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2009 Comprehensive Workforce Training Grant Program Pre-Proposal Conference Welcome.

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1 2009 Comprehensive Workforce Training Grant Program Pre-Proposal Conference Welcome

2 How To Apply…

3 Agenda Quick Facts and Timeline Application Review Rating Process Closing

4 QUESTIONS Q & A Questions that require clarification or amendments to the RFP Posted to January 21, 2009

5 2009 Grant Program Maximum Award is $50,000 50% Employer Match Required 1 Year Program

6 Bonus Points Five Bonus Points Possible Organizations Representing High Wage Industries High Wage Industries Based on NAICS Code

7 Bonus Points Bonus Points NAICS Codes ( North American Industry Classification System ) InformationCode 51 Finance and InsuranceCode 52 Wholesale Trade Code 42 Professional, Scientific Code 54 and Business Services ConstructionCode 23 Manufacturing Code 31-33 Labor Market Information Unit 462-8760

8 Eligibility Requirements All Rhode Island Employers Who Contribute to the Job Development Fund For-Profit or Non-Profit Division of Taxation…. 574-8785 Not a Comprehensive Grant Recipient in 2008

9 Eligibility Requirements Labor Organizations and Trade Associations Eligible - Member Companies Must Contribute to the JDF Current On All RI Tax Obligations

10 Eligibility Requirements In Good Standing With Workforce Regulation and Safety Not Be Debarred From Contracting With An Agency That Administers Federal Funds Volunteers/Board Members Are Not Eligible

11 2009 Timeline December 22, 2008 RFP Released January 7, 2008 Ad in News Paper January 13, 2009 Pre-Proposal Conf. February 6, 2009 Proposals Due Feb. 13, 2009 Rater Training March 2 & 4, 2009 Rater Review March 12, 2009 Board Approval March 13, 2009 Awards Announced April 1, 2009 Proposed Start Date

12 Application Review

13 Proposal Cover Sheet Name, Address, Contact Information Tax ID #s (Federal and State) Industry Sector (Name & Code)

14 Proposal Cover Sheet Applicant Profile Total Request of Grant Funds Products/Services

15 Check List and Certification Proposal Submittal Check List Certification/Signature

16 Narrative Section

17 The Executive Summary (5 Points) Stand Alone Description Summarize the Program Many Reviewers Read This First

18 Needs Statement (10 Points) What Are Your Current Workforce Challenges?

19 Needs Statement (10 Points) How will the training enable you to improve your organizations? Productivity Competitiveness Continuous Improvement

20 Program (40 BIG ONES) Who, What, Where, When Start/End Dates of Training Brief But Concise Descriptions Be Specific on Training Programs

21 Outcomes / Evaluation (25 Points) List the Intended Outcomes of the Training Include How the Training Will Be Evaluated Using Quantifiable Measures Define Measure of Success Used to Evaluate Training Programs

22 Outcomes/Evaluation Who Will Conduct the Evaluation? Explain How Results Will Be Used to Improve Company Processes Up to 10% of Total Grant Award Can Be Used for Evaluation Purposes

23 Budget and Budget Narrative (20 Points) $50,000 Maximum Must Correspond to Program Section Clear, Easy to Follow, Correct Math Budget Narrative

24 Allowable Grant Fund Expenses Tuition and Training Provider Fees Training Materials and Supplies Software Used 100% For Training Activities

25 Allowable Grant Expenses Internal Trainer Wages Hourly Rate – Excluding Benefits Curriculum Development Cost of Evaluating Training

26 Unallowable Grant Expenses Equipment Including Hardware and Software Lost Worker Productivity Grant Preparation or Administrative Costs

27 Unallowable Grant Expenses Travel Expenses, Meeting Space, Lodging, Food Wages for Employees While in Training and Fringe Benefits

28 Budget Format Name of Training Total Cost of Training 100% Grant Funds Requested 50% Applicants Cost 50% Quarterly Reimbursement

29 Budget Narrative Written Break-Down of Budget Costs Explains How Costs Were Determined Assists Raters to Score Proposal

30 Initial Review Submitted on Time 1 Original & 7 Copies Check List Grant Proposal Cover Sheet Certification Page General Provisions Grant Provisions Completed W-9 Form

31 Review Process Determines Who Will Be Funded Volunteers from Private, Non- Profit and Public Sectors Training, Teams, Discussion, Review

32 Point System Read, Rated and Scored Highest / Lowest Discarded Remaining Scores Averaged Ranked by Score Listed With Amounts Requested Governors Workforce Board Approval

33 Wrap-Up Proposal Submission Deadline : February 6th at 4:00 p.m. No Exceptions GWB RI Office: 1511 Pontiac Avenue, Bldg. 72-2, Cranston, RI 02920 1 with Original Signature; 7 Copies No Faxes or Emails Accepted

34 COMPLETE PROPOSAL Check List Grant Proposal Cover Sheet Signed Certification Page Executive Summary Needs Statement

35 COMPLETE PROPOSAL Program Narrative Outcomes and Evaluation Budget Detail/Planned Quarterly Reimbursement Budget Narrative

36 COMPLETE PROPOSAL Grant Provisions General Provisions Signed W-9 E-VERIFY COMPLIANCE

37 Questions? David J. Francis: 462-8863 or Dan Brown: 462-8823


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