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Rhode Island Small Business Development Center The Business Plan

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Rhode Island Small Business Development Center The Business Plan Presented by Sixcia Devine Regional Director


3 What is the RI SBDC? A Private/Public Partnership
United States Small Business Administration Rhode Island Economic Development Corporation Johnson and Wales University

4 Regional Office Locations
Providence Metro Taco Center, Larry Friedman International Center for Entrepreneurship Sixcia Devine, Regional Director Central & Southern RI Central RI Chamber of Commerce Ardena Lee-Fleming, Regional Director Newport/EastBay Newport County Chamber of Commerce Stacey Carter, Regional Director Northern Rhode Island Northern RI Chamber of Commerce Douglas Jobling, Regional Director Pawtucket & Central Falls 268 Main Street, Pawtucket Adriana Dawson, Regional Director

5 Small Business Facts Over 20 million small businesses in the US
RI businesses report 16.9% increase in sales compared to unassisted companies Small Business is the backbone of the American Economy Two of every three new jobs result from the the small business sector nationwide 39% of the US GNP is created by small business

6 RISBDC connects you with the best fit resource for your business
The Partnership Structure; an Inclusive Approach The RI Small Business Development Center at Johnson & Wales University is a public / private partnership providing management and technical assistance to small business owners and aspiring entrepreneurs. Partnerships include: CWE RICMI SBA Secretary of States Office SCORE RI EDC Every Company Counts Banks Chambers of Commerce Community Based Organizations RISBDC connects you with the best fit resource for your business

7 Why are we here? Why start a business? What are the steps to writing the plan? Why do businesses fail?

8 Visioning Your Future What does your business look like?
What is the time frame? Create a collage. Keep a mental picture in your head. Good Read: The E-Myth Revisited by Michael Gerber

9 Where To Start Consider advantages, disadvantages, risks and impact.
Advantages: Be your own boss; Independence; Personal Satisfaction; Sense of achievement; Contribute to others. Disadvantages: Financial risks; Long hours; Impact on social life/family; Responsibilities and commitments.

10 Characteristics Consider these aspects of your personality.
Independence Self-Discipline Creativity Drive & Desire Risk Taking Confidence Also, consider your strengths and weaknesses in these areas. Sales; Marketing; Financial Planning; Accounting; Administration; and Management.

11 The Business Plan Overview

12 Part I - The Organization
Description of Business / Executive Summary (Limit to one page.) This portion of the Business Plan SHOULD BE WRITTEN LAST, even though it goes first in the plan. Management and Personnel (Who will be working for you?) Advisors / Board of Directors (Lawyer, accountant, insurance agent, consultants, resource partners, etc.)

13 Forms of Business Sole Proprietorship: easy to organize; owner has complete control and receives all income; owner has unlimited liability; benefits are not business deductions. Partnership: easy to organize, but needs agreement; partners receive all income and have unlimited liability; partners may disagree; life of business may be limited. Corporation: shareholders have limited liability; can raise funds thru sale of stock; Life of business is unlimited; incorporating takes time and money; may result in higher taxes overall. Limited Liability Company (LLC): provides the limited liability features of a corporation and tax efficiencies and operational flexibility of a partnership; formation is more complex and formal than that of a general partnership.

14 Location Method of Record-keeping Insurance

15 Equipment and Inventory
Security Products and Services Procurement and Operations Equipment and Inventory Exit Strategy

16 Part Two – Marketing Marketing Trends Target Market Competition
(go to free forms) Trends Target Market Competition (Everyone has competition)

17 Promotion and Branding
Location Method of Distribution E-commerce

18 Sales and Marketing Strategy Product Design and Packaging
Timing of Market Entry (When do you plan to open and why?) Pricing Sales Forecast Pro-forma (month to month) 3 years projections

19 Legal Requirements Registration Licenses / Permits
IRS (Form SS-4), Department of Labor & Training, RI Division of Taxation, Town Clerk, Secretary of State Licenses / Permits Worker’s Comp / Other Insurance Collection Agencies & Legal Action Determine Business Status Taxes Leases

20 Financial Management Software / Manual
QuickBooks / Quicken; Peachtree; Excel Spreadsheets Accountant / Bookkeeper / Payroll Service Cash / Checks / Credit Cards Bank Accounts Insurance Bank Loan

21 6 C’s of Credit Capacity - Your ability to repay the loan, cash flow.
Banks are in the business to make (not lose) money! To maximize the possibility of getting paid back, banks look at: Capacity - Your ability to repay the loan, cash flow. Capital - How much money the owner has personally invested in the business. Collateral - Security guarantees. Conditions - Intended purpose of the loan. Character - Impression you make on the lender or investor. Credit - Your history (paid bills on time, bankruptcies).

22 Credit Reports & Resources
Order your free credit reports from: Credit Bureaus: TransUnion Equifax Experian (800) (800) (888) PO Box PO Box PO Box 9595 Chester, PA Atlanta, GA Allen, TX 75013 Credit Resources The Fair Credit Reporting Act Credit Central Identity Theft Information

23 Challenges Lack of staff training Lack of product knowledge
Loss in sales Competition Failure to anticipate market trends Insufficient working capital / cash flow Poor budgeting Ignoring financial position of company Extending too much credit Over-borrowing or using too much credit Poor control over receivables RI SBDC 23 23

24 Free Tutorials and Articles
Starting/Marketing: The Power of A Good Business Plan: Ten Painless Steps to Start and Finish Your Business Plan Getting Started: From Idea to IPO: For more planning information visit:

25 270 Weybosset Street, Richmond Bldg
RI Small Business Development Center Johnson & Wales University Headquarters 270 Weybosset Street, Richmond Bldg Providence, RI (401)

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