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POLISH MENU by Alicja Stefaniak and Wojciech Jarzyna.

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1 POLISH MENU by Alicja Stefaniak and Wojciech Jarzyna

2 FIRST DAY 2167 Cal

3 P ANCAKES (1 pancake- 220 Cal)

4 I NGREDIENTS : * 2 eggs, * 2 cups flour, * 1 cup milk, * 1 cup water, * 2 spoons sugar, * 1 spoon baking powder, * 1 spoon vanilla sugar, * a pinch of salt, * 1 spoon sunflower oil

5 Separate yolk and white. Beat whites. Mix yolks with sugar and vanilla sugar. Add flour, milk, water, a pinch of salt. Add whites and stir it softly. Pour a few drops of sunflower oil onto a preheated frying pan. When the oil is hot, pour approx. 3/4 batter of the cup. Evenly spread the batter in the pan and fry till the lower side turns golden brown and then, flip to the other side. When the pancake is ready, remove it from the pan and set aside on a plate, cover the plate.

6 C ACAO (1 glass- 118 Cal)

7 I NGREDIENTS : * 2 cups milk, * 1 spoon cacao DecoMoreno, * 1 spoon boiling water Boil the milk, then pour the cacao dissolved in water, into the milk. Stir over moderately low heat until mixture boils.

8 1 APPLE AND 2 PLUMS (75 Cal) (96 Cal)

9 C HICKEN BROTH (100g- 75 Cal) WITH NOODLES (100g- 266 Cal)

10 I NGREDIENTS : * 100g beef, * 300g poultry, * 1 carrot, * 1 parsley, * 1 celery, * 1 roasted onion, * pimiento, * bay leaves, * salt, * pepper

11 Clean the meat. Add cold water to it and bring them to a boil. Add carrot, parsley, celery and onion. Bring to a boil and skim off any scum that rises to the surface.. Add bay leaf and pimiento, salt and pepper. Simmer the broth until the meat is tender.

12 NOODLES I NGREDIENTS : * 400g flour, * 6 yolks, * 1/2 cup warm water, * a pinch of salt Add salt, yolks and water to the flour. Knead the dough until is smooth. Roll the dough with a rolling pin. Cut the dough into stripes (about 4 cm wide). Wait until they are dry. Drop the noodles into boiling water with salt. Boil gently and wait until they rise to the top of the water. This means they are ready. Take the noodles out and soak in a cool water, then drain them well.

13 C OOKED PORK LOIN WITH VEGETABLES AND RICE (100g loin- 291 Cal, rice- 170 Cal)

14 I NGREDIENTS : * 500g pork loin, * water, * 1 parsley, * 1 carrot, * salt, * pepper, * pimiento, * bay leaves Bring the water to a boil. Add meat to the water. Chop the vegetables and add it to the meat. Add bay leaves, pimiento, salt and pepper. When the meat is tender, you can eat you pork loin with the cooked rice.

15 B EETS (100g- 119 Cal)

16 I NGREDIENTS : * 800g beets, * 1 apple, * 1 spoon sugar, * 2 spoons butter, * 1 glass water, * lemon juice, * 1 spoon potato flour

17 Boil the beets for about an hour until they are tender. Drain the beets and peel them with a knife. Grate an apple and beets separately into two bowls. Fry apple with butter, add beets and water. Simmer for a while. Add sugar, lemon juice and one spoon potato flour diluted with one tablespoon water. Boil for a few minutes. It is ready to eat.

18 R EDCURRANT COMPOTE (250ml- 12 Cal)

19 I NGREDIENTS : * 300g freezed redcurrants, * 3 spoons sugar, * 1 litre water Bring the water with sugar to a boil. Add freezed redcurrants, then simmer for about 10 minutes and let cool.

20 K ISSEL (about 100 Cal)

21 I NGREDIENTS : * 2 cups water * 1-2 spoons cane sugar * 2 spoons potato starch * fresh or freezed fruits Dissolve potato starch in ½ cup water. Boil the remaining water, add some fruits and sugar. Keep on boiling and then add the dissolved starch. Bring to boil, stirring constantly until the kissel gets thick.

22 T ROUTS WITH VEGETABLES (1 portion- 405 Cal)

23 I NGREDIENTS : * 4 already prepared trouts, * 1 medium courgette, * 1 red and 1 yellow pepper, * 1 teaspoon capparis * 1 spoon butter, * 1 bunch parsley flakes, * 1 teaspoon lemon juice, * 1 lemon, * spoon olive, * salt

24 Chop a half of parsley flakes. Combine soft butter with salt and mix it with lemon juice. Add minced parsley and cappars. Mix everything precisely. Brush both sides of the trout with butter. Take the second part of minced parsley and put it inside the fish. Blanch the lemon and cut into stripes. Cut the washed peppers and courgette. Fry the trout in well-oiled pan to make them golden with the vegetables...

25 SECOND DAY 1800 Cal

26 C EREALS WITH SEMI - SKIMMED MILK 200 kcal Put cereals in a bowl, fill up with milk…

27 S ANDWICH WITH CHEESE AND HAM 400 kcal Spread a little portion of butter on a slice of bread, then put cheese and ham on

28 R ED BORSCHT 160 kcal per 300 ml portion

29 I NGREDIENTS : Broth: * 2 carrots * 1 big parsley * 1 pore * 1 small root celeriac * 2-3 bay leaves * 4 pepper grains * 4 allspices * 2 litres of water Borscht: * 3 medium-sized beetroots salt * 3 cloves of garlic * 1 spoon of dried majoraam * 2 spoons of lemon juice pepper

30 Peel and wash the vegetables for broth. Cut them into small pieces and put them in a pot, along with bay leaves, pepper grains, allspices, garlic and majoraam. Add peeled and cut beetroots, fill up with water and boil under lid for 2 hours. Season with pepper, salt and lemon juice, then boil again for a while. Stop boiling, cool out slightly and add some grinded beetroots for a good colour. Pour through a sieve.


32 I NGREDIENTS : Chicken: * 4 chicken legs * 2 carrots * 5 potatoes * 1 paprica * 1 small onion * 5 champignons * pepper * salt * chicken season * a little amount of olive oil Salad * 20 salad leaves * 1 tomato * a little amount of cream * a quarter of onion

33 Wash the chicken legs, put them in a bowl, drizzle with olive oil, pepper and chicken season, then put it in the freezer for half an hour. Cut tomatoes, carrots and onions into rings, papricas into squares and champignons into quarters. Put chicken legs and vegetables into an oil- greased heat resistant ovenware, scatter some salt over it. Bake for 30 minutes under lid, then put off the lid and bake for another 20 minutes. Cut the salad into stripes, tomato into small pieces and onion into small squares. Mix with cream, add some salt and pepper.

34 P ANCAKES WITH JAM 400 kcal

35 I NGREDIENTS : * a glass of flour * 2 eggs * a glass of milk * a spoon of oil * jam Mix flour with eggs, then add some milk and mix again (repeat until gets unified). Drizzle the frying pan with oil, heat up, then put about 120 g of cake onto it. Bake on one side until it gets light brown in color, then turn onto the other side and repeat.

36 THE END Thank you for your attention!

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