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Student Academic Titles, Part I. Contacts (cont’d) Staci Richards x4669 HR Employee and Labor Relations Analyst Jennifer Ramirez.

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1 Student Academic Titles, Part I

2 Contacts (cont’d) Staci Richards x4669 HR Employee and Labor Relations Analyst Jennifer Ramirez x4342 Graduate Division Academic Appointment Analyst

3 Academic Personnel Contacts Karen Moreno x5429 Social Sciences, Education, Creative Studies, Humanities and Fine Arts (except those listed below) Viktoriya Filippova x5428 Physical Sciences, Bren School, Engineering, Depts. of Art, History of Art and Architecture,Theater and Dance, MATP Stephanie Jordan x3445 PPS questions, intercampus payments, leave credit tracking Cindy Doherty x8332

4 Resources Red Binder- campus Academic Personnel policies and procedures Academic Student Employment Unit MOU Salary Scales All online:

5 Titles Represented: Teaching Assistant Associate Reader Remedial Tutor I & II Non-Represented: Graduate Student Researcher

6 Titles Definition Criteria for appointment Responsibilities Terms of employment Approval authority

7 General Information Limitation on Service - by % time (50% or less, one year or less)—all - by quarters (12 quarters max)—TA and Associate - exceptions—as stated in RB Pay Schedule - TA & Associate: 9/9, fall start can be 9/1 or 10/1 - Readers, Remedial Tutors: 9/9 - GSR: 11/12

8 General Information (cont’d…) Exempt Status - all titles, including students - no overtime or comp. time - paid on monthly pay schedule - may be hourly or monthly pay basis Combined with other titles - academic title usually establishes pay schedule - coordinate with other employing department(s)

9 General Information (cont’d…) Benefits All Titles: - UCHIP - Fee Remission - Childcare Reimbursement Represented Titles: - Leaves

10 Health Benefits (UCSHIP) A registered graduate student with academic student appointment(s) totaling 25% time or more is eligible to receive UC Student Health Insurance Program (GSHIP) premium remission for the Student Health Insurance Program

11 Fee Remission A registered Grad Student in an academic student appointment(s) totaling 25% time or more Eligible for the University’s Fee Remission Program for the Educational and Registration Fees Amount of remission based on title and percent time

12 Childcare Reimbursement Article 4 of MOU For preschool expenses – up to $2,400 per year ($600 per quarter) for ASEs with at least a 25% appointment. Now available during Summer Session up to a total of $600 for full summer period

13 Leave Benefit Article 17 of MOU Personal illness/injury Childbirth, adoption Family emergency

14 Academic Student Employees (ASE) Agreement (part of UAW, AFL-CIO) Current Contract 12/3/10-9/30/13 System-wide contract (except UCSF) Covered Titles: Associate TA Reader Remedial Tutor I, II

15 Key Points of Contract Workload Conditions of Employment Required Documentation Grievance Academic Judgment Maintained by UC, not contract

16 Administrative Points of Contract Open Positions Description of duties for L&S/Other Departments Appointment Notification Letters All on AP website: employee.positions/index.cfm

17 Teaching Assistant (TC 2310) RB IV-6 Definition: Registered UC graduate student in full time residence Chosen for excellent scholarship, and promise as a teacher Serves an apprenticeship under supervision of a regular faculty member Criteria: Must maintain good academic standing Enrolled in a graduate program with a minimum of 8 units per quarter to be considered full time

18 Teaching Assistant (cont’d…) Responsibilities: Conduct a lab or discussion section under supervision of a faculty member Cannot be given responsibility for instructing entire enrollment of course Terms of Employment: One academic year or less “…contingent upon the appointee being a registered grad student in good standing for the duration of appointment” Max. 50% as TA or in combination with other appts; 12 quarter limit

19 TA Approval Authority All actions – Dept. Chair, with Graduate Division certification, including 75% time and 13-15 quarter appointments Exceptions – prior approval from the Dean of the Graduate Division Exceptions – work up to 75% time and employment in 13- 15 quarters, chair approval By exception, Grad Division approval, 16-18 quarters

20 TA Supervision and Review Selection, supervision, and training of TAs is the responsibility of the teaching department Written evaluation by overseeing faculty member conducted on a quarterly basis

21 TA Salary Scale

22 Associate (TC 1506) RB IV-3 Definition: Currently enrolled UC graduate student Independent instruction of course Instructor of record Appointment Criteria: Max 50% time Good academic standing Master’s Degree or advancement to candidacy, 1 year teaching experience

23 Associate (cont’d…) Responsibilities: Entire instruction of the course Upper division requires pre-approval of CCGE May not evaluate fellow grad students Terms of Employment: Within 4 year limit for advancement to doctoral candidacy Within 7 year limit of degree

24 Associate, (cont’d…) Approval Authority: Dean, with prior approval of Dean of Grad. Division

25 How to Hire an Associate Dept. letter of recommendation (RB IV-3) UC Biography form Teaching Evaluations Graduate Transcript Deadline: at least 6 weeks prior to start of the quarter

26 Associate Salary—1/9 rate

27 Reader RB IV-8, APM 420 Definition, Responsibilities: Grades homework and exams Cannot be given duties normally assigned to a Teaching Assistant Appointment Criteria: Can be undergrads or graduate students, or non-students Paid on an hourly basis Maintain minimum 3.0 GPA Have earned at least a grade of “B” in the course (or equivalent) for which hired

28 Reader (cont’d…) Terms of Employment: Graduate students Readers must work a minimum of 100 hours during quarter to be eligible for applicable benefits Appointments should be entered into Graduate Student Fee Remission (GSFR) system for readers who work at least 100 hours in a quarter Approval Authority: All actions – Dept. Chair (Grad. Division post-audit)

29 Reader Pay Scale

30 Remedial Tutor I & II Assist in understanding course concepts, solutions to problems, study strategies, methods for independent work, exam prep Can be graduate students or qualified undergrads Used in CLAS and Economics Paid Hourly

31 Remedial Tutor Rates

32 Graduate Student Researcher (GSR) RB IV-10 Definition: Registered UC graduate student Assists faculty with scholarly research Chosen for high achievement and promise as creative scholars May collaborate in publication with faculty May not be assigned teaching or administrative duties

33 GSR (cont’d…) Appointment Criteria: Steps I-X Consistency within department Must hold BA/BS degree Full time registered UC graduate student GPA 3.0 or above Maximum 50% (total appointment) 100% employment permissible in summer and between quarters Fiscal year appointment

34 GSR (cont’d…) Title code 3276 – GSR, no fee remission Summer appointment Title code 3276 – GSR – partial fee remission Appointment up to 34% Title code 3284 – GSR Full tuition and full fee remission Appointment 35% time or more

35 GSR (cont’d…) Terms of Appointment: Appointment for 1 year or less Source of compensation must permit research Approval Authority: Chair with Grad Division certification, including up to 75% time and employment in 13-15 quarters All other exceptions – Prior approval from the Graduate Division

36 GSR Salary Scale

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