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How Animations are used

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1 How Animations are used
By Alfie Marten

2 The different areas of animation that are perspective
These are the different areas of animation that are perspective. Advertising, Creative Arts, entertainment and education plus at least one other.

3 Advertising Big businesses and organisations use animations to advertise their products and serveries and help promote them because it is easier and cheaper than to hire actors and spend a lot of money on an advert to show to their customers. An example of this is Cadbury. They use animation to promote their crème eggs. The reason that they use animation is because their target audience is kids and by using animation to promote their products it would appeal to them because of all of the mess that a crème egg creates in the animation.

4 Creative Arts Creative arts animation is used by people that are studying creative arts. They would use animation in creative arts to project their ideas to the public and also they use it for their own use. They would use animation for the course that they are studying at collage or university. They might have to use animations to meet the criteria that they have been given from their course. They have to make the animation fit for the purpose of the course that they are doing. For example they would make an animation to inform or entertain the audience.

5 Entertainment Animation would be used in entertainment to entertain audiences all over the world on TV. An example of animations that are used on TV to entertain people are Wallace and Gromit. The animation techniques that are used in Wallace and Gromit are stop motion animation. Stop animation is an animation that uses frame by frame animation. For example each scene within the animation would use individual frames to make the animation

6 Education plus Animation could also be used for educational purposes. The way that animations could be used for educational purposes

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