the nation

20 20 Future – Transit 2020 From the Transit 2020 Working Group Rhode Island needs to make an investment to develop and maintain a seamless, integrated, high quality transit service that builds on and complements the existing system. Benefits of investments in transit A better position for the City and State in competition with metropolitan areas making significant transit investments Improved environmental quality, including reducing greenhouse gas emissions that threaten significant climate change Increased economic development potential Statewide Preservation of the quality of life that distinguishes Rhode Island by supporting smart growth and preserving open spaces

21 21 Future – RIPTA Vision – Five Year Plan Stable Funding Source Develop More Park n Rides Parking locations Premium motor coaches Implement Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) Signal Priority CAD/AVL Real Time Information Bus Stop Announcements Additional Hubs In Downtown Vicinity Rte #195 Relocation

22 22 Future – RIPTA Vision – Five Year Plan Bus Route Branding 99-11-76-71 ? Utilize Different Modes for Expansion to New Business Corridors Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) Introduce Streetcars

23 23 Future – Getting Started Metropolitan Providence Transit Study Study designed to analyze regions future mobility needs. RIPTA dedicated an FTE to coordinate RIPTAs efforts to expand to meet congestion Metropolitan Providence Transit Study awarded July 2008 Identify mode choices that can address regions needs Identify funding issues and options for operating and capital needs

24 24 RIPTA: Rhode Islands Mobility Manager Today is the day to ride the bus! Thank you for riding the bus!

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