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PowerPoint hints Test PowerPoint hints Overview.

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2 PowerPoint hints Test

3 PowerPoint hints

4 Overview

5 Part 1. Technique Part 2. CONTENT Your PowerPoint presentation


7 Part 1 Technique

8 PowerPoint hints 1. Dont READ your presentation!

9 PowerPoint hints 2. Dont allow PowerPoint to OVERPOWER YOU!

10 PowerPoint hints 3. Dont use more than 10-12 words per slide/entry 10-12 words

11 PowerPoint hints 3. Dont use narrow fonts! (use Arial Black or Helvetica Black) Times (too narrow) Arial Black (better)

12 PowerPoint hints 4. Each page must make an IMPACT!

13 PowerPoint hints 5. Combine text with MEANINGFUL photos, maps, graphics

14 Note size difference: is bigger better?

15 Note size difference: is bigger better?

16 Frame, animate and/or highlight key portions Alaska Maps Graphs

17 PowerPoint hints 6. is effective MOTION (or movement)

18 PowerPoint hints 7. Insert SECTION BREAKS Sample -->

19 Sample section break


21 PowerPoint hints 8. Info can at times be presented in quick sequence (a lot can be said/shown in 30 seconds if packaged right!) Sample -->

22 sex Now watch this BRIEF effect:

23 PowerPoint hints 9. Brief language samples (from country you are presenting) can be very effective

24 PowerPoint hints Guatemala American Indian language: Kagchiquel

25 PowerPoint hints 10. Start your project early!

26 PowerPoint hints 11. Your names should appear prominently at the beginning (and end?) of your PowerPoint show (and for more than a second!)

27 PowerPoint hints 12. Familiarize yourself with the available equipment (in classroom)

28 PowerPoint hints 13. Your time WILL be up after 20 minutes!

29 PowerPoint hints 14. 1. Practice! 2. Practice! 3. Practice! 3 things you must do:

30 PowerPoint hints 15. Have a BACK-UP PLAN (e.g., burn CD!)

31 PowerPoint hints 16. Speak CLEARLY (= loud voice)

32 Questions? Comments?

33 Part 2 Content

34 Intro Discuss Main part Conclu- sion

35 Important Main part Amerindian contributions (language/culture) recording samples Principal topic RELEVANT graphic material


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