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Transforming your network into a platform for mobility

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1 Transforming your network into a platform for mobility
Rich Korb – Senior Systems Engineer Southeast Region

2 Introduction to Aerohive:
Cloud-managed Mobile Networking Company Cloud (Public & Private), Controller-less Wi-Fi, Routing, VPN, Switching ~$100M annualized run rate 5th fastest growing tech company 07-11 (Deloitte Fast 500 – 44,569% growth) 135% YoY growth ( ) ~9000 Customers ~500 Employees Most Visionary Vendor - Gartner MQ for Wired & Wireless LAN 2012 Cloud Services Platform Public Partner Private (on-premise) Branch & Teleworker Routers Access Switches Enterprise Wi-Fi Healthcare Enterprise Education Retail Logistics

3 Enterprise Landscape Cloud & Mobility Change Everything
Yesterday Today Users want to work anywhere, on any device Corp deployed enterprise devices, desktop apps & servers Explosion of consumer devices, BYOD, mobile apps & cloud IT needs to enable them, without drowning in complexity $ X Wi-Fi was a convenience / secondary network Wi-Fi has become essential, ubiquitous & strategic Floor 1 VLAN 1 “Sales” Floor 2 VLAN 2 “Finance” Floor 1 SSID 2 “Corp” Security Performance Reliability Cost Floor 2 VLAN 2 “Finance” Floor 1 SSID 1 “Guest” Users want to WORK anywhere on any device You want to let them without drowning in complexity or compromising security, reliability and affordability. Yesterday Corp deployed enterprise devices desktop, laptop, handsets, scanners WLAN overlay coverage, convenience, HQ orientated Network centric policy based on rigid, port/VLAN & SSID Monolithic “Build it and they will come” scalability Today Corp / BYOD enterprise / consumer devices laptop, smart phone, tablet, Apple TVs, “AirPrint” Printers Ubiquitous Wi-Fi Access capacity, performance, mission-critical, extended enterprise User Centric Consistent policy based on identity, role, context Elastic Pay for what you need - leverage the cloud Aerohive gives you the ability to achieve this simpli-fi-ing enterprise networking by delivering a self organizing, service aware, identity based infrastructure. SSID 1 Floor 1 SSID 1 “guest” SSID 2 SSID 3 Floor 2 VLAN 2 “Finance” Floor 1 SSID 2 “Corp” SSID 4 SSID 5 SSID 8 SSID 7 SSID 6 Policy was defined by location & network Policy defined by network no longer scales Networks were monolithic -”build it & they will come” Infrastructure is now expected to be elastic like cloud apps

4 Transforming your network into a platform for mobility
Public & Enterprise Cloud Device Detection & Security Identity & Role Branch Routing Wi-Fi P B X Location & Time of Day App Visibility & Control Switching Support business productivity and regain control

5 App & Network Visibility by “Context” HiveManager Dashboard
Cloud networking vendor that transforms networks into platforms for mobility App & Network Visibility by “Context” Application Role Network Location Policy enforced by “Context” Identity Device Time of Day HiveManager Dashboard Zero Touch Provisioning HiveManager IDManager Client Health Score *Planned Cloud Services Cloud delivered Apps & Provisioning Contextual visibility and enforcement Single Architecture, OS and Management Network services, automation and APIs Sophisticated troubleshooting tools Reduce operational costs and add business value

6 “It’s all about me.” Needs a user-centric approach
Requires unified policy and enforcement Ubiquitous access Anywhere, on any device

7 Optimize the User Experience Based on what is important to that user!
Quality of Experience Mission-Critical, Business related Recreational, non-business Evasive, Harmful, & Non-compliant

8 Unified Wired and Wireless Policy
One-Time Port Provisioning Can be applied to one or thousands of devices Wi-Fi Switching Routing VPN Firewall Bonjour

9 Policy based on Context Identity, Device, Application, Location, Time of Day
CORP Policy Corp VLAN LAN & Web FW Prioritize Work Apps 10Mbps per user 24HR Access BYOD Policy Restricted VLAN & Web FW Block Video Streaming 5Mbps per user M-F 8am-9pm GUEST Policy DMZ Web Only FW Limit Social Media 1Mbps per user M-F 9am-5pm Firewall OS Detection RADIUS PPSK CWP Corp user Corp user - BYOD Guest user


11 Unified Management via Cloud Platform
Single pane of glass Unified WORKFLOWs SAME policy, configuration and management objects apply to APs, Routers, and SWITCHES!!! Management Device Configuration Policy Configuration Network & App Visibility Troubleshooting S/W Updating Mobility-optimized Access Layer

12 Aerohive: One Architecture Everywhere
HQ Virtualized Mgmt & VPN Termination Branch Retail Wi-Fi Primary Access Guest, Corp, BYOD Guest, Corp, BYOD Data Center Unified Wired, Wi-Fi, VPN, FW Credit Cards. PCI, Inventory, Voice, Kiosks Logistics Performance, Contextual Policy Enforcement, Unified Access Layer, MDM enrollment Cloud-enabled Edu Coverage, Reliability, Voice Picking, Outdoor Apple TVs iPad1:1 Healthcare Teleworker Work, Home, 4G, Cloud Security Faculty, Guests EMR, eMAR, Asset Tracking, Voice Messaging High Density, AD integration, Bonjour, Ease of Use

