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2 But I’ve taken Spanish for 4 years already….
And you’re going to quit now?

3 But I’m afraid I won’t get a good grade…
Your grade in AP is an extension of all your years of Spanish. Rarely does it vary much from your previous grades in Spanish.

4 But I want to relax my senior year and take something easy…
Relaxing might cost you college credit, and the opportunity to really make something of all the Spanish you’ve taken. Average scores for the past 5 years have been a 4 or better.

5 But who else is taking it?
You’ve been in this together, sometimes for all 4 years. This is the final step you take… together!

6 But how will I manage all the homework?
Homework will be minimal—journal entries, blogs, short readings, and short vocabulary and grammar activities; however, class time will demand your full attention and effort.

7 What exactly will we do? We will live and breath Spanish, in a Spanish only classroom. You will use your Spanish every day to express your opinions and feelings on a variety of topics in writing and MOST IMPORTANTLY, in speaking.

8 But isn’t the test really hard?
Yes. But we will be ready for it. Your teacher will get you ready for it!

9 So what else do you want to know?
I welcome your questions, but please ask current AP students too!!

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