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TEACHER EVALUATIONS TEACHER EVALUATIONS An Orientation/Training Guide to the Eight Performance Appraisal Job Context Service Headings August, 2008.

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2 TEACHER EVALUATIONS TEACHER EVALUATIONS An Orientation/Training Guide to the Eight Performance Appraisal Job Context Service Headings August, 2008

3 #1 PLANNING AND PREPARATION Meets/Exceeds Submits completed lesson plans on time LP’s grounded in SSS Provides specific requests (by admin) within LP Documents ESE/ESOL strategies Observes and documents - students are engaged in meaningful learning activities

4 PLANNING AND PREPARATION High Performing Performs extra research which is evident in daily activities Utilizes on-line beyond the textbook Integrates use of curriculum materials through technology (CD-ROMS ) Best practices are evident - student activities that are engaging/kinesthetic (focused on ALL learners) Plans activities that support strategies on SIP Uses a variety of materials and equipment to deliver learning activities

5 PLANNING AND PREPARATION Outstanding Collaborates with other teachers - apparent Regularly integrates varied forms of technology Goes outside the realm of the teacher’s classroom Utilizes activities such as cooperative learning, problem based learning, and other research-based models Serves as role model and mentor sharing best practices

6 Ways to Show Your Greatness! Posts classroom goals each day Uses writing prompts for subject area Participates in school curriculum mapping Consistently uses activities that focus on higher order thinking Works to integrate multiple subject areas in own content area Uses activities that vary and are relevant to learning Limits use of worksheets Uses student portfolios Uses High -Yield strategies Provides lessons for auditory, visual, and kinesthetic learners Manages with very little down time Makes modifications to learning activities based on student needs (differentiates instruction) Integrates technology: Smart Board, PowerPoint, Internet research, etc. Utilizes Kaplan lesson plan tools Incorporates multiple hands-on activities

7 #2 Classroom Management Meets/Exceeds Materials prepared in advance for days activities Takes attendance and keeps records daily (Pinnacle) Displays classroom rules, procedures, consequences and rewards Teaches bell to bell Uses techniques to manage student behavior

8 Classroom Management High Performing Uses forms of interventions in place of referrals Consistent with behavior - rewards and consequences Proactive in motivating students Positive and respectful with students Documents parent contact - positive or negative Establishes obvious routines and clear procedures

9 Classroom Management Outstanding Makes positive contacts with parents Supports students beyond the classroom Contributes/collaborates with teachers and parents regarding student behavior Actively seeks new strategies to improve classroom management (research-driven) Regularly assesses skills and modifies when appropriate

10 Ways to Show Your Greatness! Establishes own reward system Maintains positive contact with parents Housekeeping rules do not take away from class time Uses positive, esteem building interactions with students Keeps phone log Involves students in the development of class rules/procedures Provides consistency Organizes materials for easy distribution and collection Creates/uses emergency lesson plans

11 #3 Assessment and Evaluation Meets/Exceeds Assesses students regularly Maintains appropriate test environment Uses traditional testing Gives prompt feedback

12 Assessment/Evaluation High Performing Conferences with students Uses alternative assessments (foldable, projects with rubrics, Concept/Mind Maps, Portfolios) Gives choices - projects/book reports Uses standardized test results for instructional planning Establishes/maintains appropriate/secure test environment

13 Assessment/Evaluation Outstanding Collects data on student achievement Forms small groups for remediation Differentiates instruction (regularly) Integrates use of technology for assessments Uses analysis of student performance to determine effectiveness and assist in the continuous development of learners Establishes/maintains appropriate test environment and ensures test security


15 Ways to Show Your Greatness! Gives rubrics in advance Maintains active classroom with different teaching methods Uses multiple assessment strategies to assist continuous development of learners Uses student portfolios Makes effort to ensure test items hit all levels of Bloom’s Logs in time on Kaplan Publishes grade configurations for parent/student

16 #4 Intervention/ Direct Services Meets/Exceeds Demonstrates knowledge and understanding of curriculum Uses effective teaching in instructional delivery (HYS) Uses appropriate material and resources to help meet learning needs of all students Provides appropriate instruction and modifications for students with special needs Provides instruction on safety procedures with proper handling of materials and equipment

17 Intervention/ Direct Services High Performing Demonstrates knowledge and understanding of curriculum content Uses appropriate technology in both teaching and learning process to enhance delivery, presentation, and facilitate student learning Provides quality work for all students, focused on meaningful, relevant, and engaging learning experiences Provides a positive environment in which all students are encouraged to be actively engaged in the learning process Uses data to drive and differentiate instruction