13 How does it work? HiveManager NMS Reporting Heat Maps SLA Compliance Policy Configuration Wireless Network Wired Network With Cooperative Control, clients can securely and seamlessly roam across the WLAN With a second HiveAP, fast stateful roaming, cooperative RF, station load balancing and seamless resiliency are enabled Cooperative RF power levels minimize co-channel interference As more HiveAPs are added, coverage, reliability and backhaul bandwidth increases Mesh networking and best path forwarding can be used for extra resiliency and reachability Dynamically reroutes around failures HiveAPs are discovered, policy is pushed and the WLAN is operational HiveManager is a single mgmt interface for configuration, OS updates & monitoring of thousands of devices A single HiveAP by itself acts as a full-featured enterprise class access point Identity-based security, including stateful inspection FW, rogue detection & mitigation Airtime Scheduling, SLA compliance and local forwarding implemented at the edge Dynamic best path forwarding and stateful roaming provides resiliency without a single point of failure With Cooperative Control, clients can securely and seamlessly roam across the WLAN And now I’d like to take you through a brief example of how you can deploy this technology into your enterprise network. On the right of your screen you see a simplified enterprise switch topology, with four access layer switches and two aggregation switches. We can start by bringing in a single HiveAP into the network infrastructure and connecting it to one of the switches. The single HiveAP by itself acts as a full-featured enterprise-class access point -- robust functionality with the identity-based security and quality of service, and local forwarding at the edge of the network. When you bring in a second HiveAP, they are joined together in a hive, and then you start to see the power of the cooperative control architecture. They work together to implement fast, stateful roaming, cooperative RF control, station load balancing, and provide seamless resiliency. For example, on your screen you can see the circles around the two access points are of different colors. Those represent the channels, the access points are working on. There are channel negotiation protocols that work together to make sure they’re running on separate channels. The access point that the laptop is connected to has taken the user state and the keys and has shared that with the next top neighbor, so that next top neighbor is able to implement predictive roaming. So when the laptop moves, he will roam seamlessly to the next top neighbor, with roam times well under 50 milliseconds, because his state and security has been pre-populated at that access point. We can also implement mesh networking and best path forwarding for extra resiliency and reachability. The mesh networking protocols will dynamically re-route around network infrastructure failures. For example, on your screen you can see the two access points are connected together with a mesh link. The red X shows that the switch has failed, but the mesh routing protocols will route the traffic around the switch failure and will allow applications to continue uninterrupted even in the event of a LAN infrastructure failure. The network can be seamlessly scaled by simply adding more HiveAPs as needed, as you need more coverage, you want more reliability or more back-haul bandwidth into the network infrastructure. You don’t have to worry about capacity planning up front because there were no fixed constraints around your controller capacity. In this topology, four of the HiveAPs are wired directly into the Ethernet network, what we call portals, and one of the HiveAPs on the bottom left is wired as a mesh node, where the cell phone is connected to. With a more complex topology like this, we now have many more access points, and many of them are running on the same channel. To eliminate co-channel interference, the cooperative control auto power level adjustment features kick in and power levels are adjusted to provide maximum coverage with minimal co-channel interference, allowing the system to give you the most robust wireless infrastructure possible. With a more complete deployment like this, with more nodes and more alternative routes through it, you have even higher levels of resiliency. You can recover from multiple failures in your wired or wireless infrastructure. As we’re showing here, we have had two switch failures and a wireless LAN access point failure, and the traffic is still routed around through multi-hop mesh into the network infrastructure, providing unprecedented levels of resiliency. And not only does the cooperative control architecture provide these functionality advantages and technological advantages, but it provides substantial economic advantages when deploying a wireless LAN.

14 The Right Cloud Solution For Enterprises
Data Center / Private Cloud Public Cloud Multi-tenant Public Cloud w/o Control Plane Public Cloud Provisioning Public Cloud Provisioning Mid-Market Enterprise Large Enterprise Functionality, Reliability, Reduced Opex

15 Management & Applications
Aerohive Platforms Wi-Fi BR100 / AP Mode AP110 AP121 AP141 AP330 AP350 AP170 Routing/VPN BR100 BR200 WP AP330 / Router Mode AP350 / Router Mode SR2xxx / Router Mode Cloud VPN Gateway Switching SR2024 SR2124P SR2148P Management & Applications HiveManager Online HiveManager On-Prem IDManager StudentManager

16 Less Infrastructure Costs Less Operational Costs
Reduced Capex and Opex Less Infrastructure Costs Cloud Management Less Operational Costs Zero Touch Provisioning Client Health Score Self Healing


18 Wired and wireless Infrastructure 2012 MQ Aerohive is a Visionary!
A Magic Quadrant Visionary for wired and wireless Infrastructure The strongest “completeness of vision” in the quadrant (the farthest to the right) An innovation leader with products such as its Bonjour Gateway and its cooperative control architecture, which eliminates the need for a dedicated controller and provides a cost competitive solution without sacrificing functionality. Aerohive should be considered for any overlay WLAN enterprise opportunities in North America, Western Europe or Australia/New Zealand, especially in the education, healthcare and retail markets. Its controller-less, mesh-based architecture provides an easy-to-use and robust solution with lower operational costs, which makes it a standard bearer for market pricing of equivalent functionality.

19 Two Approaches to Unified Access Layer
Cisco Large Branch / Medium Campus Environment Aerohive Large Branch / Medium Campus Environment Cloud Mgmt. & Provisioning Access Switch Access Layer “Hive” AP $$$$$$ $$$

20 Two Approaches to Unified Access Layer
Cisco Small Branch Environment Aerohive Small Branch Environment Cloud Mgmt. & Provisioning 4G Backup Integrated Switch/Router with 4G b/u Access Layer “Hive” AP $$$$$$ $$$

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