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Boundaries Types.

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1 Boundaries Types

2 Transform Two plates slide past each other
As they slide, earthquakes often occur Examples: California’s San Andreas Fault


4 Divergent When two plates spread away from each other forming new crust Causes earthquakes and volcanoes Usually undersea Example: Iceland


6 Convergent- Ocean-Ocean
When two ocean plates meet As the denser plate slides underneath the other, the plate melts to magma and rises Magma reaches ocean floor and slowly rises to form volcanic island arcs Earthquakes can occur Example: Ring of Fire


8 Convergent – Ocean-Continent
When an ocean plates slides under a continent plate Forms volcanoes and earthquakes like an ocean-ocean boundary Examples: Western South America (Andes), Mt. St. Helens, Washington


10 Convergent Continent-Continent
Occurs when two continent plates meet Since similar densities, they do not slide easily underneath in to mantle The force of the collision pushes up mountains Earthquakes are common Example: The Himalayas


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