18 Intervention/ Direct Services Outstanding Demonstrates in-depth knowledge and understanding of curriculum content Uses a variety of instructional strategies appropriate for teaching students from diverse backgrounds with different learning styles and needs Uses appropriate techniques and strategies to enhance the application of critical, creative, and evaluative thinking capabilities of students Utilizes appropriate technology in teaching and learning process to enhance delivery, presentation, and facilitate continuous student learning

19 Ways to Show Your Greatness! Recognizes the essential Sunshine State Standards Teaches subject matter at a level appropriate to the learner Stays up to date on changes in the field Uses materials outside the textbook Varies teaching strategies Allows for student reflection on previous knowledge as it relates to new knowledge Organizes instruction to include cooperative and student directed groups Incorporates hands on activities into teaching strategies Utilizes open-ended approach with guided projects to allow for creativity and innovation Uses lab resources Provides samples of what is expected Provides regular feedback to students on their product and encourages continuous improvement Provides clear directions for school rules and safety drills

20 #5 Collaboration Meets/Exceeds Attends all required monthly meetings on time Communicates and collaborates with coworkers and parents to meet students’ needs Utilizes technology to support the learning process

21 Collaboration High Performing Regularly attends and actively participates in collaborative meetings Plans, communicates, and collaborates with other teachers, parents, and community to meet students’ needs Uses technology as an avenue of communication and collaboration to support the learning process Communicates with parents and participates in parent conferences Utilizes Capturing Kids Hearts trainin g

22 Collaboration Outstanding Actively participates in meetings, committees, conferences, and events to promote the collaborative process Plans and collaborates with school related stakeholders to meet student needs (recognizes indicators of distress/abuse and takes appropriate action) Communicates effectively with all stakeholders to enhance the instructional environment Utilizes technology within the school, community and beyond to support the learning process Leads meetings or delivers staff development Initiates/facilitates content or direction of a meeting Mentors and/or serves as a support role to other teachers Shares ideas and best practices with other teachers

23 Ways to Show Your Greatness! Refers students to guidance when appropriate Implements Capturing Kids Hearts Training Establishes rapport with teachers and students Respects administrators, coworkers, students, and parents Actively participates in “staffings” Uses various forms of communication effectively Demonstrates positive non-verbal communication skills to parents Shares ideas and best practices with others Utilizes technology throughout the collaborative process

24 #6 Professional Development Meets/Exceeds Determines professional development needs Participates in district sponsored staff development programs Collaboratively develops and implements Individual Professional Development Plan (IPDP)

25 Professional Development High Performing Demonstrates professional growth and continuing improvement of professional knowledge and skills Provides mentor support of new teachers Uses strategies learned from PD trainings Periodically conducts a personal assessment to determine professional growth needs (reflective) Collaborates to develop/implement IPDP linking to PD needs that reflect improved student achievement Participates in PD trainings to enhance teaching knowledge/skills (based on IPDP goals/objectives)

26 Professional Development Outstanding Participates in PD opportunities to enhance teaching knowledge/skills for purpose of continuous improvement Regularly reflects on teaching practices to determine professional growth needs to improve student achievement (based on IPDP goals and objectives) Conducts/delivers in-service training in area(s) of expertise for faculty and staff Applies for grants that impact learning Shares information from trainings with others Demonstrates best practices and serves as role model and mentor to other professionals

27 Ways to Show Your Greatness. Become a National Board Certified Teacher Discuss goals, needs, desires, and career aspirations with administrator and other professionals Serve on committees, teams, and volunteer for assignments that promote the learning culture and develop professional skills Provide mentoring support to other teachers and serve as role model for best practices

28 #7 Professional Responsibilities Meets/Exceeds Acts in a professional and ethical manner Performs and fulfills professional responsibilities Arrives at work on time and leaves at the scheduled time


30 Professional Responsibilities High Performing Acts in a professional and ethical manner – adheres to Code of Ethics Supports district and school improvement initiatives and programs Contributes to school mission by serving on various school committees and activities


32 Professional Responsibilities Outstanding Acts in a professional and ethical manner and adheres at all times to the Code of Ethics and Principles of Professional Conduct Fulfills professional responsibilities -shares learning experiences by mentoring new colleagues Goes above and beyond - actively supports school improvement initiatives, participates in school activities, services, programs, and professional learning communities

33 Ways to Show Your Greatness! Be a positive role model for students Abide by state, district, and school rules, policies, and procedures - stay clear of trouble with “the law” Develop and use conflict management skills with coworkers Meet timelines - get your grades and lesson plans in on time

34 #8 Student Growth and Achievement Post pinnacle grades Use higher order thinking and questioning Analyze assessment data to drive instruction Use portfolios to determine student growth Collect student test data from teacher made test Document conferences with students/parents that you used as an intervention to improve student performance Plan your work and work your plan – develop IPDP in collaboration with administrator using student data and PD needs; progress monitor and modify KEEP YOUR EYE ON THE PRIZE – student growth and achievement

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